Acupressure by Gibson Tan

True to his word, Gibson conducted a Review session this evening with us who had attended the 1st  Acupressure in July06.

is a wonderful session of laughter and fellowship amongst the few who
came. I  truly enjoyed this time of review as it refreshes and
felt it was effective as we now know better where to "press" …
right…! hahaha.  Besides learning some more new acupressure
points, Gibson also shared with us some health tips.

Thank you very much Gibson for your time out of your tight schedule. 

wish to thank Shirley, who co-ordinated this session.  Understand
she was unable to get response from some of the previous attendees

Thanks Gibson & Shirley!



Author: ChristinA Chan (Walking group leader)

Interests: Health related and socials.

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  1. Thanks Gibson, and the rest of the “acupressurists” for making the session lighthearted and fun. Now I know why Gibson insisted on touching each and every one’s hand to “welcome” us…. that naughty boy!

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