SHC trip to North Thailand, 20-29 Nov 2018

12 pax have confirmed flights for this trip. Once 20 pax is reached, we will stop. Hotel and transport will be confirmed for 20 pax only. As this is peak season in view of beautiful weather, please whatsapp +65 9489 4360 to participate in discussion.

Terence Seah

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This year, Loi Krothong is celebrated on the 23th Nov 2018 which is the full moon of the 12th Thai month.

The travel period will be 10D9N, with Loi Khrothong included. This date is very romantic, and the plan is to celebrate the occasion in Chiangrai. Participants will get to loi a floating Krothong along the river and watching it float away. There will be fire crackers, fireworks, floating upwards lighted lanterns and a Loi Khrothing dinner. I hope members will be able to dress traditional thai costumes during the evening.

Our trip will start from Chiangmai city 1N, then up to Chiangrai, the Golden Triangle, cross the Laos border and back to Chiangmai city. We are planning to go to Doi Angkhang and Doi Mae Salong. An overnight in a tent is also in plan plus a cross over the border to Laos.

The rainy season is over, and weather is cool. Beautiful sceneries, mists and clear skies. This period is the most romantic time of the year in Thailand. Nov is also the beginning of the peak seasons. No school holidays.

Guys and gals are encouraged to come join this trip which also aims to help you evaluate living in Chiangmai, Chiangrai and Northern Thailand.

All participants will buy their own return airtickets. You may arrive on 20 Nov in Chiangmai. We spend the 1st night in Chiangmai. You will book your 1st night.

From 21 Nov, everything else will be booked as a group. We stay in Chiangmai on the 28 Nov and leave CNX on 29 Nov. Those who wish to stay later, fine.

I hope this trip will bring members closer together and getting to know new and more friends. Strictly for SHC members only.

If you are interested to join this trip, please indicate your interest here. There will be an early bird pricing, which will be announced mid Aug. Good to find your room mate now.

To participate, whatsapp SHC Chiangmai Nov to +65 9489 4360.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


18 thoughts on “SHC trip to North Thailand, 20-29 Nov 2018”

  1. Hi Terence,
    Been nearly a week since our return from Chiangrai and the clothes washed, luggages packed away, gifts distributed to family and friends, dust settled, now is the time to detoxicate our body from all the calories that have been piling up with all the nice spicy hot food consumed all those 9 days.

    Also time for a free mind to sit down and reflect on our adventure and Terence, you always like to give us a bit of surprises here and there, it’s ok cos we’re a bunch of seasoned travellers used to thread the unknown and I think everybody enjoyed it, well at least my group did.

    We’re grateful that in spite of your busy work and personal commitment, you made time to plan for us such a long detailed programme and coordinated with the tour guide, Noom to execute it. There was one particular day when we travelled for almost the whole day just to get to our destination at Mae Faek Villa, and when we got there at night and alighted to check in at the hotel, what greeted was a very dark isolated gravelled small road leading to many “chalets” which had one room per chalet, so there were several chalets which thankfully gave us a very big clean comfortable room which we welcome very much after such a long tiring journey. If we said that there was nothing much to do there, at least it forced us to sleep very early that night and that gave us a good rest after having been on the road for several days. Everybody woke up and met at the breakfast table feeling fresh from the well-earned sleep.

    We particularly like the hotel at Hi Changrai, which was the best hotel for the whole trip. Comfort creatures that we are, thankfully you gave us 2 nights to stay and enjoy there. Typically we had our nightcaps and fruit and wine party in my room on some nights.

    We also had a little worry when we reached a quaint hotel called “Wan Put Ten” because there were no lifts and our rooms were all spread out at 3 different levels – basement, ground floor and upper level. Poor thing – the small size hotel porters had to carry our luggages weighing tonnes by now up and down the flights of stairs but they must have been used to that!

