SHC Monthly gathering on Jun 2018

Place : One Raffles Place @Food Junction at 5 Level
Time : 1300 to 1500 hr
Date : 9th Jun 2018
MRT : Raffles Mrt or Clark Quay Mrt

link :

* Terence will be there !

There will be few events for group discussion on the following topic :

1. Makan Group
2. SHC logo patches registration
3. HDB flats on 99 year lease
4. Whatsapp Careshield discussion
5. Tour Group

Hope to see members to register.

Pls pardon me for my slow in process due to my commitment in full time courses until July and also my first time EO. Kindly be kind and give chance to forgive my short fall.

1. Howard
2. Stella
3. Peter Ong
4. Peter Ong wife
5. Angie Ng
6. charles wee
7. Adeline TAN
8. Daisy Phua
9. Tony Ang
10.Thomas Goh
11.Gabriella Chua
12.Hew Lee
14.Steven Chan
16.Cheng Whye Kee
17.Ronald Tay
18.Winnie Ng
19.Caroline Gee
20.Dolly Lim
21.Sha Mo
22.Alan Ang
23.Suzie Lim
24.Christine Teo
25.Roland Wee
26.K H Leong

27. Bobby Bok

28.Bee Gek

29.Christina Pan

30.Thomas Loh

31.Gingko Tay

32.Victor Chee

33.Susan Sia

34.Shawn soh

35.Bernice Chung

36.ChristinA Chan

37.Yoon Chin

38.Patricia Sin

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About Howard Yong

SHC1312 Update : Host for Daily Lunch @zoom meeting retired due to fatigue in zoom. I joined in 1995 but low profile until 2017 one night in batam D&D committee member 2018 went for evaluation trip in Chiangmai. 2019 evaluation trip road 2 @khao yai 2020 resurface to host @Zoom meeting (Membership Reinstated 27.5.2018) from then on the road of no return to SHC. Sunshine personality with happy mood - sudoku game alway on my mind. Listen/watch to all gene of music and film with great passion. Eat all kind of food with no limitation except human organ.

40 thoughts on “SHC Monthly gathering on Jun 2018

  1. Hi Howard
    I will.start the rolling stone for u.
    pls register me but i.will.leave early for christina walk cause i.don wan to miss the walk.
    2 event on same day and lucky not same timing.

    Hope everyone support Howard too.

    Cheer !


  2. Hi Howard, i have not been able to attend SHC monthly gatherings for quite a while. Kindly register me. I look forward to meeting existing and new members!


    Angie Ng

  3. Hi Howard, EO
    Pl include the following members for the shc meeting on 9 June:

    Tony Ang
    Thomas Goh
    Gabriella Chua

    Thank you,

  4. HOWARD,

    Please register Steven . As this is Howard ‘s 1st time as an E O. please give your fullest support . If you are keen to visit Urberkistan and Kygerkistan please meet Steven Chan for more details of itinerary.

  5. Hi Howard,

    I assumed that we have not met. May I congratulate for taking up being the EO for this monthly gathering. I wish you will enjoy the process and have a jolly good time too :D

    Much as I want to come for this event, am otherwise engaged in another event prior to going for our monthly walk, which normally falls on every 2nd Saturday/monthly unless otherwise informed.

    Note: to those coming for our monthly walk, you have an additional 15mins ie., we shall start our walk at 4.30pm. We cannot start later than this, kindly arrive in time. Thank you :D

    Warm Regards,

  6. Hi Howard,
    Please register me for the meeting. If anyone need help with their Android mobile phone I will be there to assist and share with you . Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  7. Hi all ,
    Just 1 hour ie 12 noon sharp today just before the shc gathering meeting which starts at 1 pm there will be a FREE demo by Steven Chan on how to :-
    1) grow and maintain air plants.
    2) decorate them using ” airy ” containers.
    3) take nature photography with them
    using smartphones with theach air
    plants acting as your ” models.”
    4) For gardening members or any others
    who are interested to learn. Priority will
    be given to the 1st. ” 8 ” members who
    are interested to learn.


  8. Hi Howard,
    I am attending the meet this afternoon. Appreciate that you are organising.

    Hi Steven,
    Seems like you have been reading my thoughts on this. Hope to be there at 12pm otherwise shall join as I arrive. Thank you.

  9. Morning Howard! Have not be attending the group meeting for quite some time. Please include me this time round. Thanks. Patricia Sin

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