Update on Tea Dance on 22 June 2019

Dear All

Please see below on what’s going to happen on that day.

Doors open at 1.45pm for registration and for you to look for your favourite seat. Its free seating except for a long sofa set area which will be reserved for a group booking of 14 pax. Thank you for your understanding.

Free flow of food and hot or cold tea will be ready for you to partake from 2pm.

At around 2pm, we will be having a birthday cake cutting session for June babies so I hope everyone will try to come on time for this. June babies may want to comment here so that if need be, we could arrange for a longer table. We shall try to keep the birthday song, cake cutting together with photo taking to 10 minutes (not including the prep time to set up) so that guests can eat and then dance to their hearts’ content.

We shall be having our usual lucky draw but we will not be having any games this time due to time constraints.

However, for line dance enthusiasts, we will be having Susan C H Tan, together with her team to lead 2 Line Dance sets of about 3 songs each.

Remember our date and we shall meet soon to have a great afternoon together.

In the meantime, stay healthy and happy and looking forward to see you all soon!


Carly & Dolly

17 thoughts on “Update on Tea Dance on 22 June 2019

  1. Dear All,
    This is the update related to line dance segments: Susan CH, will be leading us for the below selected line dances…

    For the 1st segment, we will have
    1) Electric Slide
    2) Magic Cha Cha/Chillie Cha Cha
    3) Rock Round The Clock

    For the 2nd segment, we will continue to have
    1) Cowboy Cha Cha
    2) Waltz Across Texas
    3) Koo Kaat

    For those keen line dancers, if needed, please google for the above dance steps through youtube, get prepared to sway along at the tea dance.

    Cheers… Carly & Dolly

    • Dear Lydia

      Yes! and dance you did. You were dressed to kill! Hope you had a great time! Have a great week ahead!

      Carly & Dolly

  2. Wow ! I.enjoy the party very much
    Thank Caroline and dolly for organising.
    It great !
    I.got a water bottle for my lucky draw.
    But one thing than I should say i.remember celebration for jun babies but I have not yet the taste a piece of the cake lel.
    Any way we really enjoy !
    Dolly n caroline
    Mauk mauk !

    Cheer !


    • Thank you Stella. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Hehe you snooze you lose. My apologies if you didnt get to taste the carrot. I heard several people had two to three pieces.

      Maybe another time.
      Carly & Dolly

  3. Thanks Caroline Gee & Dolly Lim for both effort to organise this 22 June Tea Dance Party @ Club 5 .
    We enjoyed so much & hope for more events/parties .

    • Thank you Lilian. Glad you and David had a great time.
      Will have more of this if there are enough participants.
      Hope you get to eat the birthday cake.

      Carly & Dolly

  4. Food was very good, love the whole spread on the table and the DJ did such a good job, I think he enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed him. Thanks Carly you’re a good host and with your buddy Dolly, you both organised it so well and il enjoyed it. An A* for all your hard work.

    And I didn’t know that Park Royal @ Kitchener is just at a stone’s throw away from Farrer Park mrt station!

    Thank you.

    • Hi Susuan

      Glad to know you enjoyed yourself and the food was to your taste. DJ is great thats why I enjoy dancing at the club.
      Very convenient location right? Hopefully, we can have more of such parties.

      Carly & Dolly

  5. Dear All

    My buddy and I would like to thank you for helping make the event a success. And that you enjoyed it very much. I saw the dance floor was well occupied. And for those who did not dance, I hope you enjoyed yourselves by chilling out, eating and watching others dance. Hope you learned some steps so that the next time you attend a dance party, you can put on your dancing shoes too.

    It was a lot of work but its well worth it. Looking forward to having more of this type of event for all.
    Have a great week ahead!

    Carly & Dolly

  6. Hi Carly,

    Buffet and the birthday carrot cake was good. You baked it yourself, can I place an order? I really liked it..

    We enjoy ourself … Looking forward to your next tea dance.

    Also thanks Dolly.

    thumb up & cheers
    Susan Tan

    • Hi Susan

      Thank you. Yes, I baked the carrot cake but I do not do it for sale. Too much work.
      Glad you had a good time. We know we could always count on you for support.

      Carly & Dolly

  7. Dear Caroline & Dolly,

    Thank you for organizing a great afternoon Tea Dance event to unwind and danced to our hearts’ content. Your extra efforts to organize a birthday celebration for us June Babies was an added Bonus ~ greatly appreciated!

    The DJ should be commended for providing us with a very energetic atmosphere by spinning a wide repertoire of both nostalgic & latest music to keep us dancers glued to the jam-packed dancefloor.

    Will catch up again at other future events soon.


  8. Dear All,
    To some that feedback with regards to the food’s quality, I had taken note and feedback to the Club accordingly.

    Agreed that the prawns were too salty and ice tea too sweet too… but meehoon and curry chicken and carrot cakes super good were also noted too..

    Cheers… Carly & Dolly

  9. Dear Sue
    It was lovely to have the birthday celebration with you. And we are very glad to know that you enjoyed yourself very much too.
    That is why Club 5 on Kitchener Road is my favourite haunt. DJ is very seasoned and knows how to play for the crowd.
    Buddy, I didnt eat much cos too busy. I did have a taste of the prawn dish. Maybe I was lucky my piece was just right in taste. But its always good to get honest feedback so that we can get better tasting food in the future.
    Carly & Dolly

  10. HiHiHi …

    Too busy with continuous plays that had taken me sooooo long to express my GREAT THANKS to both our seasoned TeaDance EOs ~ Carly & Dolly dearies.

    We had FUN with the non stop dancing , simply marvellous !!

    A group foto is a MUST HAVE in your future events ya, lets not miss that out haha.

    Cheers ….

    • Thank you dear Lydia. You are the “live” wire who brings all events to life! Thank you for your undying support. Dolly and I enjoyed very much too. You are like everlasting battery. Keep living life to the fullest and have a great week ahead!
      Carly & Dolly

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