“Always Slim Always the Venus”

Having  a perfect body is not a legend and no longer just a dream.  A toned & well-shaped body allows you to shine & feel confident about yourself.  I am a trained professional body designer and I have achieved a body shape that sure make heads turn and I want to share my secret with you.

You are invited to come to a FREE workshop :
Date & Time :       (option 1)     25th Feb 2011 (Friday)   7 pm to 10 pm (20paxs only)
                                (option 2)     27th Feb 2011 (Sunday)  2 pm to   5 pm (20paxs only)

The contents of both dates are the same and only the one with the higher number of registered participants will be conducted.  If interested members are available on both dates, please indicate both dates and I will confirm to the registered respondents as to which date will be conducted eventually.

Venue :                   169C  Selegie Road  Singapore 188322
                                  (directly opposite Block 9  Selegie House)

Light refreshments will be provided throughout the workshop and every participant is welcomed to enquire as much as they wish to know.  This workshop is opened to all SHC LADY MEMBERS ONLY.  Ladies, wait no more……. Get to your device and respond right away to my e-mail at irenelklee@gmail.com & indicate which date you are available to attend (25th Feb [evening], or 27th Feb [afternoon], or both).

The closing date for registration is on 23rd February, 2011 (Wednesday).

  1. Irene Lee (Speaker)
  2. Dolly Lim – Fri only
  3. Jessie Lee – Sun only
  4. Gabriella – Both dates flexible
  5. Debbie Oh – Fri only
  6. Judy Tan – Both dates flexible
  7. Clara Ho – Both dates flexible
  8. Agnes Seow – Fri only
  9. Caroline Gee – Sun only
  10. Clarice – Sun only
  11. ANee – Sun only
  12. Lily – Fri only
  13. Yat Sing – Fri only
  14. Gingko Tay – Both dates flexible
  15. Karen Wong – Sun only
  16. Seok Cheng – Both dates flexible
  17. Lilian Teo – Both dates flexible
  18. Rene – Fri only
  19. Susan Tan SW – Both dates flexible
  20. Lai Fong – Fri only
  21. Lina Ng- Friday only
  22. Esther Mok – Sun only
  23. Josephine Yap – Sun only
  24. Daisy Yeo – Both dates flexible
  25. Hamidah – Fri only
  26. Angela S – Fri only
  27. Maria Tan – Sun only
  28. Sarah Z – Sun only
  29. Clara Chay – Sun only
  30. Peggy Ho – Sun only
  31. Helen Kuek- Sun only
  32. Priscialla Wee – Fri only
  33. Audrey Cheong – Fri only
  34. Sharon Tan – Sun only
  35. Chris Ng – Sun only
  36. Linda Leong – Sun only
  37. Dolly Choo – Fri only
  38. Theresa Goh – Fri only

70 thoughts on ““Always Slim Always the Venus”

  1. Hello Jessie, Hello Gabriella, Hello Debbie, Hello Judy, Hello Clara….

    Thank you for your quick response. Will take note of your preferred dates & inform you accordingly.


  2. Hi Carly and Agnes,
    So glad you are able to attend this workshop .Look forward to meet you. Thanks for your early response .
    Regards and happy new year . Cheers ! Irene .

  3. Weiwei, tose ai swee like me hor, poh mia quick2 leh as what I understand from Irene, that she will allocated 20paxs/session so as not 2b overcrowded lor.. if registration hits 40paxs, den, she will gladly conduct both sessions, ie, Fri and Sun. However, if registration falls below d targeted headcount, she might nid 2 find another solution to conduct this. Honestly, I will prefer 2 attend a session for only SHC lady members only lor i/o of combination of members and non-members – no fun mah – tio bo?.. Cheers.. Dolly

  4. Hi Irene,

    I am interested to attend the Sunday workshop. Need to bring anything? Are we doing any exercise or trying some kind of health products?

    Ah Nee

  5. Hi Clarice, Hi Ah Nee…

    Have taken note of your preferred date. No, you do not need to bring anything and no exercise to be done. This is a sharing session of how I achieved what I am today in terms of a beautiful body. Just come with an open mind and at the end of it, you decide whether this will work for you or not.


