2nd East Zoners’ Get-together

Hi one and all! It’s time again for East Zoners (SHC members staying in the East) to get together for food and friendship bonding.

Day/Date    :  Saturday 4th September 2010

Time            :  2 pm – 6 pm

Venue         :  SIDEWALK TAVERN, 924 East Coast Road


We’ll most probably be having afternoon tea/coffee and like the first time, members pay for their own meals and drinks. :)

This venue has been selected because the owners of this cafe doesn’t mind us making lots of noise and also because there’s no obligation for all of us to order food. Of course, ordering a drink is the least we can do. :)

Deadline for registration : 30th August 2010 (no gatecrashers please)

EO          Rosalind Lee

Co-EO    Andrew Koh


Registration List

01.  Rosalind Lee

02.  Andrew Koh

03.  Lydia Chin

04.  Sam Soo

05.  Oi Cheng

06.  Alice Seah

07.  Bernie Chung

08.  Rosalind Soh

09.  Pauline Ho

10.  Judy Lim

11.  Clara Chay

12.  Ronald Koh

13.  Irene Poh

14.  Nora Chia

15.  Shirleen Kao

16.  Francis R. Mangalam

17.  Helen T. Wong

18.  Thomas Lau

19.  Frisna Tan

20.  Alan Bok

21.  Ann Bok

22.  Terence Seah

23.  John Howe

24.  Ronald Lam

25.  Rina Tan

26. Michael Tay  (tentative)

27.  Ten Meng

28.  Dolly Lim


Photos by Andrew Koh

47 thoughts on “2nd East Zoners’ Get-together

  1. Hi Ros,

    Just thinking aloud .. a combined karaoke cum get-together session would be great!

    I can book my clubhouse for karaoke, from 4pm till 10pm. There’s karaoke, swimming & tennis.

    If this idea works, pls email/sms me, and we can sort out the logistics.

    Cheers, L.

  2. #1 Lydia Chin,

    Lydia, thank you for offering your clubhouse for a karaoke session. As the timing is out for me…:(, perhaps you might want to start a new thread on ‘Karaoke Session’ on a different day/weekend? I’m sure many members will want to join. :)

    So, can we agree on a different day for your Karaoke with you as EO?


  3. Hi Ros,

    I will need some help in organising, and putting up the post. I’m thinking of combining karaoke/swim/potluck. The booking of karaoke room is $20 for 4pm-10pm. Swim is free. Those who don’t cook, they can buy food items. Or pay someone to buy it. Alternatively, we can find a simple caterer. For those cyclist staying in the east, it might be easier to just cycle over.

    Just some ideas. I’ve done this several times before, sometimes complete with live band, and it was a huge success. We can even throw in a celebration, complete with cake, if someone in the group is celebrating a birthday or something.

    I don’t mind being EO, but I will need a few helpers. Any volunteers?

    Cheers, L.

  4. Lydia, how many people can your clubhouse accomodate?

    It’s very easy to put up a thread on your event. Click on ‘Latest Comment’ on the left of your page. You will see a ‘Write’ on the top left corner. That’s where you fill in the subject title of your thread and also the details. After you’re done, click ‘Publish’ on the right.

    Is your event strictly for East Zoners or open to all members?


  5. Hi Ros,

    I’m easy. East Zoners or all members.. anything will do. Just as long as people enjoy themselves, don’t complain about this and that… and most important, I can find volunteers willing to help me. If I can’t find volunteers, then I’ll just call the whole thing off.


  6. Lydia, I’m sure there will be members who will help you in your event. You can also rally those you know well to assist you. I can help but I cannot stay late. Dolly’s suggestion is a great idea and if your event is for September’s monthly meeting, I can safely say Dolly will 100% support you. Terence too, I believe. :)

    Go for it, Lydia!


  7. Hi Dolly/Ros

    Having the monthly meeting at my clubhouse is a massive task. Don’t think I’m prepared for that. I’m only thinking of a small scale karaoke cum swim cum tennis cum potluck session. The hall can only take up to a max of 40 people. Location is in Tampines. People from West/North will scream & complain about the distance! It does seems that Hans is indeed the ideal place for monthly meeting. Anywhere else in the remote east, north or west, Sentosa, etc. people will complain.

    However, if i can hv the full support of Dolly/Sam & Terence, I can consider…

    Cheers, L.

  8. Hey both EOs,

    Since am one of the resident in east area, definitely will fully support in the event, kindly include me & looking forward another gathering to meet all members.



  9. Hi all! I will be away from today till late Thursday. My apologies if you have responded and do not see your name up. I’ll do so on Friday early morning okay?

    If you have any queries please ask my Hainanese brother Andrew Koh.

    Have a nice week ahead!


