National Day Line/Social Dance Jam – 6 Aug 2011 (Sat)

Dear Dancing Frenz     emoticon

In celebration of the forthcoming 46 National Day, there will be a Mixed Dance Jam (Line & Social) organised by the Yio Chu Kang CC.  

For those taking public transport, use the following guide (just key in the address you will be travelling from) :

  • Date  :  6 Aug 2011 (Saturday)
  • Time  :  4.00 – 10.00 pm
  • Venue :  Yio Chu Kang CC, 50 Ang Mo Kio St.61 (Nearest MRT, Yio Chu Kang). Lots of carpark in the vicinity
  • Cost  :  $ 6 /- per person

Program :     emoticon

  • 4 – 6.30  :  Line Dancing (Music by DJ)
  • 6.30 – 7 :  Dinner  (Light refreshment with Chicken Rice)
  • 7 – 10   :  Social Dancing (Live band by Charles Cher & Co)

Limited number of tickets available, so please hurry your registration here.  Currently, manage to secure only 20 tickets.  Will request for more pending demand.  Registration without payment will not confirm your reservation. 

Kindly take note :

  • Payment by ATM transfer to Dolly’s POSB Savings Account No. 146005136. 
  • Tickets will be reserved on a first pay first served basis
  • This is an EC event and non SHC members are welcome (non-members’ name not required).

So, come join in the fun.

EC – Dolly & Lily   emoticon

Tickets issued / reserved :

  1. Dolly – paid
  2. Lily  –  paid
  3. Yatsing – paid
  4. Yatsing’s friend – paid 
  5. Caroline G – paid
  6. Thomas Loh – paid
  7. Dolly’s friend – paid
  8. Eileen Thean – paid
  9. Janie Leong – paid
  10. Bessie – paid
  11. Andrew – paid
  12. Ah Nee  –  paid
  13. Rose Chuang – paid
  14. Francis M – paid
  15. Cath Koh – paid
  16. Lina Ng  –  paid
  17. Chew Peng – paid
  18. Judy Tay  –  paid
  19. Eunice Tay  –  paid
  20. Andrew Yeung – paid
  21. Robert Tan – paid
  22. Serene Leow – paid
  23. Daniel Ong – paid
  24. Bobby Bok –  paid
  25. Peng Peng – paid
  26. Lina’s friend – paid
  27. Terence Tan – paid

See u all at the dance.  Let’s have fun.       emoticon

Author: Lily Ho Willocq

Divorced - 1 grown daughter - love dancing.

37 thoughts on “National Day Line/Social Dance Jam – 6 Aug 2011 (Sat)”

  1. halo halo EC lily jie ,

    i hor ah huat cheong lai whack de nasi ayam lei…

    think dolly chop 1 ticket liao last nite…

    ah nee de MAS angel seow seow jie..we meet again liao hor…

    ah gab jie…wu lai bo ? if wu hor..den bring de barang barang lah…

    sam huat huat huat

  2. REMINDER …. forgot to mention

    All your tickets include Chicken Rice dinner (and lucky draw). So, come earlier by 6pm especially for those who drive. Although ample carpark the nearer ones might be full by then. Cya.

  3. Hi
    I have 13 tickets with me for : Terence Tan, Thomas Loh, Bessie & Andrew, Ah Nee, Rose Chuang, Robert & Serene, Peng Peng, Daniel Ong, Eileen Thean, Lina & Friend.

    Please collect the ticket from me at the venue. Ask for my name at the entrance. I will be there from 4 pm. Those who want to join in the line dancing, do come in early. Line dance list posted @ comment #20. Social dance segment starts after dinner at 7pm.

    See you folks this Sat 6 Aug. Cheers :)

  4. Hi Lily,

    sorry I can’t make it to this event, will be on two wheels in Malaysia for the long weekend, let someone have my ticket please.


  5. Attention All.!!

    I have just been informed that there are only 8 tickets left to this event (after minusing the 6 already paid for). So, if you do not get the tickets now, no need to go that on that day. It will be a sell out.

    Our batch of tickets are numbered for lucky draw (in accordance to the names listed on this post).

  6. Hi Dancing Kakis
    I will be collecting more tickets this Wed nite. Anymore want to come please let me know asap and I will collect the tickets for you. Otherwise, you can try your luck at the door on that day.

    Too bad, Hamidah & Sockie not going as there is a good mixture of line dance numbers from beginner to advance level. I will try to be there for the line dancing too.

    For those who are driving, the address is : 50 Ang Mo Kio St.61 (there are ample car parking space in the vicinity).

    For those taking public transport, use the following guide (just key in the address you will be travelling from) :

  7. Thanks for the support Lina. Will add your friend. Dance with your friend too? No problem.

    Dolly, there are 8 more coming to the jam. (Please check name list.) We are now over booked by 6 tickets. Will let you know how many more tickets I can get. Cheers.

