Monthly walk: continue where we stopped 1 year ago….

This is an EC activity; feel free to bring your adult friends who are over 45!

Date: Saturday, 10 March 2018

Time: 4.30 pm SHARP!

Meeting Point: Stadium MRT (CC6), Exit A.

ECs : Azhari Cuttilan

Terrain: Easy

A wonderful time of feasting with families and friends has ended and left us with
extra kilos to shed off!     :D   :D

This walk is the 2nd leg, exactly after 1 year ago    :D
should now have more energy to continue where majority stopped… at the Stadium

It is also time to let our minds and eyes relax amongst lush greenery, let the breeze lift your spirits along the way.

The walk will end at Satay By the Bay to re-charge!

Bring water bottles, caps, umbrellas and cameras. Do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Look forward to your early registration!          :D         :D

from the Walk Team: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Azhari Cuttilan,
Linda Chua and I, ChristinA Chan.

Let’s walk….

1. Azhari
2. VeronicaW
3. LindaC
4. Lydia Poh + 2 friends
7. Michelle Sim
8. Jenny Lim
9. Janis
10. Monica Tan
11. Margaret Soo
12 . Phyllis Tan + 1 friend
14. Angie Ng
15. SusanCHT
16. Tony Ang
17. RonaldLam
18. RonaldLee
19. JudyL
20. Ann Lim



24 thoughts on “Monthly walk: continue where we stopped 1 year ago….

  1. Hi Chris & Azhari,

    WE wana walk……
    Lydia Poh & Michelle Sim.
    Plus two frens …Maureen Mok and Melody Tan.

    Cya next Sat!

  2. yes, yes Lydia…. you can waltz along … haha
    Assume your two friends aint SHC members, hence not putting their names in.
    If they are of age, do get them to join SHC :D

    MichelleS, a warm welcome to you on your 1st walk with us! :D


      • Dear Lydia,

        Yes, agree it is individual and personal decision.

        Since you have not been with us long… would like to clarify that we encourage people to join SHC by providing information on the various activities SHC has.


  3. Hi Janis,

    Sure glad all 4 of you are coming since you missed last month’s walk hehe
    A warm welcome to Dulce Uy {clap, clap}

  4. Hi ChristinA
    Since my flight is now rescheduled to 11th March, I shall like to join you people to walk.
    Please register my attendance.
    TQ Tony

  5. Dear SusanCH,
    Welcome back to our walks :D

    TonyA, RonLam, RonLee… happy you guys are joining the gals!


  6. JudyL,

    good month to come back for our walks :D

    whoa… long long time! Glad you can make it this Sat.


  7. Thank you, Azhari for leading us at today’s walk. The weather has been very kind to us – windy and cool. Glad that I came and met some new friends.

    Hope to join again next!

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