SHC CNY event Sun 10 Feb 2019 HiTea at Jayleen hotel

We have now confirmed our CNY gathering as follows:

Date: SUN 10 Feb 2019
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Event: Hi Tea afternoon SilverHairsClub mthly gathering
Price: SGD 25 per head for the 1st 30 paid members.
SGD 30 per head from the 31st paid pax.

*** Payment to our Treasurer Christina Chan via POSB acct: 542 107 561 by 1 Feb 2019.

Dress: as Chinese as you can.

Please register your coming below.
Strictly for SHC members only.

Terence Seah

Registration list:
1. Catherine Yip (pd)
2. Maria Chong (pd)
3. Steven Chan (pd)
4. Tony Ang  (pd)
5. Gabriella Chua  (pd)
6. Stella Sheng (pd)
7. Jenny Lim
8. Karen Thio (pd)
9. Thomas Loh (pd)
10.Alan Ang  (pd)
11. Jeffrey Gan  (pd)
12. Irene Gan  (pd)
13.  Sandra Tay  (pd)
14.  Mega Abdullah  (pd)
15. Terence Seah  (pd)
16. Sue Chan  (pd)
17. Wong Hong Jeng  (pd)
18. Frank Kaw  (pd)
19. Mary Kwek  (pd)
20. Tan Poh Heng (pd)
21. Peter Loo (pd)

22.  Judy Lim (pd)

23.  Susan Tan (pd)

24. Caroline Gee (pd)

25. Dolly Lim (pd)

26. Lilian Chua (pd)

27. David Ong (pd)

28. Lee Ah Nee (pd)

29. Gingko Tay  (pd)

30. Lilian Quek (pd)

31, Lydia Chin (pd)

32. George Chew (pd)

33. Francis Poh (pd)

34.  Closed.

Author: Terence Seah


77 thoughts on “SHC CNY event Sun 10 Feb 2019 HiTea at Jayleen hotel”

  1. I hope we can organise a CNY lunch or dinner. Any body likes to help organise this once a year Event? This is a great way to know more friends.

    Terence Seab

  2. Chinese New Year is coming. And SilverHairsClub should have a get together to celebrate this festival.

    There are a few dates in mind, but my biggest difficulty is to find a date which I can confirm and when I am in Singapore. However, I believe we can still plan a date with the help of a co-EO. Basically, it means I may turn up and I may not be able to turn.

    I have asked a few members to identify a few locations. So, we are still looking for a venue and possible dates.

    Terence Seah

  3. We have an suggestion to hold a CNY gathering at the Singapore Swimming Club. This is a nice place, but we are still exploring a more public-transport convenient location.

    Another suggested location is the Dancing Crab, located at Orchard Central, The Grandstand and Vivocity.

    Let’s take a few more days to decide on a location. Please add your suggestion.

    Terence Seah

  4. After members’ suggestions, it is likely we will now settle as follows:

    Activity: Chinese New Year high tea
    Place: Jayleen hotel
    Date: 7, 8, 9, 10, 16 or 17 Feb 2018. Exact date will be decided this Fri.
    Time: 2pm to 5pm
    Estimate price: SGD 25 per head.
    Dress: As Chinese as the occasion.

    Members who wish to help organise this event, plse whatsapp me at +65 9489 4360. Suggestions welcome.

    Strictly a SilverHairsClub members event.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Terence ,
    Pls register me.
    Btw how to E transfer the $25 to you ?

    What is your bank account number and type posb/dbs savings or current not listed in the above event . Thank u.

  6. Hi Terence Seah ,
    I wanted to transfer to you ASAP as I will be flying ro KL hometown by 27th Jan till Feb 8th to celebrate CNY gathering with my family members.

    IN KL there is No AXS machine to do the E transfer .of $ .. pls advise tq..

  7. Hi Gabriella, TonyA, StevenC,

    I am happy to see your participation in this once a year CNY gathering. Plse prepare your gear and two oranges.

    Terence Seah

  8. We must always remember our birthdays, even though we may not celebrate the occasion every year.

    The Club can celebrate your birthday with other members. If you are borned in Feb, let us know. We will sing you a birthday song and cut a cake for you. You have a choice of a donut or a pizza, and one candle only. So, don’t be shy, let us know your birth month.