  10. Count me in as a helper in organising(call me when you need to plan programme) …just got elected VP(or was it President of Vice…Ha Ha Ha) of Pleasant People Social Club. Will try to rope in some male members to try and balance numbers for Social Dancing from there to join SHC before attending your function. Will you allow a mahjong table if there are mahjong players interested or perhaps use it as a coaching session for “BIG 2″…(Chor Tai Ji…not sure spelling or “Texas Hold Em Poker”. I will get instructor/coach if required. Need to blood more people for “BIG 2” as we play for token stakes of 10 cents per card sometimes. Anybody interested to learn? Anybody up for Scrabble Challenge…loser or 2 lowest scores buy drinks.
    Any other games you want to organise besides social dancing and Karaoke let me know I can double up as M.C.if you need one. Let me know how many lady dancers and male dancers you have so far and I will try to balance the tally by calling the guys.

  11. Patrick, will call you on Friday.

    Currently, my Co-EO is also as confused as me regarding the venue. We wanted to have a free-and-easy kind of gathering with some games thrown in so that members, including the new members, staying in the East can bond.

    Lydia has proposed her clubhouse but as the EO of this 2nd East Zoners Gathering I cannot be available at the time frame she suggested. I reckon my co-EO also has family commitments too.

    Dolly has suggested Lydia using her clubhouse for the September’s monthly gathering so I hope Lydia will do that.

    Sorry Lydia. I cannot accomodate your request.


  12. Good morning one and all! Thank you to the East Zoners who have signed up for this gathering. If you know of any other fellow SHCian who lives in the East and who rarely log into the SHC website, please alert them to this gathering.

    Calling Eileen Thean, Mary Chan, Maggie Teo, Molly Chua and many others.


  13. Dear Rosalind..
    Alamak..as much as i wanted to go,like the previous,u were such great EO & first time we met..alas!this time..tak boleh la…
    Its the last weekend before my Hari Raya,so will be busy baking cookies!..haha…spring cleaning,wash curtains,sew curtains..etc etc..apa macam!..hehe

    Ros,I wish all the best in your tavern!
    Calling Rene,EileenThean,Bira,LinChuah…all east zoners..go la & have fun!

  14. Hi Rosalind & Norlinda,

    I can hear both of you calling Rene & myself, but we will be cycling to Kota Tingi on that day.

    thank you so much for inviting.


  15. Hi Lydia #11,

    It’s very nice of you to offer to do a gathering at your club-house. Yes, EOs always have my full support. The EO of the monthly gathering has a lot of flexibility. You know the members best. Do note monthly gatherings should provide an opportunity for most members to meet.

    In fact, gatherings can be anytime. Since Dan is doing the Sep monthly gathering, you may take the Oct monthly gathering.

    And, I would be most please if James Tan be the EO for the Nov monthly gathering.

    Great, all fixed. A volunteer for the Dec monthly gathering.

    Terence Seah

  16. Hi Rosalind,

    I will come to the 2nd East zone gathering. Very nice of you to inspire other SHCians to organise similar events in their zones.

    Terence Seah

  17. Hi Roz and Andrew,

    Sorry but can you remove my eistration on that day. I cannot be present. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Ron Koh, Sorry but we have to meet another time. Hope you understand. My apologies too

  18. Dear EO Ros / Andrew,

    Rec’d msg from few members and ask me help to register on behalf to attend the event, would be appreciate if you could include their name please:

    1). John Howe
    2). Ronald Lam
    3). Rina Tan
    4). Michael (Tentative will be present if he is in town)

    With regards for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.


  19. Judy, thanks a zillion for cheo-ing members you know. May I know Michael’s surname please. This is because I’ll be preparing the name tags.

    Dolly meimei, you are most welcome and I’m very grateful for your kind support.


  20. Hi, all:

    Just want to say that I enjoyed myself meeting and speaking with you today. Its been almost two years since I last attended an SHC event. It was great meeting the familar faces again, and more so getting to meet new ones.

    Can’t wait to for the day when my remaining disabilities are finally overcome, so that I may join in the more ‘active’ SHC activities.

    Thanks for the nice day!

    Ron Koh

  21. Hi everyone! THANK YOU ALL so much for supporting this event. It is encouraging for my co-EO and myself to see almost 100% turnout.

    Ronald, it was nice to meet you and I look forward to your Origami lesson.

    Have a super Sunday!


  22. On our website banner, we have Fong2, young and just retired (on the right) and Ronald Koh (Singapore’s origamy and paper folding expert cum SHC fisherman) on second right.

    Alice Seah, my sister (on the extreme left) and Pauline Ho, a tin ton tin ton ^<00>0^ expert.

    Dont forget to refresh your banner.

    Terence Seah

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