Update of SHC 4th D&D “Pyjamas Nite”

Please make your payment by 12 July.  We have to confirm no. of pax with hotel.

We have closed comments to the 1st post & registration, table reservation & sponsors of items will continue on this post.

Except for Table 1 & 2 reserved for EO, Committee Members & Advisors, you may make reservation for a table of your choice provided your table of 10 have ALL made their payment.  So wait no more, gather your friends, make the payment to Oi Cheng’s POSB Savings A/C. 117-00132-6 and reserve your table.  Please see layout plan :  http://www.silverhairsclub.com/SHC/Ballroom_Layout.pdf

For those who are unable to form a table, we will allocate base on first pay first serve.  From the list, you will see once you have paid, yourname will automatically move up the list.

Menu for the buffet dinner :  http://www.silverhairsclub.com/SHC/buffet_menu.pdf

Additional Information :

  • No corkage charge for hard liquor
  • No corkage charge for 1st bottle of wine per table.  Subsequent bottles will be charged $10 per bottle
  • Beer is chargeable @ $38++ per jug;  or $11++ per glass at own expense

Donors & List of Items : 

  • Dan & Joy  –  2 bottles of wine
  • Ivan Lim  –  1 framed gems art / picture from Myanmar
  • Rosalind Lee  –  1 made in Sicily 3 pc kitchen towel, 1 made in Italy glass tray & cover, 1 wood-crafted book holder, 1 4-pc Japanesr tea-cup set, 1 set of 3 travel pouches, 1 Boh tea gift set, 3 pair of assorted thriller novels, 1 made in France baking mitts & towel, 1 portable stove, 1 handbag organizer, 5 made in USA men’s magnetic belts
  • Sam Goh  –  RM88 worth of 4D tickets ( RM1 & RM1.80 each )
  • Terence Seah  –  Kama Sutra book
  • Tian Soo  –  Mopiko
  • Pauline Ho  –  1 bottle of Japanese sake
  • Ah Nee  –  1 framed embroidery artwork from Vietnam
  • Eileen Thean  –  6 pcs of document pouch, 4 pcs shoe bags
  • Ann Lim – 5 pieces of dripdry polo Ts
  • Richard Wong – 1 Philip blender
  • Grace Wong – 1 bottle of Courriene French Brandy XO Extra
  • Lily Ho – 2 bottles of wine, 2 photo frames, 1 eau de toilette, 1 set of 5 hand painted sake cups and 1 set of 5 hand painted side dishes both from Japan
  • Anonymous – 1 bottle of Wincarnis
  • Bessie Lam – 100 pcs memo ball stick notepads, 1 27" umbrella with J-handle, 2 jackets, 6 polo T-shirts, 3 tote, 1 toiletry bag, 1 hand-sewn beads handbag, 1 linedance cowboy hat with 2 pcs USA design scarves, 1 shawl, 11 golf caps, 1 big brown teddy bear, 1 small brown teddy bear, 4 aromatic rose ball candle, 2 pcs of musical jewellry box, 1 pack playing cards, 1 mini photo frame, 1 pc foldable haversack, 1 set bath and hand towel, 1 pc hand towel and 1 bottle of Bols-Peppermint liqueur, 1 pc 30" umbrella, 2 pcs USB Flask Disk, 1 bottle lavender bath crystals, 1 pc ERP cash card shield, 1 pc porcelain jewel container, 1 set vanity wooden mirror, brush & comb set, 1 pc mini night light, 5 pcs fashion watch, 2 sets golf polo T-shirt & golf cap set, 1 pc mercury table light, 1 pc leather keychain, 1 pc leather wallet, 2 leather card holder, 1 pc water proof card holder, 1 pc carabiner, 10 pcs mousepads, 8 pcs clock with calculator, 3 pcs color tumbler with handle, 2 pcs tyre table clock, 1 pc 7 colors LED table clock,  1 set nonya porcelain container with cover, 2 pairs painted wooden chopsticks. 2 pcs scarf, 4 pairs 5-toe unisex sock, 1 box of 2 pcs byford gents brief
  • Gabriella – 1 moulinex electric jug and 1 pc sheep skin rug
  • Dolly – 1 massage stick, 5 mini sets of hand/body lotion for 5 sexy ladies
  • Yat Sing – 1 pc men’s polo T-shirt and 1 pc necklace with pendant
  • Lin Chuah – 2 bottles of wine, $100 ntuc cash voucher
  • Norlinda – $100 ntuc cash voucher
  • Lim Beng Teik – 1 bottle of wine
  • Andrew SP – 2 bottles of wine
  • Peggy Wee – Silk-flower table arrangement (personally designed by Peggy)
  • Frisna Tan – 20 boxes of jewellery set
  • Pearlynn Tan – 1 pc handbag
  • Anna Seet – 4 necklaces and 4 pairs of earrings
  • Linda Khoo – 1 towel gift package, 1 tupperware hamper

Registration starts now ( targeting at 120 pax ) : 

  1. Sam Huat3  –  EO  ( Paid )
  2. Dan Huang  –  Co-EO  ( Paid )
  3. Rosalind Lee – CM – Secretary  ( Paid )
  4. Oi Cheng – CM – Treasurer & Table Allocator  ( Paid )
  5. Norlinda – CM – MC  ( Paid )
  6. Joy Chuang  –  CM – Prizes  ( Paid )
  7. Molly Chua – CM – Prizes  ( Paid )
  8. Caroline Gee  –  CM – Ursher ( Paid )
  9. Susan Chang  –  CM – Registration  ( Paid )
  10. Lina Ng – CM – Registration (Paid)
  11. Eileen Thean  –  CM – Games ( Paid )
  12. Ah Nee  –  CM – Games ( Paid )
  13. Thomas Loh  –  CM – Music ( Paid )
  14. Jane Tan – CM – Music & Programme  ( Paid )
  15. Mega  –  CM – Bouncer ( Paid )
  16. Karen Thio  –  CM – Photographer ( Paid )
  17. Sockie  –  CM – Photographer ( Paid )
  18. Lin Chuah  –  Advisor  ( Paid )
  19. Terence Seah  –  Advisor  ( Paid )
  20. Dolly Lim  –  Advisor  ( Paid )
  21. Margaret Lee – Paid
  22. Rebecca Lim – Paid
  23. Matthew Tan – Paid
  24. Janet Chan  –  Paid
  25. Judy Lim  –  Paid
  26. Irene Poh  –  Paid
  27. Eyvonne Chew  –  Paid
  28. Hyacinth  –  Paid              TABLE 12 (24 – 33)
  29. Catherine Ho  –  Paid      
  30. Tan Boon Liang  –  Paid
  31. Rosna Rauaee  –  Paid
  32. Bira  –  Paid
  33. Henry Yip  –  Paid
  34. Gabriella  –  Paid
  35. Hamidah Ishak – Paid
  36. Angela Straaten – Paid
  37. Richard Wong – Paid
  38. Rosalind Soh – Paid          TABLE 11 (34 – 43)
  39. Maureen Lee – Paid
  40. James Tan  Linda Khoo – Paid
  41. Susan Tan Richard Kwan – Paid
  42. Karen Wong – Paid
  43. Pharis – Paid
  44. Pauline Ho  –  Paid
  45. Peggy Wee –  Paid
  46. Venika Leong – Paid
  47. Bessie Lam – Paid
  48. Andrew SP – Paid              TABLE 6 (44 – 53)
  49. Yat Sing – Paid
  50. Jennifer Lim – Paid
  51. Xiang Xiang – Paid
  52. Veronique – Paid
  53. Ann Lim – Paid
  54. Rene Leong  –  Paid
  55. Lai Fong  –  Paid
  56. Hou Chong  –  Paid
  57. Ronnie Sow  –  Paid
  58. Andrew Yeung  –  Paid      TABLE 3 (54 – 63)
  59. Kristin Leong  –  Paid
  60. Lily Ho  –  Paid
  61. Ivan Lim – Paid
  62. Yew Kwong – Paid
  63. Janet Ng – Paid
  64. Cheryl Ho – Paid
  65. Steven Chan  –  Paid
  66. Gingko  –  Paid
  67. Fred  –  Paid                      TABLE 8 (64 – 73)
  68. Lisa Ong  –  Paid
  69. Eileen Lee  –  Paid
  70. Shirley  –  Paid
  71. Sarah Zariah – Paid
  72. Grace Wong – Paid
  73. Lydia Chin – Paid  
  74. John Howe – Paid
  75. Catherine Koh – Paid
  76. Francis K Mangalam – Paid
  77. Anna Seet – Paid              TABLE 10 (74 – 83)
  78. Rita – Paid
  79. David – Paid
  80. Bobby Bok – Paid
  81. Lilian Teo – Paid
  82. Weng Hon – Paid
  83. Lim Beng Teik – Paid
  84. Kuan Cheow Khuan – Paid
  85. Pearlynn Tan – Paid
  86. Wana Tay – Paid
  87. Catherine Chan – Paid      TABLE 4 (84 – 93)
  88. Jennifer Ong – Paid
  89. Cynthia Ong – Paid
  90. Janet Low – Paid
  91. Michelle Khoo – Paid
  92. Ben DeSouza – Paid
  93. Joseph Chan – Paid
  94. Florence Chue – Paid
  95. Richard Kwok – Paid
  96. Frisna Tan – Paid
  97. Doreen Cody – Paid           TABLE 7 (94 – 103)
  98. Jean Kiang – Paid
  99. Dayal Mulchand  – Paid
  100. Tim Liu – Paid
  101. Rosalind Howe – Paid
  102. Doreen Ho – Paid
  103. Lim Geok Suan – Paid
  104. Nelly Soh – Paid
  105. Annie Goh – Paid
  106. Lorraine Chia – Paid
  107. Alice Teo – Paid                  TABLE 9  (104 – 113)
  108. Jenny Lim – Paid               
  109. Harvey Campbell – Paid
  110. Peggy Teong – Paid
  111. Christina Wong – Paid
  112. Jennifer Wong – Paid



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302 thoughts on “Update of SHC 4th D&D “Pyjamas Nite””

  1. Hi Oi Cheng
    The post by Sam was done using the cut & paste method. Each time you edit his post, it gets more and more corrupted to the point of no respond. I tried going in to do editing for you but each time it caused my pc or laptop to hang. Suggest you close the comment of that post and use this one instead. I’ve re-key in all the info from scratch therefore you should be able to edit without any problem.

    Dear All
    Please use this post to leave your reply / comment.

  2. Hi Dan

    It’s done. Updated the rest as well. Oi Cheng will take over from here as only she will know the payment transaction. Thanks.

  3. Hi Hamidah

    Thank u for the names of friends joining my table.
    A warm welcome to all….

    Yes, I know your friend Roslind Soh. Met her a couple of times at SHC events.

    C all of you at the party.

    Cheers to all,

  4. For members who would like to bring their friends to SHC events, please ensure that they are members, especially when you are registering on their behalf. If they are members, they are likely to be able to register for the events themselves. If you are not sure, please check with me or admin.

    Members who repeatedly bring non-members into this forum may have their membership downgraded.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Oi Cheng,
    I have transfered $94 for two person Cheryl Ho and myself Janet Ng. But I saw the update only have Cheryl Ho name, don’t have my name. Please double check. Ref. No: 4744. Thks.

  6. Hi Terence #5

    Sorry typo error the person I meant is James Tan & not Chua.

    Hi Gabriella #4
    Bingo!!! Good news your table is full now as Karen’s hubby Pharis will be joining us, so “kow tim” already.


  7. Dear Sam & Dan,
    Just saw this thread.

    Cld you register the following 6 paxs for the 24th July event (SHC 4th D&D). They are as follows:

    1. Pearlynn Tan
    2. Wana Tay
    3. Catherine Chan
    4. Cynthia Ong
    5. Ivy Ong
    6. Jennifer Ong

    I’ll try to TT payment to Oi Cheng by next Wed, 16th June. Much appreciated. Looking fwd to meeting & catching up again.