    1. The day a person is born is his birthday. However, the time of birth is different for everyone. but there is only on this day every year 7 days after Chinese new that is everyone’s birthday. This year is on 11/02/2019 So happy birthday everyone then.
      Register me in your event, please!
      Alan Ang

  9. Hi Terence,
    Thank you for organizing for all of us.
    Kindly register me and Irene. Please advise on payment transfer.
    Thank you and Happy New Year to one and all.
    Jeffrey and Irene.

  10. Hi Everybody,

    For the CNY hi Tea, please make payment to our treasurer Christina Chan via POSB bank acct: 542 107 561. Last date: 1 Feb 2019.

    I am also pleased to announce that Jeffrey Gan will be playing on his keyboard, and entertaining us with songs and music. Many members know Jeffrey and Irene. Thank you Jeffrey.

    Some of you have been asking if I will actually be coming for this event. Yes, this is a touch and go event for me, but I will arrive Singapore on the morning of 10 Feb. Confirmed.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi Christina
    I transferred ?25 to your posb Account
    542 107 561 but I put the name of payee under Terence Seah. Please confirm you receive
    Alan Ang

  12. Hi Terence/Christina

    I have transferred $50 to the above acct being payment for Tony Ang and myself for the CNY event.

    Kindly ack receipt.

    Thank you,
    Gabriella Chua

  13. Good evening,

    Glad to confirm payment received as follows:
    SandraT; Mega; Jeffrey+IreneG; AlanA; TerenceS; Gabriella & TonyA.


  14. Hi Terence/Christina,

    Please register myself, Wong Hong Jeng & Frank Kaw. I’ve just transferred a payment of $75/- to your account via OCBC Bank ref: 2019012902901918 @ 9.51am.


  15. Hi SueC,

    Your sure know how to bring two young men along.

    I look forward to seeing you enjoy some rock & roll dancing in the afternoon.

    Terence Seah

  16. For the CNY event, we are looking for the youngest man and the oldest man. We have a price for these 2 members, male or female. Look forward.

    It would be nice if everyone brings along two oranges, with the eyes facing up and offering to one another as greetings.

    Come piggy and red. An Hong pow awaits every one. Suggestions welcome.

    Terence Seah

    1. Christina (Treasurer) – I have transferred my payment to your POSB account yesterday. I am no. 2 on Terence’s list. Please confirm payment is received. Thanks
      Maria Chong

  17. Hi Terence/Christina,
    Please register for both Caroline Gee and Dolly Lim… Carly had just make $50 transfer at Bedok Br1 reference# 3809.

    See all of you soon on this Sunday.. and very happy and healthy CNY 2019…

    Many loves… Carly and Dolly

  18. Hi Terence/Christina

    Just back from cruise. Is it still on time to register for the coming CNY event on 10/2/19?
    Lilian Chua & David Ong would like to join.

    1. Hi David, it is always a pleasure to see Club members get together. Look forward to the company.

      And to all the gals and guys, do come Red and piggy.

      Jeffrey Gan will be entertaining us on his keyboard. We can be assured of some great music and songs for daytime dancing.

  19. Hi Terence

    Pls include me for this gathering on the 10th Feb. Will transfer $$$ to Christina soon. Thank you for organising …..

    Cheers, Ah Nee

    1. Ah Nee, you are a live wire and sure I look forward to your coming.

      We also will have Karen Thio coming and she is busy preparing a Bingo game for all of us.

  20. Hi Terence/Christina
    Please include Stella Sheng, David Ong & Lilian Chua.
    I will pay for Stella Sheng first as she is now overseas, including me and my wife.

  21. Hi

    I m so happy that many shc members msg me and call me ,asking me why I.cancelled ?.

    I touch thst they enjoy my companion ,therefore I decide to.split in 2 and attend 2 event at same date.
    David will transfer the money on behalf of me first cause I m oversea.

    Cheers !


