Living out the last active chapter of life.

We retired from our active employment many years ago, more than 10 years ago. We decided to enjoy through travelling after joining SHC around 2013, meeting Terence and in some ways, inspired by him. We noticed SHC members travelled widely and in short notice. Soon we came up with a 26 days free and easy tour of France, Spain and Portugal. Terrence was supportive and encouraged us to blog as we moved along. We agreed but never materialised. We quietly left and returned. We were unsure if we could get along well in such long trips. Since then we thought we have travelled quite widely, but a recent chat with a SHC lady proved otherwise. Our group, since 2013 have travelled, to name a few,

1. France, Spain and Portugal, Britain       – 52 days
2. Turkey, Greece, Italy……                        – 42 days
3. Bali, Surabaya, ……………                     – 21 days
4. Thailand, Laos, Yunnan ….                    –
5. A long list to bore you …. Shy to mention, because not well presented but anyone keen to know and see some of the places we have visited is welcome to our site at

And why all these intro here???

Simply and short……My friends and I are going on a short trip to Myanmar from 8th January to 17th January 2019. We feel that it might be nice to have more to join.

We are going by Jetstar flight 3K581 and back by flight 3K582. We have purchased our return air ticket at S$111.

This post is to invite our SHC members to join in.

When we travel we mostly have a room to ourselves unless we cannot secure 4 rooms in the hotel. We have booked our Yangon hotels for the first few days. 

Yours in SHC
Chan Keng Ngee

Author: Chan Keng Ngee

Retired, with CSC and pioneer generation privileges. Has 3 daughters with 2 kids each. Enjoyed free and easy overseas travels.

6 thoughts on “Living out the last active chapter of life.”

    1. For men, whether it is 3 days or a month, the clothings in the luggage can be the same because we wash everyday and many don’t bother being photographed in the same attire. But most ladies cannot.

  1. Hi Mr Chan,
    I read about your long trips to various countries which I missed out and keen in joining. Should u have further similar trips to other countries, Kindly contact me so I can join in as well. Thanks

    1. Dear Sherry,
      Shortly after you posted, Covid 19 strikes and travelling becomes uncertain and now, more so. Even if the borders among countries open up, it will be prudent to wait and see for a period before going overseas.

      Best regards and stay safe.
      Chan Keng Ngee

  2. Wow wee, Sherry, you must be waiting neck long long till now… finally, Mr Chan replied after stork remembered to bring your comment to him.. hahahaha..

    Oops, blamed on pandemic which scared the wits out from everyone to travel now… Let’s hope to see miracle in Y2022 to make travel trips possible.. Cheers.. Dolly

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