    Btw, are we supposed to dress in Pyjmas??

    Tks & regards
    Pearlynn :)

  8. Hi Terence #6

    Am always “curious as a cat”… so may I ask how does one’s membership get to be “downgraded” hah … ( ?_? )

    May be fun to know what “penalty” you would come up with when a member breaks a rule… ^_^

  9. Hi Pearlynn & the Gang,
    Is always nice 2c u n ur usual group in supporting the D&D events 4 all these days.

    But unfortunately, we are unable to allocate table based on your prefered selection as it was mentioned in the post that all those that form a table of 10pax and paid up will get to allocate the table first. For those unable 2, we can only allocate based on first pay first serve basis.

    So mayb hor, try 2 gather another 4 group 2 join yr group n pay immediately lor.. ai sai bo? Cheers.. Dolly

  10. Hi PaulineH #14,

    All SHC members are able to participate in the club’s forum. We haven’t reach the stage yet where members have to be downgraded. By downgrading, I assume we have to call the fairy godmother who will then wave her wand on the individual, and say “Ah Ha, here goes”. The individual will then lose the power to write any comments.
    It’s very difficult to call fairy godmother. The queue is pretty long. So, have fun and enjoy the club. Just be conscious not to bring non-members into this club.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi Ah Huat and Dan,

    My table of 10 will be Lina Ng, Hou Chong, Lai Fong, Ivan Lim, KristinL, Andrew Yeung, Lily Ho, Jway, Yew Kwong (will be sending you his payment ref. no this evening) and myself.

    Not sure whether table 3 or 12 is being taken up otherwise please allocate accordingly.


  12. James n Susan have made payment of $94.03 this morning.
    We’ll be joining in the table with Hamidah and her team
    of great line dancers.

    Pls update and allocate.

    J n S

  13. Hi Pearlynn,

    Hope that another 4 member will join your table and you will be able to choose your choice table. Yes, csn come in pyjamas but EO Sam also mentioned that you can come otherwise.

    Rene, noted the ten in your group. We will reserved your selected table.

    Bessie Lam, we received your list of corporate gifts. The committee in charge will revert soon and when we will collect from you. We appreciate very much your contribution of 40 gift items in the list.


  14. Hi EO

    Teresa Lee @#77 wishes to withdraw from the event due to travel schedule.

    Ann Lim would like to donate five pcs of drip dry polo T-shirts for the event.


  15. #22 anna seet ,
    good am 2 u hor , like dat i pengsan liao must get my treasurer to open many bak acct lei…citi bank ,stan chart ,jepun goon tan also har ??? hahahhaa

    no lah sorry we accept only purposley owe some bank acct…

    mai siew ki lah…. !!!!

    sam huat huat huat

  16. Hi Anna & Sam

    An account holder can choose to transfer fund from one bank account to another irrespective of banks. It just takes between 2 to 3 days to complete transaction and reflects amount in account.

    No banking system in this world is as primitive as what you think.

  17. Hi Gabriella #18
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to choose table.

    Hi EOs Sam/Dan
    My table comprising of Gabriella Chua, Maureen Lee, Richard Wong, Rosalind Soh, Karen Wong, Pharis, James Tan & Susan Tan & Angela Straaten have all paid up.

    I would like to choose table 11 if not taken up but if not available then allocate me table 10 pls, tks.


  18. Hi Teresa Lee, noted your withdrawal.

    Ann Lim. thanks for sponsoring the Polo tee-shirts.

    Hamidah,we will reserved table 11 or table 10 for your group if it is available.


  19. Hi Anna Seet at message #22,

    Unless you have a bank account with some foreign banks who deal specifically in wholesale banking related business such as Mega Bank, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China etc you should have no problem in making or receiving a internet transfer to or from another bank.

    If you are not familiar with internet transfer, you can alway go to the specified bank and bank-in the specified amount. For this case, you can visit any POSB branch and fill up the necessary bank-in form to have Oi Cheng account credited.

    For your reference, as long you have a bank account with any of the following banks and the payee also has a bank account with any of the banks, you can make a internet transfer. For the same bank transfer, the transfer is immediate. For third party bank transfer it may take between 2 to 3 working days depending on the time of transfer.

    Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
    BNP Paribas
    Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd
    Bank of America, NA
    Bank of China Limited
    BNP Paribas
    Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd
    Bank of America, NA
    Bank of China Limited
    Bank of India
    CIMB Bank Berhad
    Chinatrust Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
    Citibank NA
    Commerzbank AG
    Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank
    DBS Bank Ltd
    Deutsche Bank AG
    DnB NOR Bank ASA
    Far Eastern Bank Ltd
    First Commercial Bank
    HL Bank
    Indian Bank
    Indian Overseas Bank
    Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
    Korea Exchange Bank
    Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg
    Malayan Banking Berhad
    Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd
    National Australia Bank Ltd
    Nordea Bank Finland Plc
    Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd
    P.T. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
    RHB Bank Berhad
    Singapore Island Bank Limited
    Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
    Societe Generale
    Standard Chartered Bank
    State Bank of India
    The Bank of East Asia Ltd
    The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
    The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
    The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.
    UCO Bank
    United Overseas Bank Ltd

    If you have a account with a bank which is not listed above, then you can only make transfer by cheque or bank-in personally by visiting the specified bank.

  20. Terence-san #16

    Thanks for the clarification… ^0^

    Wow…No “power” to write comments is just as good as not being able to participate in any of SHC’s events… (>o<)

    Phew… am glad to hear that the “fairy godmother” is a super busy woman… (^_~)

  21. Steven Ng @#30…

    Wow…you are too elaborate, unless you are doing “BIG” business, our local banks are good enough to do all kind of transactions. Don’t think you need to go that far to do a simple fund transfer. Yo, curious on the list of banks, where you get the source from…..

    Ah Nee

  22. Hi Ah Nee,

    Just in case someone here are in big businesses and only have banking accounts with foreign banks which specialise in wholesale banking.

    I was in the banking industry for almost 20 years and fortunately still do not lose touch on what’s happening in the industry. I still know how and where to find any relevant banking information as my memory still does not fails me. :)

  23. Hi Gabriella #29

    Most welcome & hope we can get the table of our choice.
    Looking forward to meet you on 24 Jul, ha..ha not sure if I’ve met you b4 as there’s too many SHC members.

  24. Those who paid and yet 2b updated, pls be patient as OiCheng is currently OOS n hv little/no internet access n since payment were paid 2 her acct so naturally, will hv 2 wait 4 her 2b back 2 SG, verify receipt of payment b4 update lor.. Rest assured if u hv paid, will definitely not left 2b left out 1… Cheers… Dolly

  25. First of all, thanks to Lily for helping with the post.

    Just got home awhile ago, and still unpacked, now Im very “hing” to see so many comments and I’m not in proper frame of mind to digest or go through, nor tally acccounts.

    Give me a day or two to settle my things and I will go through my accounts to tally your transfers before updating, ok. Appreciate your patience.

  26. Hi Richard Wong,

    Appreciate your gift of a blender.

    Those who are sponsoring gifts for our D&D, do kindly bring them to the Freaky Nite if you are attending.

    Thanking you!


  27. Ivan@24, Gingko@25, Steven Chan@27 and Eileen@28 from previous post. JanetNg@7, Hamidah@13, JamesTan@19, Sarah@34 and AnnLim@38 from current post.

    To all above – transfers received. Will be updating the post later today as I have to attend to other things now. Just want to acknowledge receipt first so you can rest your mind.

  28. I hv just gone to open an internet banking acct with my bank, the guy there did it through the ATM machine but somehow the link between account to the internet banking account is not automatic, had to fill up form and wait 3 days for letter to be sent to me then have to wait for another 3 days for the fund transfer to take effect.

    Is there a faster way of doing this?

  29. Hi EOs,

    Grace Womg is keen to attend pls include her.
    Also. she will donate a bottle of Courriene
    French Brandy XO Extra for the event.Tks

  30. # 50 ann lim ,

    arlght , noted liao grace wong is keen to come & also with a bot of french brandy xo extra…oi cheng jie will do the follow up lol….kam siah hor !!!! wow brandy xo lei !!!

    yes , i am trying to hit 120paxs ,make full use of de huge venue lol…….cheers sam huat huat huat

  31. Hi Oi Cheng,
    We don’t mind making up the 4 numbers (Fred, Lisa, Eileen and Shirley) for Pearlynn’s table as we would also like to be away from the sound system if possible. Pearlynn #12, are you ok with that? Anything is fine with us, so will leave it to the EOs and committee members. Thanks, Lisa O

  32. Hi Oi Cheng

    Can I pay up in cash? The ATM machines around town always have a long queue during lunch time & after office hours. I would like to reserve a seat on either table 10, 8 or 4. Thanks, Lydia.

  33. My dear Lydia

    Surely you can find a way to make your payment if you are keen to come for this event.

    Imagine if everyone were to do as you suggest, then who is going to bear the cost when they do not turn up on the day.

    Will be glad to have you at this event but do understand I am unable to accede to your request.

  34. I have to agree with Oi Cheng, my dear Lydia. Let me kaypoh a bit.

    There is such thing call internet transfer which you can do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the comfort of your home without queueing under the hot sun.

    Another way of making payment without queue up is write a cheque in favour of Oi Cheng and deposit it in the Quick Cheque Deposit tray at any POSB branches. Please make sure you fill up Oi Cheng particulars on the reverse of your cheque.

  35. halo 2 all hiah ti ,jie mui

    wow just recd a emeow from lily ah jie …

    dat she is chipping in de followings;

    1) 2 bots of wine cost abt $35 to $40 each
    2) 2 photo frames
    3) 1 eau de toilette
    4) 1 set of 5 hand painted sake cup bought from jepun abt $50.00
    5) 1 set of 5 hand painted side dishes bought from Japan abt $ 85.00

    kam siah kam siah hor…..

    # 57 primrose …

    huang yin huang yin….selamat datang ya…..

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  36. wow at last ..can log in ….but as grace ng…not wong…actually same person.
    HI Oi Cheng can i join Lisa ong’s table too..away from the sound system..much obliged ..Hi Lisa hope you dont mind if i join you folks .tks

  37. Dear Oi Cheng,

    Can I make payment by credit card because the machine is either run out cash near my vicinity or out of order.

    Rose White

  38. Hi Ros #63,

    I was just thinking this morning re your request to pay for the coming D&D by credit card.

    To be able to accept credit card payment, I guess SHC needs to be a corporate or business entity. At the moment, we are a little old-fashion, and don’t have this feature. There are many facilities members do wish for. Well, maybe in the future. Where is fairy god father?

    Try another day, maybe the ATMs near your place would have some cash.

    Terence Seah

  39. hi oi cheng ,

    last nite , we were in town . so manage to collect from lydia chin cash of $ 50.. i will make de transfer 2 u on monday thru atm…

    a anoymous member , ve donated a bot of red wine known as

    winncarinis .. 10q 10q 10q

    cheers sam huat huat huat..

  40. wei wei Rose White, so generous of you to want to pay up again, but it was Judy who had paid for all 10 at your table, so please pay her.

  41. Dear Oi Cheng,
    Ivy Ong cant make it! Now I’ve only 5 paxs going for D&D.
    They are Wana, Cynthia, Catherine, Jennifer & Pearlynn.

    Btw, can I get an outside fren (Maria Tan) to join us? Alternatively, can I register on the spot for her to be SHC Member? Do advise. Tks!!

    Dear Lisa,
    No problem to join you at the table. Also prefer away from sound system if possible.

    Look fwd to next mth gathering.