  22. Hi Terence/Christina

    I had just transferred $125 to Christina Chan POSB A/c: 542-10756-1 for (1) David Ong; (2) Lilian Chua; (3) Stella Sheng; (4) Lilian Quek; (5) Lee Ah Ngee. Ref No. MB10035482601C70 from my DBS eMulti-Currencies Autosave Plus A/c.

  23. Here’s an update on the CNY event at Jayleen.

    When you arrive, please see Karen Thio. Karen is a stroke patient and she has progressed very well in getting well. She definitely has determination and a positive spirit inside her

    Karen will give you a Bingo card, no charge,. This entitles you to one Bingo game. We will have only 1 game 4 corners. There is one small prize of SGD 50. And Karen is the Bingo game cordinator. For those who have not met Karen, plse be introduced..

    We will announce time of game before the event. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  24. Hi Terence. Finally I managed to get my password reset. Please register myself, George chew and Francis poh.

    Let me know if my slots are cfm.

    Lydia Chin

  25. Dear Participants,

    Payment has been received from the followings:
    Peter Loo, JudyL, GingkoT, DavidO for 5pax, Carly+Dolly, Dolly for ThomasL and CatherineY.


  26. Note: all participants are required to inform payment made here in this blog.

    Payment made via ATMs, payee information is not reflected in receiver’s bank statement, so advisable to keep the Transaction Receipt as proof of payment should verification be required.

    Thank you!

  27. Ok Terence. I will do the internet transfer before 8pm tonight.
    Looking forward to a great time….need to relax.. CNY had been stressful….
    Lydia Chin

  28. Update on CNY event:

    When u arrive, plse look for Karen Thio. She will give you a Bingo card. Time for game: 3pm. Only one game 4 corners. Price: one SGD 50 angpow. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  29. Terernce, sorry I’ve been so tardy to do my registration job this time – one time only lor, so you excuse me ok. Very very busy this CNY but I still manage to keep my weight down!

    Chris, I have just transferred $25.00 to your account just before sending this. Thank you dear.

    Looking forward to seeing a lot of friends, old and new alike.


  30. Hi SusanT,

    TQ for your assistance to keep the registration list in order. Without you doing this task, I would have messed up the name list.

    Yes, and for the near future, we will plan for a Line Dance event, sometime before May 2019. We can make this Line dance enjoyable so that more members can participate.

    Terence Seah

  31. Here’s to confirm payment received from the followings:

    TS for TanPH, MarieC, SusanCHT and LydiaC for 3pax.


  32. Thank you everyone who had played a part in the organising of the event, provided entertainment in music and games, and all who were there to share the fun. Great company!
    As always, Jeffrey and Irene provided great songs and music for our sing song and dance sessions.
    Karen, thank you for going all out to make sure our Bingo game went well.

    Dolly and I had a great time. It was good to meet up with long time members and new members.
    The after event dinner meet up with several member friends was filled with laughter. Thank you Mary Quek for the treat.

    Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

    1. Thanks, buddy, for giving me this treat for a very special event which we both dont have the time to do it before that much earlier… will always in my mind.. I really enjoyed myself very much too.

      Agreed, Jeff and Irene… entertainment and music provided by both of you are enjoyable… Can see many other members are fun in their sing-a-long session…

      Carly, you are right – right place, good people, fun sharing – nothing more that we can asked for…

      Terence, you mentioned that there is always shortage of topics to discuss during monthly meeting – Yes, agreed but there is no speaker coming out to present, then, we can either create 1 or just go for members’ gathering follow-up especially for those that we had not met for long long time… right?

      Cheers… Dolly

  33. This is only to clear the accounts…
    Terence had contra off the cost incurred by KarenT on the purchases he had
    asked her to get. Therefore, for the records, Karen has paid for the event.

    Thank you.


  34. A topic of discussion can easily degenerate to a baseless allegation or accusation.
    Don’t forget audio recording is but a press of a button on the handphone.
    There is no lack of lawyers waiting to take up a defamation suit. Guess who will pay.

  35. Hi Daniel,

    Don’t be so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread quicker than truth.

    Don’t waste your time and money on insignificant rumour mongers. .
    Trust the listeners to be rationale intelligent people.

    Have a nice new year.


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