Coming this way early 2019, a late night out together

In the last 6 months, I have been thinking how I can make myself younger; at least feel younger. Even until today, I enjoy going out for different kinds of late night entertainment, from India to Vietnam to Cambodia, China and Bangladesh. Basically, I cannot sit still. The feeling of going back to the hotel after 1 or 2am with the heart still pumping at 90 beeps per min makes me feel satisfied after a day of dining and meeetings.

Guys and ladies, many of us are retired. Some of us are busy helping our chldren with their kids. Of course, some of us are still working. But, the Club has also numerous members enjoying a good night out dancing and singing.

SilverHairsClub has organised many dance events since 2005. We have our “One night in different cities” each year, and theme events. Very often, we have social dancing, a couple of ballroom dancing and line dancing. I am definitely a non-dancer, but I love a good night out. For many years, I find pleasure in bringing SHC members together. Music makes the world go round. And dancing and music always come together hand in hand.

Unfortunately, I find social dancing too slow for me, maybe too complicated for the body to cordinate with the hands, hips and legs. Sometimes, I get very jealous watching dancers twist and turn. And if I ever try dancing, I finally get myself all tangled up. I appreciate Line dancing; but I have never been able to understand line dancing. But I will still support Line Dancing, as long as someone raises his/her hand to be the EO/EC.

I like something hotter and younger. The above music video clip is just the beginning. If you like it, let me know. We will have a night out together. Let me know your thots and opinion.

Please regster ypur interest here. Dont be shy.

Terence Seah

2 thoughts on “Coming this way early 2019, a late night out together

  1. Hi Terence

    Your suggestion of a late night out together w fellow shcians sounds enticing. Yes, we grow old by not trying something new and adventurous. The night can begin with dancing, supper after dancing and yakking till the sun rises. The youngsters do this nowadays! Going out at 9 pm and returning only in the wee hours of the morning.

    Will join you all in this prog if it’s in Nov/Dec ~ grandparents will be free from looking after grandkids during these months and ‘ our exams’ will be over then.

    Hee haaaa



    • Hi Gabriella,

      The concept for this Hi Tech (Chinese) event is still in progress. It will likely be held in Jan or Feh 2018.

      In the plan, is a Chinese dinner, followed by a night of socialising with Hi tech music and songs to accommpany. A bit different from our regular events. It is intended to allow some hairs down,. freedom to walk around, perhaps with a drink on the left hand and members to chat with other members.

      I am not sure if the event can be made wild, but it will definitely depends on us, mood and company. Hopefully, the music will give us an idea of what we can expect.

      Members who like hot Chinese songs, enjoys standing, walking around, cannot sit still and loves social activities, please whatsapp me at 9489-4360. I am sure you can add ideas into the plan.

      Terence Seah

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