  42. Dear Oi Cheng,
    Bear with me – will make TT payment next week.

    Got to recce my storeroom if see if anything to donate – TBA.

    Much appreciated!!

  43. Hi Pearlynn

    Nice to hear from you again. It’s alright if you have only 5, cos Grace@61 has asked to sit at same table so that makes 10 already.

    We do not encourage members to bring outsiders to our event then register on the spot. They must be members in order to register to attend our events.

    Honestly, I do not know where the sound system is as I have not been to this place before. I assume it is near the stage where the Committee Members are seated, so I guess our ears will be blasted. Ha! ha! ha!

  44. Hi Sam

    I would like to donate the following items as prizes for the D & D:

    l Moulinex electric jug(from Best Denki)
    1 piece of rug – sheep skin (from Ikea)

    Pl let me know how to forward them to you?

    Gabriella Chua

  45. Weiwei,
    John Howe told me hor dat he is supposed 2 lai but den, bo c his name, so hor, now, his sexytary, Dolly, registered on his behalf hor.. he oso pay me in cash but den, OiCheng said must get Sam Huat3 2 atm 2 her acct lor.. so will pass chua gee 2 Sam 2molo n he will trf lor..

    Meanwhile, Lily’s sponsored items are inside my car boot now, will trf 2 Sam’s car boot 2molo oso lor..

    I finally find a item 2 give away liao.. massage stick, will pass 2 him oso.. Cheers.. Dolly

  46. Dolly, bak jiu tak stamp har? Boh kwa tio #72 meh? Jar ki doh update liao. Mai chor wa lau kui leh. Tang Ah Sam kong wa boh chor kang hor, kio wa pack bag hor. Ha! ha! ha! My hokien can?

  47. hahaha.. OiCheng, walau.. steady pun pee2 leh.. macham tio kong, hokkien ai sai liao.. under si mi lan a pee mi training har? Sam or CJ? Thanks 4 the update.. m hor LKK liao.. paisai la.. Cheers.. Dolly

  48. wow wow wu gua tio ting lan kong hokkien har ???

    ho sei liao oi cheng ah jie , ler aa hokkien si chin tok kong lah !!!

    my dolly ah , tio ai kong ti tian ..mai kong si mi lan !!!

    hai wu …pong char char lei !!!! sio kong ler di haikou chap tio pai kia liao !!!!hahahaha

    IN english har ??? i see both of u write in hokkien …

    good liao , oi cheng yr hokkien very solid..

    dolly ah , must say who taught u hokkien.. not who de xxxx

    taught u…make me blur 2 liao..thought u in haigou mix with mafia liao…. hahahahha

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  49. After reading the above Hokien posts (me Teochew so got to speak out loud what was written), I spotted Dolly sponsoring a massage stick for the prizes. Will be updating list – my file’s list, not the thread’s list. :P

    Thank you Dolly!


  50. Hi Oi Cheng.

    Can you pls allocate a seat for me on Table 8. Also, pls reserve a seat for Bobby Bok on same table 8.

    And, I’ve some items to donate, but not sure how to pass it over?

    Cheers, Lydia.

  51. Sam/Dan,

    I’m eagerly looking forward to our D n D.
    Can you put up the program for the nite?
    Are we just going to have pyjama party all nite?


  52. Tsk, tsk, tsk………James-T, you dunno meh?

    Why a “Pyjamas Nite”? If you think pyjamas are put on only to sleep then you hv lived yr life in vain. See, they are made for you to slip in and out easily, and why so?

    Furama Hotel Rm 08-004 is reserved for party-goers to enter in pairs. Go ask for your number now. If you’re lucky, you might be ballotted to pair – just for 10 mins – with Bobby-B or Henry-T whom you know can kick very well………

    Just the thot of what an exciting time you can hv is worth the $47. so, prepare to grease it out, hehe……….(while I prepare myself to attend a very good butty’s wake tonite, a true bro in every sense of the word).

  53. Hi Oi Cheng,

    Transferred $47.07 on 21/6/2010 3.21pm for a/c of Catherine Koh. Ref no. 00837. Kindly acknowledge. Thanks

    Catherine Koh

  54. Hi James,

    Yes, we are all eagerly waiting for THE party. As for the program the committee may decdide whether to put it on the ost or keep you all in suspende!

    Look like I am heading to Chunatown to get me a silk pyjamas. The other day I was at Giant and was tempted to try on a long cotton dress, perhaps we may have a cross-dressing contest!


  55. Hi everyone,
    We have just join in as new members and definitely will join in the fun with all of you.
    Hi Oi Cheng, I have tfrd $94.00 to your account.
    thanks & rgds/rita

  56. Hi Oi Cheng,

    Paid cash at POSB bank yesterday(21.06/10) at 3.21 pm S$47.08 for me. Bank ref:839. Kindly update my status about payment.


  57. Hi Sam, Oi Cheng

    Ref #70 above, please advise how I can forward the two gifts for the D and D.

    No one has replied to me yet.


    Gabriella Chua

  58. Hi Oi Cheng n committee,
    I have made payment of $47 by DBS internet banking transfer ref: 2951499663 to your posb saving 117001326 at 7:04pm today. Thank you.
    Ref#76, Thank you Lydia for reserving a seat for me at table 8. Thank you to all also for making me feel comfortable and at ease at the freaky nite and cycling trip, cheers..Bobby Bok

  59. halo gabriella chua ah jie ,

    10q 10q 10q , for yr kind support…oredli reply thru yr emeow liao hor !!!!

    oi cheng jie ,

    will pump in de ubat $$$$ john & lydia case b4 wed can ???

    2 busy & also 4got wen pass thru atm machine..sorry sorry…

    sam huat huat huat

  60. Dan#82,

    I think you missed my point.
    Without a program sheet or promotional material, it’s hard to
    imagine how (s)exciting the pyjama party nite will be.
    Keeping us in suspense will only be good if you can throw
    some teasers now and then to promote the event.
    Otherwise it would be like going to a blind party.


  61. Aiyo, James, dun u think dat keeping in suspense is much beta cos u can let ur imagination runs wild. Can u dat u r doing tis liao.. nyway.. I m sure dat d committee must hv d reasons bhind 4 not putting d event agenda yet lor.. tio bo? Cheers.. Dolly

  62. wei wei oi cheng ah jie ,

    did u recd my sms bo har ???
    only manage to pump in de ubat $90…stupid machine cant take more lei !!! will pay de bal wen we meet again lol…pump @ bt merah ctr last nite @ 2012hrs ref nos .2556.. for john & lydia case lol…
    bro tang , kam sia kam sia lei…so kind of you to support..let 2day wed 4d lai huat huat huat….

  63. thanks .. thanks.. Sam .. for yr kind efforts.

    Oi Cheng, could u kindly allocate either table no. 4 or 10 for me and the rest who’ve paid up (ie. 71 -78) .. that means there are 2 more seats on my table. Could you kindly reserve them for Edwin Tan & Richard Yee. They’ve not enrol yet, but I’m encouring them to do so asap.

    Cheers, lydia.

  64. Hi Lydia, thank you very much for trying to enrol me for the D & D. Though I would very much like to join you all, I am afraid I can’t because I already have an engagement that evening. Don’t worry, we shall have many opportunity to get together in the coming days. So, to all SHC members who will be attending the D&D, please have a wonderful time !

  65. It’s heartening to see SHCians doing their best to ‘chio’ fellow members to attend the D & D. Good job Lydia!

    James, there will be lots of games – table games, stage/floor games, lucky draws, dancing and a skit in the programme. I think we can safely guarantee you’ll have a great time, provided you are sporting and take part in whatever activities have been lined up.

    See you at the D & D!


  66. Hi Rosalind,

    Thanks for the update.
    Besides being a secretary, I believe you are doubling up
    as a Marketing Manager as well.
    Looking forward to a fantastic party.


  67. Hi Tim, ref #79, please mind your words, I know that it is mean to be a joke but there are others who don’t really know you and thought what you say is one of the actual “programme” and it will cause unnecessary misunderstanding especially when you put names in your “programmes”. I understand now why you also got into words of war with other members like Patrick.Cheers..Bobby

  68. Ref#64 & #66,

    Sorry, I am at the wrong channel to request for payment mode.


    Dear Francis make a personal trip at one of the POSB outlet to meet Oi Cheng just to make cash payment to her rather than electronic transfer.There is more than meet the eyes.Ops!!!just kidding.

    Rose White

  69. Bobby-B, some people are not very intelligent and some are downright stupid not to make out what’s said in jest and what isnt. I shall leave it to your good judgment which category you belong altho rest assured i shall exclude you and what might be representative of you in all my further writes here.

    My spat with Parick is long over. It might disappoint you that we chanced to meet several nites ago, exchanged tips and I was indeed happy that he tipped me in time to make a change in my investment which negated a loss, small it may be.

  70. Dear Oi Cheng,
    Now I’ve another pax joining so total is 6 paxs .

    Kindly help to register her to be seated with us at the same table. Her name is Janet Low. She’ll make payment herself.

    Noted on non-member participation. Will get my fren (her name is Maria Tan) details & register as member accordingly. Maybe you can add in another pax. Total will be 7 paxs.

    Will make the whole total to you before mth end. Tks alot!!

  71. Dear #100 #102 both r my buddy!!
    Lets agree from hence forth

    Stop doing wht tht divide us, do more of wht unite us.

    ok buddies…..

    Hey Stay Groovy baby!!

  72. Hi HenryY #105,

    I think you have hit on a great objective to do more of what unites us. Love it.

    And TimL,

    I hope you are not referring to me as outright stupid, even though I may be. I am just glad you are getting more sane each new day.

    Tim, Henry,
    When I get into Singapore, you will hear from me re Mexico and Uraguay.

    Terence Seah

  73. # 104 annto ,

    so much so dat i hope still 2 welcome u in our open hand…

    ok .noted liao…take care hor..sam huat huat huat

    oi cheng jie , pls help me 2 edit out her name hor…

    my side ,cant do it lei !!!! kam siah kam siah

    my brainstorming commttiees tis monday appt .dun 4get hor ,

    check yr e meow lor….
    sam huat huat huat

  74. halo ,halo oi cheng jie ,

    pls add in lin chuah pump in 2bots of wine & never trust union chief voucher of $ 100.00 hahaha aa chai wua kong si mi bo ???
    10q 10q 10q ah lin chuah jie….xie xie xie hor…

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  75. Just woke up after fishing on-stop for 36 hours on Pulau belakang M. Am terrified to read that even Terence can see tha I am getting more sane each day which also means that he’s not as stupid as Mat my co-fisherman thinks based on how poor his jabulanu investments hv been.

    The On-line Trading thread is closed so Sam/Dolly, pls let say smthg here on what’s festering there.

    Getting angry is ok – we all hv emotions – but angered to fights? No, no and still no. No good bcos very soon you realise that the one you had wanted to fight actually makes a good friend, and I am speaking from my personal experience. And with good friends lying in long boxes one after another – I can be the next 1 – we have limited time to enjoy life.

    I’d like to reiterate that both of you are really humble people and i think I can vouch to that. What needs to happen if for you 2 to come together say at a SHC event and break the ice. Go and attent the D&D in yr lacy pyjamas and laugh your hearts out at each other for we can all look very cute trying to be pretty and sexy.

    As TS has put it very correctly – readers do read and do see what the propositions are, and will like to learn from you both smthg we dunno. Heated words are distractions to our learning………..

    Btw, many more are migrating and hiding from ah long sans, and this is certainly 1 topic we can discuss in the WC thread.

  76. What the ………????

    Sam, I have updated the prize list and sent it via email to Oi Cheng as per her request.

    See you on Monday!


