SHC LINE dancing event, date not decided yet, 2019

If you would like to join the committee to host this event, plse whatsapp +65 9489-4360. Ideas welcome.

Venue: NA, near/at a MRT station.
Date: NA, 2019
Time: NA
Participation: 40 pax min
Music: suitable for different LINE dancing types
Cost: NA
Participation: Strictly SilverHairsClub members.

Terence Seah

4 thoughts on “SHC LINE dancing event, date not decided yet, 2019

  1. The Line dancing event, in conjunction with our monthly gathering, will be moved to June.

    Arrangements are being made to hold the event at the rooftop of Jayleen hotel, in the evening. Due to time constraints, the event cannot be held in May.

    Terence Seah

  2. Just arrived a few hours ago after arrival from Jakarta. With a few members, I went to Jayleen hotel at Carpenter street.

    We viewed the hotel rooftop. It was windy, lighted with all lights from the city and very colourful.

    It will be difficult to predict if it will rain on the event of our event, and neither will we know if the humidity will be comfortable. So, we won’t decide yet when is the date.

    However, we have confirmed this rooftop will be our location. We have also decided that for food and drinks we shall catered from outside.

    More details will be available, as we move on.

    Terence Seah

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