Retirement evaluation trip to Khao Yai 18-21 Jul 2019

Khao Yai, known globally as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is about 2 hours north east of Bangkok.

I am organising a trip to Khao Yai in July 2019. For this trip, I have asked Bernard, a Singaporean, who has retired and settled down in the Khao Yai area with his Thai wife Nicky. The couple owns a fresh corn-on-the-cob business. They enjoy farming, tissue culture and agriculture related activities. Bernard enjoys his retirement at Khao Yai. This is an opportunity to hear from a fellow Singaporean.

Khao Yai is known for it’s greenery, fruits, grapes, wineries, mountains, fresh air, open space, cows, hiking tracks, relaxing country side environment and resorts.

The trip will start from Donmuang or Suvarnabhumi airports and will depart to Khao Yai, approx 2 hours in 9 seater vans. The return leg will be to the same airport. Note: this is raining season and a good time to enjoy being wet.

The trip objective is to evaluate Khao Yai on short term retirement, while for others, a few days of fresh air and friendly company. Both Bernard and Nicky will share with us what life is like at Khao Yai, what it costs to stay here and what activities we can pick up in the part of Thailand.

If you are looking at stay up to 1 year in Thailand, come join the trip.

Interested, please sign your name here. You may withdraw if the final dates are not suitable. Group limited to 30 pax.

Terence Seah

1. Date: IN Thur 18 Jul 2019 and OUT SUN 21 Jul 2019.

2. Place of stay: Pakchong area 3* nice hotel.

3. Pickup and return airport: Donmuang or Suvarnabhumi airport.

4. Transport: 7 per van, total cost to be shared by 1-7 pax.

5. Place of stay: at Pakchong and arranged by Barnard, as a group.

6. All participants buy their own airtickets.

Registration List:

1. Terence Seah EO

Trip limited l to 4 vans or 28 pax. Members may withdraw before the hotel is booked.

Van 1:
1) Dolly Lim
2) Lina Ng
3) HC Lee
4) Susan Chang
5) Rene Leong
6) Lee Ah Nee
7) Cindy Wee

Van 2
2)lilian chua
3)David Ing
4)atherine lol
6)Pauline Au

1 more seat left

Van 3 ..
1)Bobby Bok
2)Yap Siew King
3)Ong Chee Teck
5)Howard self booking
6)Helen wong
7)T.k pow

Van 4
1)Doreen Ho
2)Jan Teo
3) Pauline Khoo
4)Richard Lim
5 )Cheng WK
6 )Frisna

75 thoughts on “Retirement evaluation trip to Khao Yai 18-21 Jul 2019

  1. Bernard has been living in Thailand for a number of years. If you like to explore what life is like in Khao Yai, come meet him during the trip

    We can hear how Bernard, as a Singaporean, gets to stay in Thailand on a continuous stretch of 1 year. What it is like to immerse oneself in a Thai community. Get tips and ideas on activities, getting some work and picking up services which you can exchange with your knowledge a d skills.

    We are looking out for promotions on airfares Sin/DMK/Sin. Once identified, the dates will be decided and confirmed, irrespective of numbers.

    Terence Seah

    • Hi Terence
      Thank you for organizing.
      Please add Alex n myself for this trip. Do we need to start booking our own air tickets now or do we need your confirmation before booking the air tickets?

  2. The likely dates for this Khao Yai retirement evaluation trip is IN Thur 18 July to OUT sun 21 Jul 2019. I will confirm the dates before 31 May 2019.

    1. Starting point: Arr hall, Donmuang airport.

    2. Ending point: Departure hall, Donmuang airport.

    A minivan will be arranged for every 1-7 pax. All pax in each van will share the cost of the minivan. Upon arrival, the minivan will take you direct to our Khao Yai place of stay. You can ETA Donmuang airport anytime. Preferred ETA before 10am, so you can arrive Khao Yai by 2-3 pm.

    On Sunday, the minivan will take the same 1-7 pax group back to Donmuang airport. The group departs Khao Yai after lunch or 2pm at the latest. You will arrive Donmuang airport by 5pm. For those who wish to stay in bangkok, the minivan will send u to one hotel in BKK.

    For flights, suggested travel portal is

    Terence Seah

  3. Noted Stella,

    We should arr in the morning so that we can give ourselves tine in the afternoon.

    We will stay at Pakchong, and explore the surrounding areas.

    As we are arranging vans, we will pick up from Donmuang or Suvarnabhumi airports.