  77. halo halo bro ivan lim ah ,

    so pls let me knoe how to collect yr barangs???

    can my car slot in bo ??? hahahaha should be rite or must get a container bo ??? i am free on 2 day from afternoon ..

    will u be in ard town side bo ??? wednesday is totaly out liao…i think i ve yr tua pai name card…will search @ my hong chia & ring u up later hor ???

    aa sai bo har ??? thks for de lucky draw barangs , just incase u & me blurr blurr like sotong hor !!!

    okay , hiah ti ji mui ah ,

    GOOD NEWS hor ,

    noralinda also wan 2 chipped in $100.00 never trust union chief voucher for our d & d ..

    kam siah kam siah jway jway hor….

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  78. Aiyoh fellow SHCians ah. Please make it a point to attend this once-a-year event >> SHC ‘s Anniversary D & D.

    So sad to see members pulling out….:(

  79. Dear Oi Cheng,
    I am unable to attend the D&D function on 24th.July as I am unexpectedly posted overseas to work due to exigencies of service.I apologise profusely.

  80. Melissa@115 (last together Batam) and Primrose@117 (last met at Flea market, Toa Payoh), am looking forward to catching up with the two of you. You must have your reason and yes, work is important. Don’t feel bad. There will be other times. Take care.

  81. Weng Hon@121 – noted
    Lilian@122 – confirmed receipt.
    Kuan@123 – your name is added to list

    To those who have registered but have not paid, would appreciate if you could make your payment asap as we have to confirm the no. of pax with Furama City Centre.


  82. Hum hum!!!! July here n D&D is just around d corner. Poor OiCheng is constantly giving reminder 2 tose yet 2 pay members 2 pay as # of paxs attendance nid 2 given 2 Furama Htl as requested. Poor OiCheng :(

    Aiyo, pity OiCheng la.. pay la so dat she can hv tx 2 take care of other tasks lor, tio bo?… Cheers.. Dolly

  83. Yes, Michelle there is still vacancy. Will add your name to list. Plse drop your comment here once you have made payment. Thanks.

  84. Hi Oi Cheng,
    Pls count me in for the D & D.
    Paid 4th Jul. Ref 15217.
    Pls acknowledge and update.

    Sponsoring a bottle of wine.

    Many Thanks.
    Beng Teik

  85. Beng Teik@130 – confirmed receipt and list updated.

    We thank you for sponsoring a bottle of wine.

    Appreciate if you could bring it on that night (if that is not too much of a trouble) and hand it over at the Registration Desk.

    Dolly@127 – if only everyone is like Beng Teik, one comment does it all – registration & payment. As the days go by, my neck is getting longer and my back is getting “suaner” and Terence’s stats on visitors keeps jumping higher. Ha! ha! ha!

  86. Andrew@132 – thanks for sponsoring 2 more bottles of wine. Would you mind bringing them on that night and hand them over at the Registration Desk.

    We have collected quite a few bottles of wine already and we’re afraid we might break them transporting here and there.

    Your understanding is appreciated.

  87. Kuan@135 – Thanks for the promptness. I have updated the list.

    I also received payment for 6 and 2. Please post your comments here so I can update the list. Although I can guess the 6 but better have it posted here to be sure.

    Thank you very much for the responses. I really appreciate it.

  88. Hi Sam and D&D team,
    I have a pair of pyjamas, and now looking for a pair of bedroom slippers. This is what I shall be wearing.

    For those who are coming to this annual D&D, and intend to wear your “To Bed” clothes, please give us an idea what you will be wearing. Of course, if you are not planning to wear your bed clothes, the D&D glare and flare would also be nice.

    What are you wearing to the D&D?
    Let’s get a general feel of what will be showing on the dance floor or sitting around the dinner table.

    Terence Seah

  89. Hahahaha, Oi Cheng Jie Jie. Photo of Terence in his PJ will be better, no?

    Terence, are you wearing the Ah Pek pyjamas? Be careful of the pants as they do not have zips or buttons in front. Skarli kana indecent exposure…*faints*

    It might not be possible to dance with bedroom slippers. I’ll take them off and dance barefoot. Much more comfortable mah.

    I’m looking for a negligee that is non see-through. Still looking……..


  90. Hello again Oi Cheng,
    I had wasted so much time trying to go on phone banking the whole of yesterday. Started as early as 0645hrs, just trying to beat the telephone line crowd but it did not work. I thought it was too early, so tried again at 0700hrs, at 0800hrs at 0900hrs and after that gave up until evening when I finally got through the reply was in correct account number.I did not realised there was this “posb” problem.
    I know everyone could get through how come this “dumb” machine cannot get me through, so I went to the ATM at Marine Parade and finally got the money transfered $94.00 for Ben desouza n Mi, please check because I have to find the receipt it was after 1900hrs on 5 july.

    Another question is how big is the dance floor,could it be big enough for everyone to dance all at the same time.That would be great. Thank you and your organising committee for taking so much time and trouble in this event which I am sure everyone is looking forward to meeting one another.

    Have a nice day

  91. Hi Michelle

    Ya there was a major breakdown yeterday. So glad you did not give up and thanks for bringing in Ben DeSouza too.

    According to the layout given to me, it says 15’x9′.

  92. A reminder to those who have registered and not paid to pay up by 12 July.

    Members who have not signed up but wish to come for this event, please register and make payment by 12 July.

    Appreciate your co-operation and understanding and most importantly, your payment.

    See you all on 24 July!

  93. Hi Sam/Oi Cheng

    Pls register me, Doreen Cody and Jean Kiang (on same table). Will pay by 12th. would like to donate 20 sets/box of jewelry, acceptable?

  94. #143 Frisna Tan,

    Ooooooo Doreen Cady is attending! Yeahhhh! Doreen is very sporting and she’s such a bright ‘sunshine’ to any theme parties. Thank you Frisna for getting her to join.


  95. #143 frisna tan ,

    wow wow wow ,belly good hor ,can pull in 2 more buddies hor!!!! long time no meet up wif u hor…. ho sei bo ???

    # 140 michelle khoo mei ni ah ,

    welcome welcome hor… dun worry abt the pom cha cha…we ve not meet b4 rite…cya…

    A SOFT GENTLE REMINDER 4 those who ve not pump in the minyak
    2 my treasurer account ,hor u ve LEFT ONLY 4 more days lei !!! wow ,how times flies hor….

    now , i very the kan cheong liao ..just like our kuntan trip

    senior tian soo say ah huat now kan cheong liao lah !!!!

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  96. HALO 2 ALL MY COMMITTEES buddies ,

    this is a gentle soft reminder about our 4th meeting on next monday 12.07.2010… same time & venue hor !!!

    dun go to HANS lei !!! for those who drive ,park lah behind the temple after 1700hrs F.O.C.. plenty of parking lots lah…

    kam siah kam siah kam siah…

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  97. Hi EO Sam Huat Huat Huat

    May I ask your Pyjamas nite got Linedance or not? If yes, kindly let me know what are the dances bcos LD is not like social dances where the steps are standardised. For Ldance different songs different steps, if you do not revise can never remember the steps & then won’t be able to dance…I’m not computer hor ha..ha

    Don’t tell me your pyjamas nite bo tiaw wu leh, just comparing pyjamas, look see look see for those wearing sexy & transparent ones, listen bedtime stories & lullaby songs, drink milk then ki koon ah! hee..hee. Don’t get angry hor just joking only lah

    Tks 2u & all committees for organising this event, 2 more weeks to go & I’m looking fwd to this event. Wah our Datin Nor is the MC..terror seh…


  98. Hamidah..
    We can joget wearing pyjamas also rite…lagi comfortable,with bedroom slippers,no need to have sore heel!
    Mana so cepat want to koon liow..so much more activities to do before tidor…keep your imagination wild!..hehe

    Oh ya la…i be mc?…apa macam..very funny rite?..never do this thingi before..but will try my best,since EO want me to do..think boleh la,hantam saja la!…haha
    …so lets hang out & enjoy ourselves!

    If some are shy & donno what to expect others wear what?..u can dress up smart(guys)& pretty(girls)…but just bring along ur pyjamas..then can ‘transform’ later nite..nobody notice..boleh tak?…the theme is great,make us young la..
    or for those donno what is pyjamas..wear anything la…
    as long got something on…if not…banyak susah leh..hehe

    Ibu Frisna @143..
    Aduh!..mengapa lambat sekali fikir2 mahu pergi or not..
    cepat dong!..if not kesian the treasure…ga bisa tidur la…haha

  99. # 147 ibu hamidah ,

    selamat pagi ya … saya bingung or mengeri joget ya..tertapi jagan khawatir lah…u nak orang cina
    / tiong hua singa joet ,ini lah yang i boleh ker !!!!ahahaha

    saya , tahu pasti ada joget lah…mesti nak tanya saya committees handsome thomas & jane tan..dua orang incharge joet lei!!! boleh ker !!!! aku tidak marah ya….

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  100. halo buddies hiah ti jie mui ah ,

    wah pian the nos of members paid 2 my ah long jie is oredli 93 paxs liao….if i wan 2 hit 120 paxs or 100 paxs …hor..

    den pls betta double quick put on yr jogging shoes to de ATM pump in de minyak 2 my ah jie account lah….cos LEFT

    ONLY LAST 3 days lei !!!! aa sai lah hor !!!!

    btw , u can come in watever baju u like but we hope dat @ least u bring along 1 piece lor..be more sporting …

    mai pai sei lor….on lah hor…..cos we all committees ve agree all of us come in NAKED ….OOPS BETTA SENSOR hor,

    arboh wait kena whack ..by parang toh…hahahaha

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  101. Hi Oi Cheng, Sam,

    One more eager participant Rebecca Lim paid $47. Ref 2989471834. She likes to sit with Margaret Lee at #42.

    Well done eh on the attendance.

    Can’t wait to feel what it is like to wear pyjamas! Have fun guys and gals.

    Terence Seah

  102. Hi Oi Cheng and Sam,

    Wondering if there are still 3 more vacancies for 3 members to join in the D&D 2010?


    Geok Suan.

  103. #147 Hamidah,

    Kalau ada “line dance” u boleh bring your CD, jika, “boh” we go sleep first until semua dance until pensan tired, then we “line dance boleh”. You boleh bring nice CD for “Line Dance” simple ones so that all can “cheong on the dance floor” There are quite a number of line dancers who will be attending, just name a few like Shirley Wee,Catherine,Rene,Dorene,James,Susan and so many I do know their names,I am sure your “kaki” ada banyak attending also lah.
    Are you going to give a performance? In case people do not know but wanna dance, just teach them a few.
    And for those who do not know, very simple follow Hamidah lah, when she turn right you turn right lah when she turn left you turn left lah but, if you “salah kaki” then you are bound to hit a body lah…so fun …to do the “hit” or sha.la.la

  104. Hi Oi Cheng
    have just transferred $188 for 4 persons. the 4th one is Mr. Dayal Mulchand. pls put 4 of us on the same table (far from any toilet, if any, please. thanks)

    Hi Rosaline: indeed i agree with you re Doreen C. she’s very good for theme or any party as an organiser

    Hello Huat2: wa chin ho leh. lu ho bo? more huat ya?

    My dear Nor: sorry lah baru sekarang bisa pastikan jadwal, maklum harus control airport dulu ha ha. so you akan pakai pyjama yg lebih sexy daripadi di tg.batu ya

  105. Hv told myself to cease and desist from being a klk but still cant resist to pass a snippet when I read this :

    “…….pls put 4 of us on the….table……..”

    Soem kind of impromptu table-top dancing in the offing? And wrapped (see thru?) in pyjamas……. There will definitely be many bodies round and surrounding that table and for those who cant jostle and squeeze in, do send your eyes…………….

    G’day all !

  106. Terence@151 – Confirmed receipt for Rebecca. As Margaret’s table is already full, I hope Rebecca does not mind being seated at another table.

