SHC Sept Monthly Gathering, Fri 28 Sep 2018

The Sept monthly gathering is confirmed: 

1. Date: Fri 28 Sept 2018

2. Time: 5pm to 8pm

3. Place: The Food Republic at Shaw Hse Orchard Rd #B1 next to Isetan Supermart. It’s spacious & has a few secluded corners where we can chope for our big group. Many food stalls & nice food too.

4. Agenda: Chit-chat over food & kopi.

It’s a good opportunity to know the new members and also to catch up with some old friends.

SHC new and old members are invited to join the monthly gathering. Please register your attendance.

This is my first time as EO. Please give me your kind support. Kindly give me a chance and forgive any of my shortfalls.

Look forward to your support. Thank you.

Jan Teo


  1. Jan Teo
  2. Susan Tan
  3. Yoong Chin
  4. Catherine Soon
  5. Charles Wee
  6. Cheng WK
  7. Leon Lau
  8. Mary Chan
  9. John Lim
  10. Stella Sheng
  11. Doreen Chan
  12. Daniel Chan
  13. Alan Ang
  14. Winnie Tan
  15. Howard
  16. Kristy Quek
  17. Jeffrey Lim
  18. Joan Ang
  19. Gingko Tay
  20. Peter Thia
  21. Hew Lee


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27 thoughts on “SHC Sept Monthly Gathering, Fri 28 Sep 2018”

  1. This month, we have Jan Teo as the EO for the Sep monthly gathering.

    Jan joined SilverHairsClub in 2011. She has now found some time to be with the Club. Jan is retired, used to work in the health food industry for many years, as secretary and numerous other positions in various departments. Her last post was as Brands manager.

    Now, Jan wants to enjoy the golden years with family and friends. She wants to remain healthy.

    To kick start her travel interests, Jan is also a participant in the SHC Nov Chiangmai trip, with two dozen other members.

    We try to keep the monthly gathering a regular affair, so that you can come, join and meet other members.

    Welcome Jan Teo, and your initiative to host the Sep 2018 gathering.

    Terence Seah

    1. Hi Yoong Chin, glad that you will be attending the meeting. I believe, there are still many members who need your help to give them their passwords.
      This event is already posted in the calendar by Susan Tan. TQ Susan.

    1. Hi Susan,it’s great to have a senior like yourself to be present to share your experiences as EO of monthly gathering. Certainly glad to meet u before our Chiangmai trip.

  2. Hi Jan

    Being an EO is not an easy
    Is good you have tried your best
    We are all here to support you
    Please register me

    Also please register Daniel Chan

    Thank you

    Doreen Chan

  3. Hi Jan
    Thank for organising the monthly event.
    As a previous E.O. I.should support our new E.O.
    A cup of coffee or tea shall drown all the fume, fuss and frenzy accumulated. Cheers.


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