  6. Ok Lily & Yatsing, have taken note of your preferred date. Thank you for yr response & I look forward very much to meeting u ladies at the workshop.


  7. Hi Seok Wah, Hi Lina, Hi Lai Fong

    Thank you for your responses. Have taken note of your prefered dated. Look forward to meet you ladies at the workshop.


  8. Ok Hamidah, will take note of yours & Angela’s time preference. Thank you for taking interest in the workshop. Look forward to meet you ladies at the workshop.

  9. Hi Irene #33

    Thanks for holding this workshop female SHCians and looking forward to meet up with you too. Hope after attending your workshop I can change my figure from “Gourd” shape to “Hour-Glass” shape haa…haa


  10. Re # 27 Hi Lina, received your e-mail request to withdraw. So sad that you can’t join us this time round. Perhaps you can join us the next time. Cheers…

  11. Hi Agnes,
    So sad U are not able to attend . U probably miss an opportunity to gain some very vital knowledge . Nonetheless, I will inform Irene as she is now in China . Cheers!
    Hi Audrey,
    Welcome to the club. I am certain U would not regret attending this workshop . C u friday . Cheers ! ( On behalf of Irene )

  12. Hi Dolly n Theresa #46
    Thanks for coming . I will register both in Friday session from 7 pm to 10 pm ( 25-2 11 )
    Hi Linda Leong # 47
    Thanks for roping in Sharon Tan, Chris Ng, Linda Leong for the Sunday session from 2 pm to 5 pm . ( 27-2-11 ) looking forward to meet you real soon .
    Cheers and all the best . jeffrey .

  13. Hi Ladies, welcome to the above workshop.
    The followings will be attending Friday 25th Feb instant from 7 pm to 10 pm. 1.Dolly lim 2.Gabriella Chua 3.Debbie Oh 4.Judy Tan 5.Clara Ho 6.Lily Ho 7.Yat Sing 8.Gingko Tay
    9.Seok Cheng 10.Lilian Teo 11.Rene 12.Lai Fong 13.Hamidah
    14.Angela Straafan 15.Aundrey Cheong 16. Mary Tan 17.Priscilla Wee

    Sunday Session attending : 1.Jessie Lee 2.Caroline Gee 3.Clarice 4.Ah Nee 5.Karen Wong 6. Susan Tan 7.Daisy Yeo 8.Esther Mok 9.Josephine Yap 10.Maria Tan 11.Sarah Zahriah
    12.Clara Chay 13.Peggy Ho 14.Helen Kwek 15.Sharon Tan 16.Chris Ng 17.Linda Wong. ( On behalf of Irene ) jeff . Cheers !

  14. Hi Irene

    One thousand apologies as i need to withdraw myself and theresa goh from Friday’s event. Just been told that i have to make an urgent trip to KL.

  15. Hi Irene & Jeffrey,

    Thank you for giving me a place in the Friday workshop.

    May I know what buses go to Selegie Road?

    I’ll be taking a train to Dhoby Ghaut Station.

    Thank you

    Priscilla Wee :)

  16. Just to say “thank you so much” to the 16 participants that came to the “Always Slim…. Always the Venus” workshop last evening. I hope all of you enjoyed the session.

  17. Irene

    So sorry that I couldn’t make it this afternoon as something cropped up last minute. Didn’t have your contact no. to let you know then.


  18. Hi Irene

    Thanks for organising this talk for us.

    It was v informative, interesting and your ‘generous’ sharing on your ‘secret’ to a beautiful hour-glass figure!

    I’ve really learnt something from you viz: can still have a nice figure at our age! kekekeeeeeee……


  19. Just to say “thank you very much” to the 11 participants that came to the workshop yesterday afternoon. Really hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and gain some information too.


  20. Hi Gabriella, you are most welcomed. It was my pleasure.

    Jeff & myself really enjoyed the company of all those present at the workshops.

    May all the lady members be the “Venuses” of SHC !!….

  21. Hi IreneL,

    Sounds like you have had a very interesting talk on keeping slim. I didnt get a chance to read any feedback on the event; so I was hoping you had some photographs of this event?

    Terence Seah

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