    Richard@156 – noted that you are unable to make it to this event.

    Frisna@157 – confirmed receipt for 4. No idea where the toilet is as I have never been to this place and it is not indicated on the layout that I have. Besides, I always thought toilets are usually outside the ballroom. Yes? No?

    Tim@158 – I see remark next to your name Standby??? Why har? Still not decided?

  107. halo frisna #157 ,,

    hahaha ,u dun ve 2 worry abt de chiam ban lah…

    outside & 100% u can only smell de pandan leaf only…

    wa wu ho sei lah !!! kam siah jway jway hor !!!

    #156 uncle richard kee ,

    it arlite ..btw how is yr son getting ho sei bo ???

    1 day must ,come & find u lai lim kopi hor !!!

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  108. Hi Richard & Jane, we all going 2 miss both of u on dat nite.

    Pyjamas, I only can remembered I worn them during younger days so while klkk at Haikou shopping area 2day, saw 1 dat almost similiar 2 tose I worn b4, so I bot it liao. Very shi bun 1 cos I paisei 2 wear tose sui sui 1s lor.. no sin chai lor.. :). However, I wun mind 2 give away 5 mini sets of hand/body 2 5 sexy ladies on dat nite lor. Hmm hmm who will be d lucky winners har… Cheers.. Dolly

  109. Hi Oi Cheng,

    I have transfered $141.00 to your POSB A/C 117-00132-6 on 10th July 2010 at 11.21pm.

    This amount being payment for Lim Geok Suan, Nelly Soh and Annie Goh for SHC’s D&D on the 24th July 2010.

    Thank you.

    Geok Suan.

  110. Hi Oi Cheng #108,

    Today, TimL is slightly richer, after having saved enough for the D&D ticket. So, $47 to your acc. Ref. 117-00132-6.

    Terence Seah

  111. Terence@164 – ha! ha! ha! so Tim needn’t be on standby anymore.

    Mary Chan@165 – noted your withdrawal.

    Last call – Gwyneth Lee, June Chin, Jonson Tan, Grace Kang, James Chan, Simon Lee, Pearl Kwan, Alice Teo, Jenny Lim,
    Lorraine Chia, Mattew Tan Leng Kong – please make your payment by 12 July.


  112. Hi Puan Nor @148

    I tidur tak pakai pyjamas lah, so apa macam??? Also tak pakai bedroom slippers, at home kaki ayam hee..hee.

    Brother Sam #149

    I tak tau joget social lah so if you kasi me partner any race pun tak guna lah ha..ha. Ada disco & dangdut or not?? hee…hee

    Hello Michelle #155

    No problem for me to bring LD CD to standby. We tunggu lah if social dancers “panchit” our turn to dance our “Unsocial dance” ha.ha. Social dance normally got hold2 hand right, our dance “unsocial dance” (Line Dance) no need to hold2 hand or lum lum type hee..hee. Sorry I’m not in the committee so I really don’t know what’s the programme for that nite.

    I’m not doing performance that nite, everytime I only perform for D&D, wait SHCians boring lah. This year my turn to relax & enjoy the dinner.


  113. Thank you Oi Cheng.

    Dont see santa claus’ name………….wonder why when he was supposed to alternate in wearing with me one same pair of pyjamas which belongs to and was designed by the first Seah in 2010 B.C.

  114. Sure, Frisna, my eyes will pop out and so you better find a pair of E cups for them. I promise they wont move and will behave in there for as long as you dont move.

    Frankly, I wont know what to do sitting still at a table so will move around, leaving my eyes in yr good hands or rather good baa baas………..

  115. # 171 anna seet mei ti wei ,

    kam siah kam siah jway jway hor …. i will come & collect frm u…must get 10 body guard ,police escort ,FBI & interpol bo har ??? hahahaha

    okay , yesterday oredli bot 26 pcs malaysia BIG SWEEP LIAO

    hope 1 of u is the LUCKY chap 2 strike rm 3.melllioon lah…

    so to those who is coming for this year d & d …let me sam huat wish u GOOD LUCK hor….

    cheong ah cheong ah

    sam huat huat huat

  116. Hoi Hoi Hoi Ah Huatx3,
    Y u like tat! 26pcs x AhBang BIG SWEEP!! U know Rar, wait strike; how can get money – u rem d CLOB issue or not! 2day say 1 tink 2moro kong another – how can shiong-sim?
    BUT hor, kian-chit hor, najibpa kong they MUST be CONSISTENT in their (sms) message ===>>>>> aka consistently “changing” their minds …………. teo-boon-yong liao @$&^#*)*

  117. halo my ah long jie oi cheng ,

    last nite during our final meeting , 2 members ve pay me cash to transfer 2 yr acct… will do it later 2 day…

    cheers sam huat huat huat


    yes ,finally next week saturday it our delay d & d event.

    please be inform that , those of you who wear de pyjamas

    for the event , there will be a special attractive draw

    awaiting for you… you are all encourage ,pls come with yr

    pyjamas.. be more sporting ,as we are all still young @ our heart Rite bo !!!!!

    last nite during our final meeting ,i ve already collected

    $ 200.ntuc shopping vouchers.. with compliment none others then lin chuah & norlinda…

    thank you very much for your kind attention…

    cheers sam huat huat huat

  119. Anna

    Could you please get in touch with Ann Lim and pass the items to her. Dan will be collecting both yours and her items together, prefereably by this Wed as we need to finalise things. Thanks


  120. Dear Oi Cheng,

    Please let Annie Goh, Nelly Soh and I be seated at same table. We do not know many SHCians. Let us slowly make 7 other SHCian friends at the D&D.


    Geok Suan.

  121. Hi Geok Suan

    No worries – you will definitely be sitting together.

    Registration is now closed and I have also removed the names of those who have not responded or follow up.

    11 days to go ….

  122. Hi Oi Cheng
    I see my name shifted to table 4, i should be at table 7 sitting together with Doreen Cady, Dayal and Jean K. pls adjust accordingly. thanks

  123. Hi Yat Sing,

    Dun know how to contact you to collect your gifts, can you reply here as to how we can get in touch with you.

    Oi Cheng, can you includes Linda Khoo and Richard Kwan in the list as paid. I have collected $94 cash from them. They have sponsored two gifts, one a towel gift package and the other a tupperware hamper.

    Counting the days to the D&D! Anyone can tell me where to borrow a night pyjamas the Robbie wore in one of the movies. It’s a long cotton pyjamas flowing all the way down with a turney cap and floppy sandals? I am hunting for it high and low for the occassion, help!

    Grace Wong, will get in touch with you to collect the XO from your place soon.


  124. Dan,

    As spoken, I agree to sponsor 2 bottles of wine to be
    purchased by you at the gas station.
    Pls refund the remaining amount from the ticket sales to
    my account.

    Wish you and Sam’s committee a great time at the pyjama


  125. James,

    Thanks for sponsoring the two bottles of wines. I will refund the balance soonest. Your places will be taken over by Linda Khoo and Richard Kwan.

    Terence, did you receive the sms from Richard requesting for membership, otherwise I will get him to email to admin again.

    Four more days to go!
    Last night I went to Chinatown hunting for my pyjamas and found that they have so many variety. There are kimonos, silk pyjamas to choose from. If you are not certain wat to wear head down to Chinatown. Prices varies from $20 for a kimono to $45 for a more elaborate wear.


  126. Four more days to go! I haven’t got my swee swee pyjamas. Seriously, I can’t bring myself to wear pyjamas for D & D. I can imagine we will laugh till “pengsan”…….Sam huat’s crazy idea, probably I will wear my Ts & short…hehehe….

    Ah Nee

  127. OMG! Ya lor! 4 more days to go……..
    Haven’t even given it much thots……
    But hor! Imagine wat a guy/gal will be wearing to this D&D if he/she sleeps nkaed most of the time? Tat will be fun…
    I tink not only laugh till “san-peng” but eyes also pop-out and the mouth also “lao-ngio” liao….

  128. OMG! AhNee n Ivan, U both panic, also make me panic. I heard fm the grapewine tht there’ll b a nudist corner to cater to those wanting absolute freedom!. If tht’s true then probably v need oxygen tanks in the ball room, why?, bcos if all 120 humans breathe very hard all at the same time from over-excitement, the oxygen wud b depleted v quickly! hehehe, without oxygen, all 240 eyes will really pop out LOL LOL HA HA

  129. Sam-san

    If what Henry said is true, you better call the blood donation people to be on standby outside our ballroom too.. (^_^)

    Confirm sure have plenty of “blood” to donate from those who bleed easily from the nose.. (^_~)


  130. Seriously, if everyone put on pajamas, those who are not in pajamas will be out of place. Why not we all be sporting, and bring it along to change, since it may not be appropriate to travel there in pajamas, esp if you’re taking public transport. One set back would be that it would be difficult to dance in pajamas, since most pajamas are not designed for dancing, not to mention bedroom slippers! Still trying to sort that out …!

  131. Lydia-C,
    Agree wit u tat everyone shld put on pyjamas. Let’s all hv some gd fun n b amused, hahahaha…….
    So, chinatown is where I will b heading 2moro late PM to get a pair of “ah-peh” pyjamas……
    We will hv a good laugh at each other, ya! Gre8!!

    Hey! All those pai-say ones who scare scare dun wan to wear pyjamas…..jus google sleek pyjamas n u can get: WOW-LA!

    HUGO BOSS, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, James Hardies etc…

  132. Ivan Bhai, Tim Bhai n all Bhai2 n Sisters,
    XO then it shall be, I’ll bring one bottle.
    Lets drink n be merry n count down till Christmas!!! hehehe

  133. Hahaha! That means TWO bottles will be un-corked this Saturday ………. GREAT!

    Sam-San, we will need a lot of ice-ice babies in bikinis to keep our 2 Mr XOs in good form…..

    Alamak!!! Table 12 – Table 3 – Table 7 quite far apart; will have to tri-angulate to reach a sharing/toasting middle-point leh…..

  134. Ivan Bhai, even enjoyment time U also study the terrain of Shun Zi Ping Fa hahaha, no worries, I suspect the tables in between will also benefit, like the silk route of ancient times, as v traverse v shout Ini-Chini Bhai Bhai hahaha

  135. # 189 james tan ,

    aiyo why like that…..surely will miss out you & susan company lah ….10q 10q 10q for yr blessing huh..

    # 191 ah nee jie ,

    wah pian wei with your so fair complexion & swee swee face hor, any type of koon sar surely TOK KONG 1..no horse run lah… & hor during our mtg ,i make a request that we committees must be SPORTING & in a team mah !! tio bo lei…

    so if you nid help to go shopping ..then i follow you but 1st must ask the SALESGIRL wu see lilly bo ??? hahahaha

    # 194 pauline ho ,

    hahahaha yes will do so ( asap ) will contact spore blood bank !….

    # 195 lydia chin ,

    steady pom pi pi man ! many thks for u being so supportive
    hor…. for a change rest your legs ..maybe with new method
    lagi shiok lei !….

    # 198 ivan ah hiah ,
    wow wow wow , can i be 1 of the ice ice babies huh ???
    hahahaha..yes ,will find EXCUSE hor..den we all chiew kiew

    can YAM SENG ..SURELY MUST TOGO until NDP countdown 1st lah ..henry ah hiah chiew liao hor…hahahahha

    OKAY ,PLEASE all hiah ti jie mui ,

    pls tag along your NAME TAG hor ..arbo those who i know ve but 4got to bring ..den kena drop 10 lor…

    please please lei…..
    wow finally this friday toto $8 mellion lei…cheong ah

    sam huat huat huat

  136. 3 more days to go!

    Terence, can you confirm whether Richard Kwan is registered.

    James and Susan will be replaced by Richard and Linda. Thanks James for the two bottles of wines.