    So far for our experience at the hotel stays and now for the highlights of the tour…

    Terence kept to his word and gave us a “Romantic Scenic and Relaxing” holiday for us – cos we did stay in a romantic hotel at Nam Khong Riverside Hotel and went through a leisurely pace throughout the journey with so much time in our hands to enjoy and soak the breathtaking views that greeted us – the rivers, the Botanic Gardens and the Hot Springs. I particularly love the hot spring, and we visited two. The second bigger hot spring was more interesting as they had different pools to cater to different dipping experiences – one was for dipping your feet and the other a swimming pool, albeit not your 50m pool but a third of a normal size. A hot spring swimming pool? I was very eager for the experience in a hot spring swimming pool cos I never knew that you could swim in a hot spring, and looked forward eagerly to having a swim no matter what and zoomed my way in there alone, though my friends all went for the conventional foot dip. Halfway through my exercise, I saw Charles and Teo and Bessie but I think none of them really swam as seriously as me. I needed that exercise badly after all the gluttony for the past few days. The temperature was not as hot as the first hot spring at an earlier stop a few days before(where the girls bought some eggs and had them half boiled at the pool) so we were very comfortable with the just-enough warmness inside the pool.

    Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens gave us our only chance to show off our nice autumn jackets, otherwise the other days were super hot with no rain. I understand that back home it was raining every day and flash floods. Terence observed that everyone donned our sunglasses from the photos and must have been surprised that the weather was opposite of what he forecasted – I was too over-careful and had overpacked with woolen gloves, thermal heat pack, arm protector, even shawl and thermal flask! Thought I would be frozen to death, but of course this has been 30 years since I last visited Chiangmai when it was cold but times have changed, what with so much global warming everywhere. Anyway what a respite we had from the cool “climate” conditions at the Botanic Gardens after so many hot days and all enjoyed our 2 hour stroll and took many photos to capture the scenes at the various greenhouses and the outdoor garden.

    The poor guide did not earn much commission from the shops cos we did not have to go through many shopping tours, unlike most packaged tours. But we all appreciated him and his drivers and every group gave them the official tipping fee and not only that, we topped up the tips for the guide and drivers. I hope they are very happy.

    All in all, my group and I enjoyed ourselves – partly as a group everyone appreciated the effort of the key persons who worked together, and in this spirit no one complained. I am very privileged to be part of this group and we all came back with our luggages heavier than the first day with all the shopping and interesting finds at the shops and five-foot way. I am sure we all came back at least 2 kgs heavier, with more tanned pair of arms and legs and had a really relaxing time, which was the key purpose of the trip – Romantic, scenic and Relaxing. Once again, thanks, Terence!

  2. The trip to Chiangmai Nov is closed. Only confirmed participants are in the group. I am sorry there are no more space. The group is now into final final stages of hotel bookings.

    Terence Seah

  3. We have reached 16 pax. We have discussed with our vehicle agent, and that 8 per pax per minivan is max, to allow for one seat to be used for luggages.

    For those unable to join this trip, I shall have another trip, date to be announced. Apology. Do come up to Chiangmai during this cool season if you can. Weather, scenery, and company nice.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence ,

    Please register me for the Nov CM trip.
    I have already book Hotel stay at Baan Din Ki on 20,27till 29 departure date.

    Air ticket will be confirmed in due course awaiting Promo from Scoot Air or maybe by Thai Lion air via BKK.

    Thank you
    Cheng WK

  5. Latest update on Chiangmai Nov trip.

    1. We will limit to 18 pax. After 18 pax, we shall put new participations on a waiting list, to form the next 9 pax.

    2. Transport, using minivans, cover 21 to 27 Nov 2018. Cost about SGD 20 per day, covering driver, vehicle, overnight for driver, tour guide, excludes petrol. For 7 days, cost of transport SGD 140. This number will be finetuned once a treasurer is in place.

    3. Hotels: still at work, as this is peak tourist season, from 21 to 26 Nov. (6 nights).

    Hotels at Baan Din Ki, Chiangmai city. Please book yourself at for 20, 27 and 28 Nov nights.

    4. Food: will update after itinery is firmed.

    Your participation is confirmed after your airtickets are booked.

    To participate: Whatsapp +65 9489 4360.

    Terence Seah

  6. 12 pax are confirmed as of today for the Nov Chiangmai trip. Dates 20 to 29 Nov confirmed. Hotel in Chiangmai on 20, 27 and 28 Nov nights confirmed.

