Sept gathering – Games day at Changi Beach Club

Pictures of Games Day: click here.

The SilverHairsClub aims to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new friends.  Look forward to a wonderful time soon.  If for any reason, you have forgotten to register, please call Terence at 9489-4360 asap.  If you have a digital camera, do bring one along.  We need your help for photos.  emoticon

  • Venue: Changi Beach Club.  Location, click here.
  • Date/Time:  Sun, Sep 17, registration starts 0800 hrs.
  • Dress:  bright colours, sunglass, swimming or sporty
  • Entrance fees – no charge if registered below. Strictly for SilverHairs only.
  • F&B – Pay at counter for breakfast (Nasi Lemak – dont know how much) and lunch ($8 for buffet).  Club does not allow outside food and drinks.
  • Prizes – 2 for scrabbles, 3 for bowling and 2 for mahjong.  Door prizes by Changi Beach Club.
  • Parking – first come basis.  Plenty of carpark, just outside the club entrance.


  • 0800 hrs – registration at CBC upper deck dining area, for attendance and games.  Free and easy, get to know one another.  Breakfast Nasi Lemak (Pay at counter).  Games registration closes at 0900 hrs.
  • 0930 hrs – Games preparation,  games in session.
  • 1100 hrs – Games wind down, results tally, gathering at CBC upper deck dining area.  Please put your name on the label stickers.
  • 1230 hrs – Prize presentation.
  • 1315 hrs – End of SilverHairsClub Games day.

Registered list: (Club entrance fee waived for registered participants)

  1. Patrick Yeo (Games Day Event organiser)
  2. Terence Seah (Swimming team leader)
  3. Margaret Lee (Prize presentation)
  4. Charles Wee (Main Registration desk)
  5. Linda Chang (Registration desk)
  6. Margaret Cheo (Registration desk)
  7. Loh Yew Kwong (Mahjong team leader)
  8. Benson Koh (Bowling team leader)
  9. Ronald Lee (Scrabbles team leader)
  10. Ang CJ
  11. Boon Liang
  12. Chan Eunice
  13. Chan Rosanne
  14. Chan Sig Yam
  15. Clara Chay
  16. Chua Veron
  17. Fong Cheong Kong
  18. Giri Ann
  19. Goh Pheng Sok
  20. Ho Lily
  21. Khoo SB
  22. Kwok Richard
  23. Lau KC
  24. Lee Lesley
  25. Lee Peter C C
  26. Lee Siew Moi
  27. Lee SM
  28. Lim Brenda
  29. Lim Jacqy
  30. Liu Timothy
  31. Loh Annie
  32. Loh KK
  33. Lum Oi Cheng
  34. Mimi Norza-Sarah
  35. Ng Angie
  36. Poh Alice
  37. Seah KC
  38. Seah Teik Song
  39. Tan Cecilia
  40. Tan Dave
  41. Tay Siew Gek
  42. Tay Maureen
  43. Tham Janet
  44. Wi Ronald
  45. Wong Simon
  46. Wu Margaret
  47. Yip Catherine
  48. Yeo Catherine

Games Bowling, mahjong and scrabbles – please register upon arrival, and meet up with the Games team leaders.

Swimming – Free to swim at the Olympic size pool or the sea.  Bring your own towels and swim gear.

2 thoughts on “Sept gathering – Games day at Changi Beach Club

  1. Hi, Anyone can confirm SBS No. 2 goes right close to Changi Beach Club. Thanks in advance.

    If so, where to stop, right at the end (I understand this is Changi Village?).


  2. Guide on Bus Services –

    SBS Bus Services No. 2, 9, 19, 59, 89 and 109 will stop outside Commando Camp. You will take a 5 to 10 min walk to location after alighting.

    SBS Bus Service No. 29 will bring you right to almost the doorsteps of Changi Beach Club. You can take the MRT to Tampines Station and change to this bus service at Tampines Bus Interchange.

    Please help to correct andupdate the information here as and when necessary. Thank you.

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