    Oi Cheng, kindly update the wines and also from Richard and Linda sponsored gifts of one towel gift box and one Tupperware container.

    Ivan, if you are going down to Chinatown heads for Mosque St or Smith St or Temple St.


  137. Hi Dan

    I am unable to add Richard to the list until I have confirmation he is already a member. Why don’t you just ask Richard to send Terence an email. Saves all this ding ding dong dong – sms tend to get deleted while emails can be archived and easier for Terence.

    I need to help prepare the Attendance Register so appreciate if this gets settled by Thursday.

    Much thanks

  138. Sorry Dan, if i sound very “bekchek” but I am really feeling very “bekchek”. I cannot stand having something to do, but cannot get going.

    Wei, wei Lydia – I like your sporting spirit. Never mind the bedroom slippers – just kick them off when you want to dance, but make sure you hor, you can find them later.

    While I’m feeling bekchek, I am also feeling very excited about this pyjamas nite. A few weeks ago, I ransacked my daughter’s wardrobe cos I remember I bought some nightwear for her from M&S. They are still untouched -I found one I could fit into but oh my, it’s pinky and girly. So how? No choice lor! Like Lydia, I will be sporting to bring it along to change into it.

    Ah Nee, you have 2-3 days to look for one swee swee eh “koon sahn”

    To EVERYONE coming for this event, enjoy yourself and have a great time!


    p/s Sorry James and Susan, you can’t join us but I am sure you have your reason. Look out for the photos, won’t you? Hopefully too, by then, Sockie’s uploading is also resolved.

  139. Sam & Oi Cheng,

    Pls accept our humble apology for not able to make it to
    see both of you in yr ‘swee swee’ and ‘yan tau’ pyjamas
    and accept our small token of donation to the D n D.

    We shall look out for you sashaying away in yr nighties.

    J & S

  140. Hi All,

    May I suggest that the ladies wear peep toes low-heeled transparent wedge with something sparkly and say, feather butterfly or sweet pom pom. Very sexy; go very well with your negligee or even your tee n shorts or pj. Can’t wear typical flat slippers; would not put you in the zone.

    If only I could upload a pic here. Would wear these if I were there and nothing else.

    Have fun; waiting anxiously for the pics…..

  141. Halo2,
    Since I m back 4 D&D and those who nid nametags, pls let me know by Thursday July 22 b4 5pm, I will try my best to make a name tag ready 4 u so dat no nid 2 wear sticky label instead lor.. Just plc ur request here… Cheers.. Dolly

  142. Loong Pun…..Loong Lao….Hi everybody.
    Wish to report tht in line with the sporting for life attitude, I’ve together with Ivan the conqueror today bought our Papayajamus hehehe. And v realised V dont look the worse for it, in fact V both look so ”hum Sum” hehehe

    Hi Dolly may I request for a name tag, for whch I’ll keep n use for other activities as well..cheers

  143. Hi Sam, and everybody.

    I am still in Perth, getting my son organised in school. Then, there are so many things to do, something which I expect to have to take care off. Am so sorry that I wont be able to make it back in time for the D&D, something which I dont want to miss. I wish everybody will enjoy themselves. Now, I have to keep the pyjamas for another year.

    Terence Seah

  144. Hi Dolly #206

    Glad to hear you’re back & will catch up with you this Sat.
    Pls make a name tag for my friend Rosalind Soh (new member)so that she can use it for future events, tks.

    Hi Terence #208

    Alamak too bad u could’nt come for the D&D, I was looking fwd 2cu in yr pyjamas, bedroom slippers etc. Hope all your preparations over there will go smoothly & successful as planned. Take care and cu at some other events.


  145. Hi Dolly

    If not too troublesome for you, pls also make one name tag for Angela Straaten too as she has lost her name tag. Both Angela & Roslind Soh will be attending the Sat D&D.

    Kum siah lu hor.

  146. Terence, dont put yr pyjamas away till next year. Faling trees, squalls, floods, micrbursts…..so cant say for sure that next year will come.

    Send yr nite-wear over. I hv a mannequin and an effigy of you. Will walk them around in yr pyjamas. Already with so many fans screaming in their sleeps for you, yr alter ego presence will command an omnipresence (and a price). You wont be short of dancing for the nite………and I think the effigy/mannequin you dance better.

    Then after all’s over – the effigy/manneguin head tilted 1 side after so many kisses planted on yr cheeks – I’ll offer “you” to the highest bidder. Believe my 2 bhai butties will match the loving F-L Ong couple to take you home.

    Proceeds from the bids for you will be shannelled to help the NEA in flood relief. See, how much good yr pyjamas can do if you let it come for the D&D.

    Do I sound excited? Haha. I’ll likely be the laid-back me, sit in my normal short-n-long and watch what i foresee as rolling waves of excitement and uninhibited partying.

    ??????Haha, Henry-Y? ??????????????Ivan ?? the conqueror?????????????

    ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????

  147. Hi Dolly ref: 206

    Appreciate if you could make name tags for myself, Karen Wong and my hubby,Pharis S. We are in the same table 11 as Hamidah. See you on D&D nite this saturday. Thanks a million.

    Karen Wong

  148. Wow.. Geraldine, your idea of footwear is great, but don’t think I can find such an item at this late hour … i think i’ll just take oi cheng’s advice & kick off the bedroom slippers when dancing. And yes, Oi Cheng, pls bring along your girlish pink pajamas to change.. and I wish more members will do the same too. It’ll be fun. Hmm.. now I can’t decide whether to wear the pink or red or black…!


  149. Dan@201 – I just received an email from Terence to say that Richard Kwan is not a member. As such, he is unable to come for our D&D.

    Please sort out your arrangement with James. May I know if I still add the items to list now with this outcome? Please respond as it is only 2 days to go. Thanks.

  150. Terence,
    Richard have tried two time by SMS to the mobile number given, have you received it ?
    I have even gone to Richard’s home to show him the procedure as specified on the admin site!

  151. Dan,
    Did you pass the registration to YewKwong’s email also as he is the offical administrator. Terence had emphasized many times it is better to email the registration to the Admin for SHC so that both Terence and YewKwong are aware of this. SMSes to Terence is definitely not going to work right now as he had already stated very clearly that he is very busy right now. I will check with TaiLo on this.


  152. Hi Terence,

    I have already informed Richard to do so. Sorry for the confusion. Thot that sms work the same way as Linda his wife did so for her membership. We hope that you will be happily settled down over there in Perth.

    Thanks Dolly for explaining.

    Oi Cheng, dun feel ‘bekchek’, hope this simple issue of membership will be resolved soon. You may go ahead to replace their names with James and Susan in the name list and the gifts sponsored.


  153. Hi Dan

    Have updated gifts list and Linda Khoo to replace James Tan. Shall hold till Richard is confirmed by Terence or YK. Your understanding appreciated.


    pls this is a second soft reminder to those who ve yr own NAME TAG ….tolong tolong bring it along for this saturday d & d hor….

    please also be remind ,that our bouncer mega will be on his toes to STOP STOP STOP any gate crasher…pai sei pai sei ,if i sound too rude hor….cos we really throw in lots of manhours & effort to ensure it a wonderful time for all of US TO SEOW LEI….

    WE ve detail each & everymembers a seat & entry will based on oi cheng name list .( only those paid registed memeber are allowed in ..) so pls do not make any ho har hor…

    seek your kind understanding & co -operation…

    sam huat huat huat

  155. Hi Dan #225,

    Please note that membership to SHC is not acceptable, in the manner you described. Neither have we ever accepted membership via SMS.

    To be a registered member, one has to receive a welcome message via email from the club, even if the registration is online.

    I fail to understand why you have insisted Richard Kwan is a member, when he has never registered with us before. Please request Richard to do the registration himself.

    Terence Seah

  156. Dear EO Sam H3, Co-EO Dan, Committee members & Participants,

    Tomorrow is SHC big day, the Dinner & Dance…

    Though I am unable to attend, I would like to wish that all of you will have an enjoyable evening with lots of laughter, dance, music, ‘bedroom’ fun & frolic.

    Put aside any troubles, floods, falling trees, suicides etc, and celebrate Life, Laughter & Friendship in the true spirit of SHC!

  157. Hi Terence,

    My apologies again, I assumed that sms was okay to join as member. Based on the info from the membership post you mentioned 1. to sms and 2. to email the particulars. Are we to assume that both procedure are required to apply for membership?

    Last Tuesday I was at Richard’s home to show him how to apply. We went to the membership post and and click on the admin site. After typing in all the detail we were ready to send it over but could not find the damn ‘send’ button’. Is this ‘send’ icon only reflected on those who are member? Feeling frustrated we resort to send the details by sms again!

    Sorry if I mistakely assumed to help him join online on the very night. Wat I am trying to imply is that even if I were to skip my dance class tonight I will go to his home and guide him again!

    Both of them was not keen to attend when I first ask them. It just that two member were not able to attend that I approached them and they oblige!

    Having to put his name on the post and not by private email put some of us in a foul mood!

    If sending by sms do not apply, remove the damn option!


  158. Hi Dan,

    Let me kaypoh a bit.

    When you click on the admin@silverhairsclub.com at the membership page it would activate YOUR computer default email program. You would then fill in the particulars and send the message as per normal. The silverhairsclub.com does not incorporate a email submission form. So whether you are a member of non-member has no bearing on the ‘send’ icon. You are using your own computer PRIVATE email program to do the emailing.

    However if you still find it difficult to do it, send the particulars to me, I will be more than happy to submit the registration to Terrence on Richard behalf. My email – stevenngpk@yahoo.com

    Wish you have a happy weekend ahead.

  159. Thanks Steven Ng for your help but it seems according to Terence Richard must do so himself.

    Terence, I have done all due diligence and all that I ask for is to be flexible with the protocol but rest assured that I will have him done before the date.

    I do regret my crude language and seek your forgiveness!


  160. Hi Dan,

    I can send it to Terence as if Richard send it himself. The most important part is make sure the email address belong to Richard so that he can follow the instruction in the welcome message which will be sent by Terence. This is to follow the rule with some creativity. :)

  161. Hi OI Cheng,

    Richard Kwan has registered and he is a member.

    Hi Dan,

    SHC has a very simple registration system. We dont require many details to join. For SHC events, members should register themselves; then there will be no verification problem.

    If someone registers for an event on behalf of another person, his/her name will always be checked against our records.

    SMS has worked well; altho we will always ask the accepted member to still send in his membership application form. Only after the application form is returned to us will his membership be accepted; and a welcome email sent to him/her. This also applies to all who registers online at the club’s website.

    Because we do not collect member’s personal data, it is important we have some information. Yew Kwong does weed out unverified registrations; and I am thankful to him for this work.

    We keep a record of members who claim that some names are members when they are not. Some members still persist in registering non-members for SHC events.

    Terence Seah

  162. Terence, thanks for your confirmation.

    Dan, I have updated attendees’ list.

    Suzhang, please delete Susan Tan and replace with Richard Kwan in the Register. Thanks.

    All settled, we now look forward to our party, only hours away..

  163. Thanks Terence for your patience, it is indeed a very simple process to become a member.
    Oi Cheng, thanks too for all the hard work and putting up with me.
    I have collected the XO and the two bottles of wines from Grace Wong and James. Will So refund James accordingly.

  164. # 226 bro jonathan ,

    wow wow wow i chin kam tong… ( very touched by u. )

    kam siah kam siah jwY JWy hor…why u didnt join in the party lah…

    hippee ,hippee less den 12hrs more hor….

    final last reminder …..pls bring yr name tag huh !

    aa sai bo ya…. cya ya

    cheers sam huat huat

  165. Hi Sam Huat Huat Huat and all
    members of the Organising Committee

    Thank you v much for all the hard work in organising the D and D for SHcians.

