For those who love cooking or want to learn how to cook

There are many, many websites in the Internet whereby we can get detailed recipes for dishes we want to experiment with or cook for our family members/friends. Google ‘ recipes for chilli crab’ and you’ll get thousands of links that you can select from. If you do know of a website whereby the recipes offered are tested and given the thumbs up by you please share the link with us. I have one > The pictures are really useful and the variety of dishes offered is international. The best part? It’s FREE! Yeahhhh!!!

9 thoughts on “For those who love cooking or want to learn how to cook

  1. Hi Rosalind

    I am quite new to SHC but have been enjoying reading all the posts put up by members. Like you i also love to cook and even though i can already cook reasonably well i continously learn more from others. Every cook has a tip or two to share. I am more into local fare and have chanced upon this blog
    the writer actually tries out recipes from other cooks and websites and gives her opinion on them. hope you like it

    Dolly C

  2. Dear Rosalind

    Thanks for setting up this thread.

    If you like Indian food, especially vegetarian, go to Manjala’s Kitchen. My sister has tested her recipes and they are very good. The lady makes her own samosa “skin”.
    She also has video to demonstrate the preparation. Seems her website is very popular.



  3. Thank you Dolly Choo, Jazz Soh, Carly, Daniel Kang and Jessie Tan for sharing recipe websites with everyone. :)

    One of these days I’ll organize a pot-luck party. We haven’t had one for quite some time.

    Anyone else who have good recipes to share, please post them here. Links would be good.


  4. Following are the summary list of 2010 winners in the City Hawker Food Hunt as gleaned from ST Mon., for the benefit of our fellow Silverhairs.

    Best Cantonese style Porridge
    New Upper Changi Road FC*

    Best Roti Prata
    Bedok North Street 3 FC

    Best Minced Pork Noodles
    Bedok North Blk 85 FC

    Best Yong Tau Foo
    Amoy Street FC

    Specialty Stall Award – Pancakes
    Maxwell FC

    Overall Best Hawker Centre-
    Jurong West Street 52 – Block 505

    * FC – FoodCentre

    Hope this thread is the appropriate thread for this post. cheers!

  5. Here are Top Ten Food Centers in SingaporeSurvey conducted by

    1. Old Airport Road Food Centre 48.7%
    2. Maxwell Road Food Centre 25%
    3. Chomp Chomp 23.4%
    4. Tiong Bahru Food Centre 18.5%
    5. Chinatown (Smith Street) Food Centre 18.1%
    6. East Coast Lagoon Food Centre 12.8%
    7. Hong Lim Food Centre 12%
    8. Whampoa Food Centre 10.4%
    9. Changi Village Food Centre 10.2%
    10. Ghim Moh Food Centre 8.6%

  6. Hi Charles and SHC foodies!

    I can’t imagine why Old Airport Road FC has got top billing in this survey. Or Chomp Chomp is in the list for that matter… although I live a stone’s throw away, I have not been to Chomps for almost a decade. I suppose it’s like being too familiar with the place; but Chomp Chomp is always too crowded for me and, especially during weekend evenings. I cannot stand waiting behind diners for your seat or having someone hover over you waiting for you to vacate yours!

    If you ask me, Chinatown Food Centre should rank among the top three… there’s just such a wide variety of food and prices are super reasonable. And there are so many new foodstalls to discover: I had pork briyani the other day!

    Yes, let’s keep this thread going and let’s have great foodstall recommendations!

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