    Thurs is usually the cheaper day for flights out of Singapore.

    We will confirm other details by 31 May 2019.

    Terence Seah

  4. Wish it was on June, school holidays. Anyway will listen in to know more about this beautiful place.

    Best of regards to all
    Keng Ngee

  5. I will be going by S.i.A or TG.
    See which got promotion

    The seat is wider and refreshment is served
    And include 20 to 30 kg free luggage.
    Anyone joining this 2 Airline pls let me know.
    We book same timing and same flight.

    Cheers !

  6. I am very happy the Khao Yai trip is taking shape. Those who have requeated for single rooms, notes.

    I shall confirm the dates tomorrow.

    Try to coordinate as a group of 7 in 1 mini van.and land in the same airport. Donmuang or Suvarnabhumi.

  7. July weather to Khao Yai is expected to be hot. Air is fresh and clean. Spurts of rain. Expect plenty of greenery.

    Members who find hot weather not tolerable, plse join us on another trip. Bring a small towel, and you will enjoy the environment
    Nights are likely at around 25C.

    Terence Seah

  8. Monsoon Season In Khao Yai

    Monsoon Season which falls between July and October is the Best Time for viewing Waterfalls.

    There will be high levels of rainfallduring this period of time, so you will be able to see the Waterfalls in all its glory. Get to experience the sheer force of the natural wonder! Getting small sprays from the waterfall as a form of welcome?

    Expect 29°C daytime maximum temperatures in the shade with on average 5 hours of sunshine per day in Khao Yai National Park in July.

    The average night-time temperature is usually a comfortable 20°C (68°F). There are usually 5 hours of bright sunshine each day, which represents 41% of the 13 hours of daylight.

    Expect 188mm (7.4 inches) of rainfall across the whole of July with 18 days with some rain falling. Maximum UV levels will be extreme (11+ UV index) at midday when the skies are clear.


  9. Everyone knows that going to Thailand means entering the world of food – this is the home of unique cafés and restaurants, with everything from drool-inducing Pad Thai to delicately layered crepe cakes

    But, if you think Bangkok and its Tuk-tuks are all there is to Thailand, you clearly haven’t discovered Khao Yai yet. It’s located in Northeast Thailand, and leads into Khao Yai National Park, one of Thailand’s most beloved parks.

    While the mountainous scenery won’t fail to make your eyes water with their beauty, today, we’re all about the mouth-watering goodness that Pak Chong (a little town in Khao Yai) has to offer.Don’t look down on this rural area – it definitely has its fair share of quirky and delicious eating hotspots.

    Prepare to.gain weight.


  10. Hi Terence,

    I am keen. When need to confirm?

    Stella, kindly update me on said flights.


  11. Hi Christina,
    As Terence did mention, for those who wish to extend their stay in Bangkok, he can arrange for a van to send us there. It is a good idea to extend another 2 or 3 days in Bangkok. Suggest that we set up a chat group to discuss further on the trip including any good offers of air tickets including also Singapore Airlines promotions. Cheers..

  12. Hi Terence,

    I register my interest for this trip.
    I do not mind extending a day or two in Bangkok.
    Stella, please include me in your flight/fare updates. Thank youI

    TGIF ;))

  13. Hi Terence,
    We had formed a group of 6paxs for the mini van and our names as follows:

    1) HC Lee
    2) Fong Weng Cheng
    3) Dolly Lim
    4) Lina Ng
    5) Susan Chang
    6) Rene Leong

    Hi Stella,
    Please share any flight details and/or promos if any. Help much appreciated.

    Thank you and best regards,

  14. Hi Terence,
    Sorry, change of persons for van transport as follows:
    1) HC Lee
    2) Lina Ng
    3) Dolly Lim
    4) Susan Chang
    5) Rene Leong
    6) Lee Ah Nee
    7) Cindy Wee

    Inconveniences caused much regretted… Cheers… Dolly

  15. Hi Terence
    If your trip going 18/7/19 please include Me n Richard Lim. Kindly let us know when to start booking air tickets. We don’t mind extending 1-2 days Bangkok . Thanks
    Pauline Khoo

  16. Hi Terence, pls register Doreen Ho and I. Will there any van picking up those who arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport instead of DMlK?

    Thank you.

  17. We have a khao yai group chat.
    Now we have promotion airline.

    SQ will be at $ 395.00 nett ( SIN – BKK 0715 hrs // BKK-SIN 2100 hrs )

    You can also book budget airline Scoot,now on promotion too.