    This is my first encounter at SHC’s D & D and I’m impressed by all the effort put in, food, games, fun and laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment!

    Kudos to all of you.

    Gabriella Chua

  166. Best of Luck
    Lucky Strike #1 to the D&D Lucky Draw winners.
    Double joy if your 4D numbers are in the result below –
    Draw Date : 24/07/2010 (Sat)
    Draw No : 3329/10
    Venue : Perak Turf Club

    1st Prize
    2nd Prize
    3rd Prize

    1st Prize
    2nd Prize
    3rd Prize

    2495 8058 9683 6292 4809
    6742 4192 1744 9736 8019

    7004 6721 9045 2400 1034
    2238 3114 4655 5325 2501

    Thumbs up to Sam and everyone in the Organising Commitee – Great food, fun and fantastic programs with a nice ambience.
    Well done!

  167. I am sure everyone had a good time, Even if you did not you must also Thank the organising Committee for putting up so much effort which you and I went there to have fun.
    I think the food was ssooooooooooooo much better then last year because you can choose what you like and eat as much as possible.
    Most of you really dressed up to the theme but those who chose not too ,as long as they were comfotable with what they were wearing , it should be OK.
    One important person missing and hope he will be there next year.
    Thank you once again each and everyone of you from all those who are still young at heart.

  168. Ya lor! Must say “kam siah kam siah jwY JWy” X 3times and “Kudos” X 6times and “Terok-mas-kas-say” X 9times to the Organising Committee and all SHCians there for a GREAT time last nite……

    And hor! To those who missed attending this event, OMG!!! U do not know what you missing last nite!! ….. WOW!WOW!!WOW!!! All that lingereieeeeee – would make a man’s heart-beat; 12times faster…….

    Wait till you see the pictures………….

    Sockie – may be some censorship “black-out” on pics and PG-Rating have to be imposed liao…..

  169. OMG Wait till you see the pictures………….kekeke
    10q20q30q40q50q60q70q80q90q100q to SamHuat n committee for the great efforts n time, really did enjoy until mabork hehehe. 10q20q30q40q50q….

  170. Xiao Di and fellow committee members

    Well done guys.

    Thanks for an enjoyable evening. Never thought I will get the chance to wear lingerie in “public”. It was all done in good fun and I am really impressed by so many sporting members. Frisna and company, you guys really went all out to show what great sport is :)

    Never won any prize in lucky draw and I think my luck is looking up, winning a great prize last nite.

    To those who supported the event, muah muah to all of you.


  171. Sam and committee,

    Gee, sounds the D&D was fun and exciting. I cannot wait to see the pictures. What did the committee wear? Please, would someone give some insights into what happen at the D&D night.

    Sockie, we all need you to work hard tonight.

    Terence Seah

  172. Hi Sam & Committess

    Well done & tks for all the hard work & arrangements, I enjoyed myself esp the food.

    Hi Terence #245

    Wah you really miss the fun & laughter. Majority really dressed to sleep but “beh koon” instead become “night owl”.
    Andrew Yeung so happy got drunk and dancing in tipsy manner next to me. Haha I was a little bit worried as at time he almost lost his balance but the funny thing is, he can still remember the LD steps.

    Panjang Steven got your Kama Sutra book….soon he’ll be Tarzan doing the “stunt”, tks to you heh..heh..


  173. Dear “Triple Huat” Sam and Committee

    Thank you for the great effort. It was indeed fun and like Carly said, I too never expected to wear my pyjamas in public so have to “dig” for the most conservative piece I ever own in my closet… (o^_^o)…

    Kudos to Frisna and her company for being so “creative” that they even came with their “facial masks” on… (^_~) and not forgetting the 2 gentlemen who “shared” half of a pyjamas each – so funny… wonder how many times they have to explain their “unique” situation… (^_^)

    As for the theme… naturally being in our “pyjamas”, we tend to go into the ZZzzzz mode while waiting for our lucky draw numbers being called… (ha_ha)… Poor Sam, has to call out the numbers so many times that it took us several minutes to “wake up” and realize that we have won one of the prizes…**(^_^)**…

    Truly had great fun last nite… Thank you to the D&D organizing team …. !!!!

  174. Sam and committee

    Thank you for organising Pyjamas D&D party with great
    fun, good food and interesting programme.

    Also,appreciate all the organising committee effort’s
    make this party a great success.

    It was a job well done. 5 stars effort. Hehehe!


    Richard Wong

  175. Lost and Found

    A pair of glasses in a orange/black spectacle case was found on table 5. Inside the case, printed Capitol Optical.

    Owner, or if you know who the owner is, please comment here and I see how this can be returned to you.


  176. Thanks much to you Sam and yr fellow EOs.

    Amazingly, Henry-Y still kept a bottle of the wine tonic brewed by his grandmother’s grandma when he was 1 month old, and brought it to share. Thank you.

    The knock-out effect was immediate and thanks to Fred and Lisa Ong, I was safely sent to my abode. And then the nightmare began.

    His grandma’s g’ma entered my dreams, clad in a tight piece of c-thru pyjamas like the one wore by Li-Hole. Pretty she was but you know how old she is today. So, I crossed my eyes so that I wd not focus to sin, and crossed my arms but she wasnt afraid.


    In all honesty, i had to say it was great bcos the tonic really was.


    Since early evening I hv downed 6 pots of kopi-o no dai and will continue to drink many more pots to stay awake.

    Henry-Y, where are you? Let’s exchange beds tonite.

  177. BL

    Don need to post the result la….AH Huat Huat Huat only buy one miserable Number – 7148 (his car no) for everyone ….

    one no strike ….all also no strike , that include me – M$3million GONE !!!!!!

    Sooooo…sorry for those who got the “big SweeP & “4D” ticket – all makan hor…


  178. Hi Oi Cheng,
    I left my glasses at the event. Pls let me have your contact
    so that I can pick the glasses wherever/whenever convenient to you. Many thanks to you and all the people contributing to eventful night.

    Beng Teik

  179. Many thanks to Sam Huat Huat, all EOs and Advisors,

    Am sure all really enjoyed so much and also with lucky draws. I could not resist, at last also put on my ” Ah Ma” pyjamas, haha, till you see the photos.

    Thanks for the great and enjoyable evening.
    Well done.


  180. Dear Sam, all EOs and committee members for the D&D night, thank you very much for a lovely evening of fun and laughter. Glad to see so many members clad in their pajamas, lingeries, curlers etc. and were all very sporting for that evening.

    Tim #251, glad to hear that you got home safe & sound as we were worried that you may have difficulty finding your way back, kekekeke…….

    It was nice seeing familiar faces and also getting to meet some members whom I could put a face to the name now. Have a nice week ahead everyone. Kind regards, Lisa O

  181. EO and committees

    Thanks for the event, so exciting! So exciting that I drunk (I don’t know whether I drunk by the XO or by the sexy sexy pajamases on the ladies or both ???????), so embarrassing.

    Previous, I don’t believe two guy can share a pants. That night, Ivan share his pajamas pant with me, to make me know what is called real buddy, thanks Ivan.

    Thanks to my 3 girlfriends for taking off the pants when I was drunk and returned it to Ivan (Ivan, have they returned it to you???). I totally don’t know how they did that, what a pity. Hi, sweet and lovely girlfriends, Can you give me a chance to do it again when I am absolutely sober, please, please, please lah.

    Must say thanks and sorry to Henry, you have to escort me home and leave all the lovely lady behind. Also sorry for the ladies, I have took awat such a lovely guy from you all.

    EO and committees, thanks again. Really exciting

  182. Hi Pauline

    No need to explain lah, good buddies can share everything mah (^_~). Really like to read your comments, so so so many facial expression, ha ha.

  183. Morning Andrew-Y #258,

    Hahaha….glad tat u enjoyed urself.

    The ladies tried v hard 2 take off ur pyjamas-pants in everyone’s view, but failed bcos they “feel” too muc into the only “bungling area”….dun know what tat meant – did u got molested or wat???

    Anyway, hd help u 2 remove the pyjamas-pants n have recovered it bac fm u — already sent 4 laundry n drying liao……

  184. # 237 gabriella chua ah jie ,

    taiwan gang ,so our 2nd time met hor…hope u make more frends dat nite…

    #240bro boon liang ,

    u ,super fast lei…10q10q10q anyway the shc banner oredli

    pass to your janet liao….make sure u hook 1 more mermaid back with the banner for yr coming kelong trip huh….hahahaha just pulling a fast 1 ..arboh ,janet surely
    tekan me lol….

    #241, hi michelle khoo…me 2 enjoy de food sooooooomuch

    #242, bro ivan lim ..hahahahaha u belly de cute lei….x 20 times lagi….

    # 243 bro ah hiah henry yip ,

    aiyo aiyo our heads all swollen liao lol….

    # 244 carly ah jie ,

    u ,2 are in de committeee ..also very sporting of you 2 wear dat outfit…same like frisna & her gang 2….

    # 245 bro terence …wah wah wah ..u miss out all adult show lei….hahahaha

    # 246 hamidah ishak ,
    good 2 hear from u makan ya sedap saya pun suka ya….

    #248 pauline ho ,our creative artist ya..kam siah kam siah..

    # 249 . richard wong my taiwan trooper room mate darling ya,

    wu see lilly bo ??? hahahaha..no lah only 1 star ..still ve more room for improvement..got hiccup 2….

    # 251, tim liu ah kor.. dat nite we dun really togo lei..cheers bro….

    #256 lillian teo ah jie, hahaha sure or not yr ah ma 1 so nice lei…

    # 257 lisa ong , so did our fred behave himself bo ???hahahaha

    # 258 andrew yueng , our handsome hong kong man..u nearly kena strip har ? hahahaha

    # 261 rene leong ,my kunatan trooper put tor yeow yeow lei..

    bon voage to yr ( come home in naked again ) backpack trip ya…take care man !

    lastly , i wish to take this opportunity to thks all my hard working committees for going thru four rounds of meetings..some even went with me to recee few places.. special thks to lin chuah for her good contact & taking my lots of phone calls ,, also to molly for putting up all de prizes in yr condo..& almost lost her car key..which i goondo bring it all the way to charity home with some of my stuffs..arboh we will ve a bonus grand draw on her merceedes hong chia ( car ) dan my co EO for picking up most of the prizes from memebers.. it will be very long ,if i will to lor li lor soh..many thks to all my 19 good buddies ya… kam siah kam siah hor…i koon liao zzzzzzzzzzzzz cheers sam huat huat huat

  185. Hi EO Huat ge and gang (committee)

    Thank you very much for your time and effort in making this 4th DnD an exciting night.

    I do enjoy very much and expecially catching up with the rest of the SCHianssss.

    Lai Fong

  186. Andrew #258

    You will have plenty of chance at the Kelong….no where to run this time with 3 SGFs there….you better watch out or learn to swim very fast. Think it may be better for you to get drunk again and not know what happen again…I have a few bottles of liquor in my storeroom want me to bring along kekekekeke


  187. Hi Sockie and other 2 SGFs

    You are most welcome, this time die die must not drunk and keep very very sober. ????. hehehehehe

    HK bf

  188. Hi Andrew #268, no worries Bro, I need to go home too hehe.
    One thing U must hv realised is tht U r a lucky man, many girl frds fuss over U tht night hehe.

