Facial Kua-Sa (Guys & Ladies) Hands-on-workshop 9/July/2011


Upon request from some of the members and those who missed the 1st session , I am conducting another class on 9/July/2011 (Saturday) . Guys are welcome for this event.

  • Venue    : "Bra" Cafe – Terence Cafe at Robinson MPH
  • Date       : 9/July/2011 (Saturday)
  • Time       : 10.00AM – 12.00 Noon
  • Fee         : $30 / pax (Max – 20 Pax)

                  ** Include 1 Kua-Sa to bring back after the class

                  ** One Lemon Whitening Mask – to be use after the Kua-Sa

                  ** Refreshment – Coffee/Tea & 1 Pastry

Things to bring :  *  One small Mirror

                            *  Pen

                            *  Hairclips , hairs-Band

                             *  Face Cream ( Day Cream or Baby Lotion)

$$$$$$    Please make payment to my POSB Saving Acc – 121-86818-0 (I will be away from 16-30 June – payment make after this date will be updated after my return) 

** Please refer all info in the old posting as I am having problem doing this new posting **

Karen Thio 

Confirmed Supporter 

  1. Eyvonne Chew (Paid)
  2. Emeleen Ratna Soh
  3. Lily Ho (paid)
  4. Lai Fong (paid)
  5. Esther Leong (Paid)
  6. Wee Chin (paid)
  7. Lydia Chin
  8. Eunice Wong (TBC)
  9. Thomas Loh (Only Thorn among the Beautiful Roses) (paid)
  10. Audrey Wong (New Fren)  – Paid
  11. Joyce Tan (Paid)
  12. Eileen Ang
  13. ???

Author: Karen THIO


18 thoughts on “Facial Kua-Sa (Guys & Ladies) Hands-on-workshop 9/July/2011”

  1. Eunice

    I will hv to see the response and will only accept 20 pax . but should be no problem cos already did one class and wont be expecting this class to be full…


    U can make a comment here when u make payment cos we are not allow to leave any HP# in SHC web.


  2. sorry Karen, have to pull out.
    need to help at my RC event on the same timing (only announced at last night meeting). pls inform me if there’s another session in the future. thanks.

  3. Hi Karen.

    I just noticed that my name is on the list… VERY SORRY….. I’m not able to come this saturday, for your wonderful facial event… as much as I would like to.. I have the send my apologies for this instance. Perhaps another time.

    Keep up the good work!

    Regards, Lydia.


    Remember the things to bring (per person) :

    – Mirror (no need to be big just enough to see your face).
    – Hairband or hairclips to keep your hair off your face.
    – Face cream (day cream or baby lotion)
    – Pen to take notes.

    So far, only 8 paid up confirmed coming (including 1 rose amongst the thorns). We are gonna have fun….. :) :)

    Hope the CM remember to open up the Cafe….

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