SHC July month gathering, Sun 29 July 2018 at NUH “Red Spot”

We shall be having the July monthly gathering.

Date; Sun 29 Jul 2018
Venue: Red spot, a NUH Foodcourt, NUH medical centre. Susan Tan has confirmed this is a quiet food court on a Sunday, due to its location in NUH.
MRT: Kent Ridge station, only one EXIT.
Time: 1300 hr.

EO. As I am travelling, I won’t be able to attend. But the show goes on. Susan Tan is the EO.

Any member who likes to coordinate a small group discussion during the monthly gathering, plse contact me via whatsapp.

Updates will be made on this Post.

Terence Seah


  1.   Susan CH Tan
  2.   Kristy Quek
  3.   Ann Lim
  4.   Yoon Chin
  5.   Pauline Khoo
  6.   Charles Wee
  7.   Marge Tian
  8.   Lillian Teo
  9.   Peri
  10.   Thomas
  11.   Doreen Ho
  12.   Eileen Thean
  13.   Teresa Seow
  14.   Annie Seah
  15.   Winnie Tan (tentative)
  16.   Freda Lim (tentative)
  17.   Steven Chan
  18.   Veronne Tan
  19.   Anne Boey
  20.   Doreen Chan
  21.   Lina Tan
  22.   Angelia Tan &
  23.   Robert Steen
  24.   Pearl &
  25.   Simon
  26.   Ronald Lam
  27.   James Chan
  28.   Charlee Low
  29.   Laura Wee
  30.   Janis Han
  31.   Margaret Soo
  32.   Richard Wong
  33.   Bessie Lam
  34.   Cheng Whye Kee
  35.   June Chan
  36.   Veronica Wong
  37.   Fong Weng Chang
  38.   Gingko Tay
  39.   Steven Yuen
  40.   Veronique
  41.   Daisy Wee
  42.   Karen Phoo
  43.   Annie
  44.   Yumei
  45.   Douglas Chan
  46.   Ronald Lam
  47.   Hewlee
  48.   Foo Chee Tun
  49.   Richard Kee
  50.   Jessie Ow

To the rest, dont be shy la,  you’re not No. 1 already, so, come come!!   (From Susan Tan)

40 thoughts on “SHC July month gathering, Sun 29 July 2018 at NUH “Red Spot”

  1. For the coming 29 July SilverHairsClub gathering at Redspot, Susan Tan will do the registration list.

    This is a good occasion to form small groups of similar interests. Where forming a mahjong group, international mahjong, working out what to do year end, finding room mates for trips on the Chiangmai Nov trip, joining the gardening group, etc.

    Plse register your coming.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi I am a new member, would like to join in the July month gathering at NUH. Is this the platform to register. Please advise. Thanks.

    Veronne Tan

  3. Hi Susan
    Thank you for organising this gathering. Would like to join; Please reserve a seat for me
    Thank you

    Doreen Chan

  4. Dear Friends,

    First of all, I’d like to thank the early birds for registering their interest in coming, cos it makes my planning much easier. It’s very thoughtful of you to inform me well in advance so I can have an easier job to do.

    We’ve got only one more week to go, and I know that some of you would rather wait until nearer the date, but I hope it’s not the eve of 29 July as I may not have the time to read your message here.

    I think some others may think that the meeting venue is too far, but nothing is too far in Singapore, what with the mrt lines criss-crossing all over. Those from the East can just take a direct line (Circle Line) at Paya Lebar and alight at Kent Ridge mrt station. Medical Centre sits on top of Kent Ridge mrt station at Level 1. There’s only 1 exit, very easy to find your way up and when you land at Level 1, you’re at the doorstep of the Medical Centre. Just move in and find your way to the food court “Red Spot” nearby at the left hand corner.

    And no, you will not get the flu bug from there (heard from someone!) This is not the building that houses the wards and you will be surprised that it’s actually a mini shopping mall with dozens of food eateries in there with outpatient clinics at the higher floors And don’t think you cannot find clothes worth buying at JB/Batam prices in Singapore – there’s an outlet in there which gives you value for money from $1.00 to $10.00. You can also do your groceries at NTUC Fairprice at Level 2, or drink at Starbucks.

    Red Spot is a very conducive spot for us to chat as it’s very quiet on a weekend. It has a very dignified setting, very new, very clean and has very comfortable seating on wooden chairs in long rows of 8. Coffee costs $1.40 and chicken rice $3.50. You can order food from the popular Korean and Japanese outlets next door as it’s an open plan set up, no walls or partitions to block you.

    I hope to see more hands up and make this an interesting get-together. Have some ideas in my mind, but won’t spoil the surprise.

    Please register. As Big boss has said it, attendance strictly by registration only, and I’ll be grateful if we follow and respect his advice. Thank you.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  5. By the way, if anyone can strum the ukelele, please bring it along. I can only strum ONE song, as I’m still learning but this song is very important on that day. I hope if any one can volunteer and strum together with me, please pm me and we will arrange for something. I will provide the lyrics for other songs and support the second player if something concrete comes up, who knows?

    That’s one of the highlights of the day!

  6. Hi Susan
    I would love to support your event but its prayers for my brother’s anniversary on the same day so I am not able to make it.
    All the best and enjoy your ukelele and sing along.


    • Oh hi Carly, thank you for your kind thoughts, but your moral support is important too! And I still remember vividly our day local tour with a bunch of SHC trippers and how you sang for us! Cheers!

  7. Hi Doug,

    Glad to hear from you. Tomorrow’s meeting is going to be interesting as we have several SHC interest groups coming down – it’s like a mini recruitment fair for your Cycling Group, the Walking Group (Charles & Veronica), Traveling Group and Makan Group, lol. And I’m glad that we’re having quite a lot of new members joining us!

    And I hope to form a new group, the Ukelele Group!

    See you tomorrow!

  8. A picture speaks a thousand words but I still want to “speak” my mind.

    When I showed a group photo taken at last Sunday’s SHC July meeting to a friend, this friend remarked: “These are genuine happy faces. You folks have had a jolly good time”.

    Indeed, the gathering was effectively implemented. Almost flawless.

    The birthday bash for July babes was a surprise (the cheesecake was heavenly!) and the ukelele performance by EO Susan was an added bonus. And on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we had songs we had talks we had laughter at NUH Red Spot.

    Everyone had a great time getting to know new members, catching up with old friends and getting updates of other programs and latest “gossips”

    Never know a hospital and a university combined can give so much fun. Thank you EO Susan CH Tan, for organising. Let me be the first to shout, *”ENCORE!”*

  9. Good morning all
    I totally agree with Peri regarding the great gathering at Red Spot. Thank you Susan CH Tan and your team for giving us such a fantastic time last Sunday.
    Laura Wee

  10. Yes, I fully agree with both Peri n Laura. This monthly gathering was a happy and successful one. Thanks to Susan and her capable team, I’m so impressed. I had a fruitful afternoon meeting some new friends and managed to catch up with some old friends whom I’ve not met for many years. Must thanks Sue for pulling me out of my hibernation to join the gathering, else I’ll be still comfortably staying in my nest. As what Terence described, I’m an ‘old bird’ to SHC. Hahsha….

    Good day & cheers to all!

  11. I have always said, “It is not where you go, but who you go with that matters”. With the right company, the most basic and primitive place is paradise. Undeniably, the reverse is true. Having said that, a good location plus nice people around you is icing on the cake – literally a birthday cake in this case. Cheers.


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