  189. Sio ti Sam #265,
    I heard that Fred was caught on camera for mishaving, so let’s just wait & see the proofs from both our P.I.s, Karen & Sockie, kekekeke…… Anyway, it was all for good fun and laughter, life is short, so just be merry and happy! Bst Rgds, Lisa O

  190. Fred (Lisa Darling)

    I don know if u are drunk tat but u really got lots of “beatifully” caption photos with the beautiful ladies in SHC …

    Soooooo – how about asking u for a lunch for not posting those photo to make Lisa anger huh??? hahahahaha


  191. Our HKG BF

    Beer in Kelong is too cheap not to get drunk – so keep your words or get yoursel into another “strip” show …

    I will buy u as many can of beer if u are ready to drink at the Kelong – i will keep my word for tat but the other 2GF must chip in the money hor …..hahahah

    Good Luck to u – Mr. Andrew Yeung/Neo/thio/Lim


  192. Sorry lah, 1st SGF

    Have promised 3rd SGF not drunk any more, so will not drink anything with alcohol unless with her permission.

    Also want to keep sober to experience the feeling of how 3 lovely ladies take off my pants (??????,??????).

    So, thanks for your offer but you (or other two SGF) can save the money for beers lah.

  193. HKBF, no worries if you get drunk we still have photos and video to capture the moment kekekekekek

    My only worries is you may walk straight into the sea after a few beer than you will be in big trouble because we all cannot swim so Ah Yat will thnk that Ah Yee or Ah Sum will rescue you and Ah Yee will think Ah Yat or Ah Sum will do that and Ah Sum will think that Ah Yat or Ah Yee will do that………then in the end no one does….how?????

  194. Andrew Yeung/Thio/Neo/LIm

    Ah Yat , Ah Yee & Ah Sum got an important task to finish b4 changing BF la…. so be patient to wait la..

    We have to find a suitable and auspicious date …still working on it ..hope can finish in a month time…

    U guess who will jump into the water to save u huh???

    Sam – Sorry , borrow your thread …


  195. Hi Karen & Sockie All,
    Thank you for capturing so many interesting pictures for us. It was a lovely evening esp. with the fun games,line dancing and all. Look forward to more fun events to come. Keep the camera rolling…….
    Glad to have your help in keeping Fred busy with the ladies, otherwise no time for me to catch up with other SHC members. Have a nice day! Rgds, Lisa

  196. Dear Sockie, Karen and Boon Liang

    Thanks for the lovely photos of the D&D. I could not stop laughing while viewing the photos of our “babies”, all powdered up. Hilarious!

    Sockie must have worked so hard to put the photos together. Kudos to you.

    Hmm…Lisa – Fred looked like a very happy man indeed.


  197. Carly,

    Yes the photos of the babies were hilarious and I can’t stop laughing when I was editing the photos esp. Henry Yip….he is such a cute baby and he looked sooo ‘innocent’ hahahahaha.


    Yes your Freddy was ‘busy’ alright….. I had to censor a few photos of girls sitting on his lap … better not show too many ….. kekekekeke.


  198. Fred

    Lisa ask u to knee with the “thum Pui” or not ??? Syma u makan??? hahahahah

    Sockie – “our” family photo & with John & andrew look good … so John – your decision is final ?????


  199. Sockie

    Loaded 3 sets of photo at one go ????? So u were a “Night Owl” last night huh??

    Thanks for the photo – well taken & I like Lily -photo – u edited with a blur background – she look more seducing & sexy (hahaha)


  200. Really, I must have missed a lot by not attending the D&D. I remembered my secondary teacher used to tell me that before any of us boys get married, we should try to see what our wives will look like by paying her a visit in the morning, while the pyjamas are stsill on. I love the face masks, the bedroom slippers and the bedroom wear.

    HenryY, very playful baby. ThomasL looked handsome as ever. TimL, ha, you have your chance to be playful again. Ladies, you are all so sporting. I wonder if the organisers and committee have visualised that the evening will turn out to be this way. Cannot recognise many of you.

    I see it must be very glamorous towards the later part of the event, when most changed into party wear.

    Sam, I like the posters, the cakes and your pyjamas. Very well thought off evening. Great it went more than well.

    And, RichardK, you were over-dressed; glad you enjoyed the evening. Thank you Sockie for the pictures.

    Terence Seah

  201. Me playfuk again? No, Terence, the bygone days hv long gone by and I dont miss them too much.

    Fact was, the other gyts at my table had gone volunteered by the time it came to that last game. Not one whoean away, i stpped up and was thankful that Frisna was sporting to join me.

    I thot I was to run backwards but when others started doing the crab-walk, I dragged her along and took a tumble when a few legs were caught btwn my legs. Frisna was brought down by me and I was truly sorry that she was slightly bruised on the arm altho most sportingly, she laughed it off.

    Frisna, ??????????????????????????“?????”???

  202. To EO & the Committee
    Thanks for all the hard work in providing an entertaining evening for SHC. Well done.

    Nice shots and good photography. Best photographer since Benson….. Thumb’s up.

    To all the sporting folks
    You are the ones that make this event a success. Keep it up.

  203. Karen #281

    The 2 sets were done a while ago but cannot upload becasue of my PC problem. But having to go through 700+ photos for the D&D is quite a task, so can only do some minor edit here and there. If it was not for the rush to have the photos up, I would have spent more time to add effects to the other photos too :0)

    Lily #285

    Thanks for the compliments, too bad I do not have the opportunity to meet Benson, am sure I would have many things to learn from him, what a pity.

    Ehhh btw some of the shots were taken by Boon Liang too so I cannot take all the credits here :0) soooo thank you Boon Liang for sending me your photos ya.


  204. Dear Your HardworkingNess Lady Sockie, many tks for yr hard work, no doubts we all appreciate vm. Also yr ladyship, from now on must only use Queen’s english hor, as befitting yr new status, no more aber den hor…..kekekekee

  205. My Ah Hia Sam Huat2, my dear friend Nor + all the committee members:

    sorry just got the chance to type comments and say thanks as my right arm is just healed.

    I’d like to thank carly & pauline Ho for their encouraging comments and not forgeting to give the credit to doreen cady for coming up with this King Salmon Royal family theme. Next time we will give the committee more time to slot in our impromptu skit.

    As what Doreen said, we’re there to support the party not to win prizes (although we’re quite happy that Dayal won the men best dress award)

    As for Tim, tq for your concern. wonder if i can claim the medical fee from your insurance agent?

  206. Hoi Frisna,

    Sori, didn’t know tat u had a fall during the D&D.
    As for claiming medical fee, if u hv own PA policy, it will b much easier …… even can claim SGD2/- ….. jus ask your agent to submit for u the details … but u must hv offical payment receipt from the Clinic… hv done this a few times for me son already.

    If you wan “bigger compensation” – 1st chk if Tim-L has “huge” third party liability insurance or not ….. then like in the US, can be for a “nice retirement fund” …. hahahahaha – if can win the case, lah!

    Note: Tim-L kor, tis is not a personal hit thingy …. just getting back pennies from Ins Coy and making full use of the premium paid. :)

  207. Henry #287,

    Thank you for your kind appreciation and I shall continue to be as hard working as can be. As for using Queen’s English, not easy lei cuz once a Ah Lian, always a Ah Lian mah, how to change neh. Some more kenna surrounded by more Ah Huay, Ah Seng, Ah Beng and Ah Huat…sigh?

    Think you better cut the Ladyship bit and call me anything you want like Seow-eh, Sotong etc …that I feel more at ease kekekekeke

    Ivan #289

    How can you missed that fall neh :0(

    Frisna, if you want proof hor, I still have pictue of you and Tim on the floor wow wow wow ….it was not a very ‘flattering’ photo so I decided not to upload this to the web…..so if you want to humtum Tim with ‘huge’ 3rd party claim, come see me for the photos kekekekeke


  208. Aiyoh Carly, Sockie & Karen,
    Of course Fred is a happy man that night, so many beauties to take photos with him leh. Sockie, you shd not have censored those photos lah, so remember, the next time there’s any naughty photos of Fred, must show ok? Am glad that he did have fun that night too as he’s normally a wet blanket when it comes to parties, so, very happy that SHC has made him come out of the shell finally! Thanks again to everyone for a lovely time. Rgds, Lisa

  209. Hi Ivan: you’re so kind to suggest how to claim – surely will hantam Tim esp with Sockie’s proof of photo

    Sockie: please keep the photo in safety deposit box. very useful when claiming. and your share? just name your figure!

  210. Ivan-L, you & me where got personal hit one. However, when you’re next in heat, I shall personally rub yr butt with my cigarette butt still in ember, heheat………..

    Sockie, no need to show foto proof lah. I hv already admitted unequivocally to my pulling her down altho the mystery of who own those panty-ho legs which stuck btwn my legs and caused my belly-up, remains.

    Frisna, in fact, my agent is all excited after getting wind of that foto showing yr fall.

    See, you wore skirt-pyjamas that evening and when still on the floor, you did smthg strange but sexy……………you waved abt with yr legs, like a ballerina doing the lion danz. So that agent wants to see for himself where yr injury is but die die I wont let him.

  211. Fisna #292 & Tim #294

    Frisna, don’t worry the photos are in a very very safe and secret place now and we are going to use this as evidence against Tim. You think we should go all the way to the Queen’s Councel and sue the pants off his butt hahahaha. With the money we can perhaps take a tour round the world ya :0)

    Tim, though you may have and admmitted pulling Frisna down but you can always deny that when we go to court and turn black to white and vice versa, so I had better hold on tight to the photo….afterall a pictures is better than a thousand words kekekeke

    Tian Soo, if you are reading this post hor, please make sure that you have all the insurances put in place….you know hor party at the beach with all the liquor and skimmpy clothes and with the $69/$96 games wahhhhh don’t know what will happen…….. and I am now wondering hor to shoot or not to shoot ?????

    Karen #293

    Fren you want to ‘tu-ah me to Ho Lang’ huh…ask me to post more photos tsk tsk tsk.

    Lisa #293

    I will send the photos to you later and you can ‘deal’ with Freddie in private…and Freddie no scared ya, I had gone through the photos over and over and there are not many naughty ones so you should be safe…I think :0)


  212. Lisa

    I have the most naughtiest photo with me lei – u interested or not ????


    I no “ask u go Ho Lang” la …. if Lisa is so “Ta Fang” , then post and show her la …me hor , selling the photo to her in pte email later ….hahahaha

    Tim – … I have some photos to proof that u actually pushed Fisna down to the floor lei ..hahaha

  213. Aiyah Karen & Sockie,
    No need to show me lah, share with everyone as long as the ladies don’t mind of course. This is not the first time Fred is caught on camera, these are nothing compared to the x-rated ones that some of my friends have taken, kekekeke……..Have a nice day everyone! Rgds, Lisa

  214. To Sockie & Karen,

    Thank you for the photos. All of them were very well taken and showed the spirit of the event. Anyone looking at the photos can see how much fun everyone had.


  215. Hi All

    Just want to clarify that those photos posted in this event is taken by SOckie & Boon Liang..

    I deleted my set of photo in the camera by mistake – click the wrong button la…

    Thanks to the two Photographers for taking such beautiful shot and Sockie for spending so much time d/loading into the web to share with all the members.

    Good Job – Well Done …


  216. Hi All

    Here is a summary of accounts:

    Collection from 113 pax = $5311.00
    Paid to Furama $4444.73
    Claims for Banner and miscellaneous = $235.10
    Dinner for Committee Members = $495.75
    Balance = $135.42

    Note: The balance will be used for other SHC events to be decided by Terence.

    oi cheng

  217. Hi StevenC,

    I was not present at the D&D, altho I am aware you have worn the prize of the Kama Sutra book, an exotic Art of India. It just arrived from Delhi yesterday, and in good condition.

    Could not resist the temptation, so I peep into it yesterday, and wow, it’s big. There are many positions in the book, more than the number of times one can try in a lifetime. This is a highly desired and sought after book, and I am glad to be able to get this coffee table book.

    The book is 34cm x 25cm and 2cm thick, very colorful and illustrative. It’s heavy too.

    I hope you will come to the next monthly gathering, so that I can present it to you. You can then share it with you friends.

    Enjoy it.

    Terence Seah

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