  8. Hi Lily,

    Please reserve another ticket for my friend. Payment made already. Lily now you have to dance with my friend too. And another yay from Caroline. See you ladies.

  9. Hi Francis & CatKoh
    Great that you are joining us. You will have a chance to practice your Bachata Tango again. See you soon.

    Thanks Buddy
    For updating the name list for me.

  10. Hi Lily

    Thanks for organising the event.

    Made internet transfer of S$12/- 19/07/2011(11.14pm) for me and Catherine Koh


  11. Hello Lily Dear

    I heard you calling calling too. Sorry wrong timing lah it’s Puasa (fasting) month, must be holy cannot joget2 furthermore bo lim chwee & bo chiak where got no energy to dance hee..hee. Thanks anyway for remembering me. Hope you and SHC gang enjoy yourselves.


  12. Hi Everyone

    I’ve just received the following line dance list. Calling Jane Kee, Hamidah, Sockie and other line dance enthusiasts. You will have hours of fun at only $6 including dinner. (List from No.48 onwards, will be played by Life Band.)

    1. A Touch of Rumba
    2. Benidorm Boogie
    3. Body In Motion
    4. Born 2 B Gaga
    5. Bosa Nova
    6. Burlesque
    7. Caballero
    8. Cha Cha Romo
    9. Chicken Walk Jive
    10. Chihuahua
    11. Come Dance With Me
    12. Conquering America
    13. Corazon Espinado
    14. Cumbia Semana
    15. Dancing On A Sat Nite
    16. Disco 16 Steps
    17. Ha Ha Ha
    18. Hello Dolly
    19. Islands In The Stream
    20. Ja Ja Mbo
    21. Khoo Kaat
    22. Legend In My Heart
    23. Look For A Star
    24. Madu Dan Racun
    25. Magic Cha Cha
    26. Man Chang Fei
    27. Midnight Kiss
    28. Mojo Mambo
    29. One Plus One is Two
    30. Pizzirico
    31. Quando When Quando
    32. Rock Around The Clock
    33. Rock The House
    34. Semowah
    35. Shalala
    36. Smokey Places
    37. Summer Night Cha Cha
    38. Sunflower Waltz
    39. Sway Me Now
    40. Tango With The Sheriff
    41. Totoy Bibbo
    42. Under The Sun
    43. Vertical Expression
    44. Wanna Be Elvis
    45. Who Did You Call Darling
    46. Wo Wen Tian
    47. Retro Dance Medley (4 Dances)
    48. Electric Slide
    49. Cowboy Cha Cha
    50. Enchantment
    51. Rio
    52. Silver Threads
    53. Tush Push
    54. Waltz Across Texas
    55. Singapore Swing

  13. Yay, welcome Janie.
    Will collect payment from you this Sat. Meanwhile, I shall put you down as paid. Thanks.

    Andrew & Bessie paid me already. Please take note. Thanks.

  14. Hi Carly – Thanks for coming all the way from the east to ‘pung charng’. (gosh…..will try it in Mandarin this time)

    Dolly – noted Thomas paid liao (Carly also). Thanks.

  15. Hate me? Really………………………?

    Cant dance so cant support you?Otherwise it becomes a case of me, the ???“????”???????……….

    ??????? ?

  16. Oh BTW, I forgot to mention in the Post. The Social Dance segment time slot from 7 to 10 pm – music will be Live Band provided by Charles Cher & company. Charles is also a fellow SHC member. The Post have been edited.

  17. Haha GT
    Adding a ‘g’ will make it sounds like ‘sing’ no? No matter how I spell it, it can always be mis-read phonetically. TaiLo YK understood what I was trying to say and hopefully YS too.

    Yala yala TimL
    I was having b’fast in a hawker centre when your “????“ made me laughed out loud. People around me thought I was crazy laughing to myself. Hate you…..

  18. Lily-H, whatever you wanted to convey in “Tor jair pung cheon” you didnt say it.

    To any Cantonese, “Tor jair pung cheon” has to mean and can only mean “????“.

    Clearly, petite Yat Sing cant be a big one ?????like my butty Fred so?ok, your first supporter is a ????

    ????? ?????????????????????????????

  19. Hey YK Handsome

    Yes, also ‘thank you for your support’.

    Plan to bring my chicken rice over to me? Kekekekekee. You can cycle I can eat.

  20. Hi Lily

    Couldn’t decipher ‘tor jair pung cheon’ at first, thinking it might be in Putonghua. Realized it isn’t after a few tries. Tried Hokkien (limited vocab) and finally it dawned on me it’s Cantonese!

    May I add a ‘g’ to the end of ‘cheon’?

    This jamming session sounds nice especially the chicken rice………sigh (miss it sooo badly).

    Wish I could be there.


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