Monthly walk: WPL Ramble

Date: Saturday, 14th April 2018

Start Time: 4.30pm SHARP

Duration of walk: approx 2.5 to 3hrs max

Meeting Place: Blk 7 Empress Road Market/Hawker Centre, off Farrer Road
(not Farrer Park).

Get to Meeting Place:
1) Nearest MRT-CircleLine CC20 Farrer Road MRT, Exit B, walk “against
traffic flow” along Farrer Rd to Blk 7, approx 6/7mins walk
2) by Bus – available along both sides of Farrer Road: 48, 93, 153, 165, 174,
186, 855 and 961.

EC: ChristinA Chan.

The water PipeLine Rambles are a series of 4 treks introduced in 2008.
WPLR 2 and WPLR 3 are my favorite treks.
1st WPLR 2 was on 2nd August 2008 & then on 09March 2013, 5 years ago.

IF you have not been on this WPLR, you will not wanna miss it!
IF you have done this before, I reckon you are not able to recall and will
not want to miss it either!

This interesting trek with lush greenery all the way is not “our norm walk in the park”.
The terrain is undulating, as we trek up & down slopes, the route is mostly off the
beaten track.

The trail is exploratory and you can add some excitement if you so wish,
** get onto & walk on a large pipe OR
** slide down another OR
** test of strength…. challenge your Hand Power, heave oneself up a 4-feet
wall (if the wall is still there).

Let me assure you that the challenges are not as daunting as it seems ….

The walk shall end likely somewhere at Sixth Avenue where a variety of cuisine awaits!

Covered walking shoes that would not skid is highly recommended, but not new shoes as some parts might be sloshy.

IF you do not wish your legs to itch, come in long pants, longer socks & insects repellent; walk light with only the necessities.

Our Walk Team ECs: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Azhari Cuttilan, Linda Chua and I, ChristinA Chan,,,,, signing off!

Do bear with me should we wander off course as I have no time to recce the entire trail,

1. ChristinA
2. Stella Sheng
3. Steven Chan
4. Andrew Koh
5. Yoon Chin
6. Jenny Lim
7. Doris Tan &
8. Graham Smith
9. Ronald Lam
10. Christina Pan
11. Janis Han
12. Phyllis Tan
13. Lillian Teo
14. Arthur &
15. Peggy Yap
16. Lydia Soh




Author: ChristinA Chan (Walking group leader)

Interests: Health related and socials.

24 thoughts on “Monthly walk: WPL Ramble”

  1. Oh dear yesterday afternoon it was pouring along Farrer Road especially after 4pm.

    Sincere thanks to all who came.
    We chitchat at the Hawker center, had teh tarik and coffee.
    Praise Him the rain suddenly stopped at around 5.20pm. We were able to walk as planned.
    Bravo To all!! we could make it over some of the obstacles; for some even 10years after.

    Thanks for your kind support!

    See you in all our other walks….

  2. hi everyone

    Few of us will be early today at 3.30pm at blk 7 for coffee chat before the walk.
    The food is nice.
    Do come and join us

    cheer !


  3. Dear All,

    The Food centre has a kueh2 stall, so far whenever am there, it was closed. :(
    Hope it is open this afternoon.
    Come earlier for a cuppa coffee/tea before the walk.

    See you guys and gals!

  4. Hi RonaldLam, ChristinaPan, JanisHan and PhyllisTan.. noted your registration.

    Thanks for your support. :D

  5. Hi Christina,

    We have been away for so many of the previous walks – not gonna miss this one!

    Please register us for the April walk:

    Doris Tan Sen Kew

    Graham Smith

    Thanks – See you!

  6. Trust my description of the trail has not frighten off some of you… though some parts are somewhat challenging, there is a walk-able passage :D

    Note that this trail is once after few years!
    Look forward to see more of you sign up!


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