    Let have a nice time together.

    Cheers !


    • Hi Stella
      Thanks for the information.
      Being a first timer for this trip, I do not know what is expected.
      Can I seek your advise on:
      1) Do we book our own airline tickets?
      2) There are 2 international airports in Bangkok, so how do we know that we will end up in the same airport to take the van?
      3) Do we wait for Terence “okay to go ahead and book” before buying the air tickets?
      So sorry to inconvenience you with all the questions and thank you for your kind assistance.

      • Hi Terence
        U informed “Jan, it has to be a group of 1-7 pax to arrange a van to pick up at either airports. Plse join a group in the WhatsApp chat.” In this case, may I know how to join the WhatsApp chat? Stella also stated that “we have a Khao Yai group chat”, in which case, may I know how to join in to be in the loop.

    • Hi Stella
      Catherine here. Is it possible to let Alex Chan and I to join in your group for the van trip?

      • Hi Catherine

        Sorry for the late reply.
        Most of us had book the air tickets.
        For those who not wish to extend, is better to book SQ.

        If you want to extend then book TG.

        For me incharge of van 2 had book SQ..
        Are you inside khao yai group chat.


      • I rather say it is a must SQ if wish to join my van 2 or others will be waiting at airport.
        Both flight different timing.

        Most welcome to join my group if is on SQ.

        Cheers !


    • I rather say it is a must SQ if wish to join my van 2 or others will be waiting at airport.
      Both flight different timing.

      Most welcome to join my group if is on SQ.

      Cheers !


    • Hi Vicky,
      Welcome to join our trip. There are quite a number of us extending till 23th July. Please book your air ticket through Lynn at $298 by Thai airline. Details are available in our group WhatsApp chat group. Cheers..

  18. Dear Terence,

    Much regret, due to unforseen circumstances confirmed that I cannot fly on 18July.

    All of you, have a pleasant trip! Khao Yai is a beautiful place :D

  19. Terence,

    I have decided to give the Khao Yai trip a miss. Thank you for organizing and Stella, appreciate the flight updates.

    Have a pleasant trip, soak up the sun and don’t get burnt.


  20. Thank for the support of this khao yai trip.
    We still need 2 participants .

    1.SQ Flight ( not extending stay )
    SQ timing ( SIN – BKK 0715 hrs // BKK-SIN 2100 hrs )
    1 TG Flight ( extend of stay )


  21. Latest update on khao yai June 2019 trip.

    We will limit to 7 pax in a van.
    Now 3 van had been full.

    We need 1 more participant to fill up the last van.

    Our last 1 more participant must book SQ.

    SQ timing ( SIN – BKK 0715 hrs // BKK-SIN 2100 hrs ).

    Cheers !


  22. Our Khao Yai trip is now closed. We have 4 vans, and our place of stay will be decided this week. The trip will bring us from BKK airport, all the way to Khao Yai, taking approx 2.5 hrs.

    Deers, mountains, wineries, adventure land, open spaces, local eating. Classic cafes, local communities, premium outlet mall, swimming under the skies and SHC companionship.

    We are looking forward to the trip.

    Terence Seah

  23. It was great fun getting together during this khao yai trip. And the  food served  was superb.  Although everyone do live quite a distance from one another, we manage to get together again this trip.

    All I can say is WOW !  The large selection of appetizers, wine, and desserts we order was amazing. We loved having the chance to meet some of old and new members. What fun personalities! Their conversations were so entertaining. I’m still laughing just at the thought of the gathering night together.Thank Terence, Dolly, Frisna and every one for this wonderful get together.

     Everything need to come an end eventually.  Nevertheless, it was a fruitful and enjoyable trip for me as I enjoyed myself to the fullest with Van1,2,3,4, Terence, Nok and Weng etc
    I am looking forward to getting together with everyone again.
    Overall is a successful n enjoyable trip.

    Lastly , Thanks Terence for organising this khao yai trip n the wonderful itenary .

    Cheers !


  24. Well said, Stella, and fully agreed that we enjoyed this short trip very much.. Thank you, Terence, for the effort to organise. I will definitely want to go to KY again but not in July, too hot.. prefer a cooler climate to check on other POIs that we are unable to cover due to time constraint.

    Great time to associate with some MIA friends and some new members – great bonding on this…

    As for Van1 friends, great to reminisce those earlier years’ SHC activities that we had participated yesteryear. Lots of mixed feeling after sharing… but all good 1…

    Hope to meet up with all of you again… Cheers… Dolly

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