    Terence Seah

  7. Broad program “Romantic, scenic and relaxing Northern Thailand” 20-29 Nov 2018

    Tue 20 Nov – Arr CNX, and overnight CM city. Participants buy own air ticket and Hotel. Please check with me on recommended hotel.

    Wed 21 Nov – Overnight in Chiangrai, depends on program

    Thu 22 Nov – Overnight in Chiangrai,. Loy Khrothong celebration, night lanterns and floating Khrothongs and thai dinner.

    Fri 23 Nov – depends on program

    Sat 24 Nov – depends on program

    Sun 25 Nov – depends on program

    Mon 26 Nov – depends on program

    Tue 27 Nov – Overnight in CM. Recommended hotel to stay together. Own booking.

    Wed 28 Nov – Overnight in CM. Recommend hotel to stay together. Own booking.

    Thu 29 Nov – ETD CNX. Book own flight to Singapore or BKK to extend.

    1. Exclude Doi Inthanon and Pai.
    2. Include Doi Angkhang, Golden triangle.
    3. Include Laos. In plan 1 night in a Chinese village up in the mountains, and a night in a comfortable tent.
    4. Members are all seniors. No elephant rides, hiking.
    5. Include hotels 21- 26 Nov nights included. Dates inclusive. Do not book own hotels.
    6. Include breakfast, Lunch and dinner 22 – 26 Nov 2018
    7. Strictlt SilverHairsClub members only.
    8. Target 20 pax. 10 pax already confirmed.

    Plse standby to book your own air tickets on Scoot, Silkair, SIA, Nokair and Thai Smile. find a room mate and check some warm clothings, plus a vacuum flask.

    Terence Seah

    1. Hi Stella,

      For members interested in this trip, plse request them to register here themselves.
      In this way, we would know exacly who they are.

      Please do not request on anyone’s behalf to approve membership. The process for membership is simple. Please read on MEMBERSHIP, at the top of our website.

      Terence Seah

  8. The Chiangmai trip from 20 Nov to 29 Nov 2018 is confirmed.

    Interested, plse reserve your annual leave.

    20 Nov – ETA Chiangmai CNX. You may arrive Chiangmai before 20 Nov. Flight options include Sin/Donmuang/CNX, Scoot or Silkair. 1st night in Chiangmai. You book your own airtickets.

    21 Nov – Leave Chiangmai to begin our trip to Chiangrai, Golden Triangle, border crossing to Laos and back to Chiangmai city.

    28 Nov – stay in Chiangmai city.

    29 Nov – leave CNX. You may extend as you like. Weather is beautiful. Please arrange your own air tickets.

    The itinery is still in plan. Costs not available yet. Please find your own room mate. Reserve your annual leave. Check passport is still valid.

    Airticket prices can vary between now and ETD Sin.

    To participate, Whatsapp +65 9489 4360 text “Chiangmai Nov”.

    Terence Seah

  9. hahahahaha , i told him alots of good exciting clubs…
    they are loving couple , love travelling ,dancing & signing ya..
    he What APP me saying no reply from us ya !!!

    hohohohoho hahahahaha

  10. hohohoh hahahahha Hi terence ,

    a couple have keen interest to join this trip !
    they are also keen to be SHC member..they have their name furnished but yet to receive any outcome ya !!
    Please help look into it ya !!!
    cheers Bro Sam Goh

  11. Hi Gingko,

    Loy Krothong falls on Thur 22 Nov 2018.

    The exact dates Hage not been fixed; but it will include Loy Krothong day. I am awaiting the first group to be formed and confirmed. And subject to scoot availability, the exact dates will be decided.

    I believe the first group will be formed soon, and then the dates decided.

    Terence Seah

  12. Hi Terence,

    Thank you for initiating this North Thailand trip. I am registering my interest. Would appreciate advising exact travel dates for planning purposes.


  13. Hi Terence,
    I and a friend, Mr. Teo tentatively would like to participate in this Nov trip to Chiangmai ,Chiangrai and nearby Golden Triangle. Please keep me updated.

  14. Hi Terence
    please register me in this november trip and update me for the date so that can book now for air ticket.
    Booking early is cheaper

    Cheer !


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