Ladies Fashion Show Interest Group.

Hi Ladies of Leisure – This Fashion Show Interest Group is open to SHC Lady members who are 57yrs old onwards and are not working as I intend to have weekday afternoon sessions. Day & time depends on majority participants. My intention is to organise fashion show to entertain SHC members who attend our lunch or high tea. Those who can commit do respond. I love to hear from you.  Cheers,  Pearl Wong.    

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  1. Hi Pearl,
    This sounds very interesting. Can you provide more details please? Like, the venue for the fashion shows, lunch/tea. What kind of food and how much approximately.
    Where will the models be from? Will the clothes be for sale?
    What type of clothes are you targeting? Any particular brand?

  2. Hello Mary,

    Thanks for your enquiry. Are you keen to participate in the show or just coming to watch?

    As stated in my post above, its for SHC members who are 57yrs and above to participate in this fashion show. There are no outside models.

    This show is basically for the fun of modelling/catwalking –
    Clothes can be of a certain theme on the day of the event itself.
    But if any SHC members do own boutiques and would love us to model their clothes for sale, it can be done subject to approval from Terence that there can be such a fashion sale after the event.

    There is no particular venue, menu or price yet as I do not have the head count of my models or who’s interested to watch such a show. I do have some cafes & clubs in mind but if any SHC members do own such venues welcome our shows for SHC members private dinning & viewing – that’ll be great!! Infact, I’m thinking of a small scale ‘Neptune Theatre’ so that we have fashion, songs & dances to entertain our SHC members once a while like the old days where we have indoor ‘Getai’…drink F&N orange juice, hehe.

    For me, clothes are to enhance our look not the brand. But there again…if any SHC members who own branded clothes, bags, shoes & accessories for us to model – why not!

    So Mary, do you have other ideas to carry this further…we can duscuss.


  3. Wow!! Pearl, SHC drama n now SHC fashion show, very tok kong hor.. but tose 1 2 participate must b abv 57 of age, hard 2 find leh.. tio bo? But nevertheless, hv a great time in 4 tis event.. Cheers.. Dolly

  4. Hahaha Pearl,
    Apologies for misunderstanding your post.
    Interesting concept. I won’t mind participating if the day and time suits me.
    Keep me updated.

  5. Haha Dolly…

    I only organise 2 events nia -‘drama & now fashion show’, tok kong meh? Thought SHC wants members to always organise events, so I think hard how to make SHC club more vibrant indoors lor. I myself is not for outdoors as I dont like walking for hours or needing to keep pace with others – I like leisure at one spot so my feet are not stressed.

    I’m new so dont really know if there arent much ladies 57 n above.
    Maybe you can refer those who dont work, are available to attend weekday sessions in the afternoon, age aside or maybe most of you prefer young sexy, pretty ones la but the ones i want can be good if given a chance. I’ll let them know about elegant dressing and to age gracefully like me, 63.

  6. Si si, reli tok kong lor.. we dun reli hv much members wuld like 2 try 2b EO just 4 1 lor.. dat y, I must salute u as u reli make tis club more interesting lor..

    I m sure they r many interested members 4 tis event oso..

    Si hor, Jane, why must b 57 n no other leh? Mayb Pearl will tell us tis secret later lor… Cheers.. Dolly

  7. Hahaha Dolly…
    u all long time members dont want to be EO is becos sian olaly mah –
    I new mm chai si lor..kay kiang EO this n EO that lor..
    ppl orso tell me hor some like to criticise & complain lah, but hor..
    i dun bother lah becos if you let these ppl affect you har, like dis SHC bo fun liao lor. Those happy happy one come to me n hv fun & siao siao together lah, those like to point fingers, they duno the fun they miss lor.
    Anyway, this Sunday we all go siao karaoke with Janet, Boon Liang & some of my drama kaki wor..Canto Nite ah! u going hor?

    As for ‘why 57’…mm wah lei chi, tanglei sum si si ( in cantonese )

  8. Hehehe.. not dat we oredi sian la, just dat no ideas liao.. LLP lor..U hor, not kay kiang la.. n I oso dun bother wat ppls said lor.. we cant simply please every1 mah..tio bo?

    Yeap, going n cu there..

    Hahaha.. 57, Jane, c reply, got sum si si bo?

    Cheers.. Dolly

  9. Hey, Chan Mary Chan…Chan Mary Chan…
    Chan Mary Chan ketipung payung…nice song, kekeke.

    Mary, since you are the only one interested first, why not tell me your prefered day & time (must be weekday noon) I’ll try to match as long as its not a Monday..its my hubby’s off day la n we must go ‘pak tor’ mah.

    Since you think its an interesting concept, we should work together and make it a great show, tio bo!

    If you need private discussion – email me la.. aunty.pearly@gmailcom

    Come join us this Sunday so we can meet up, ai mai?

  10. Hi Lydia,

    #6 2nd paragraph – is the reason cos my weekdays noons are free.
    Most 57 and below are working right, of cos except those who are house-ladies who has teen children to care for thats why they dont work, am i right?
    Well, if they can join me on weekdays, why not.

  11. Hi Pearl,
    Thanks for singing ‘my song’, hahaha. You remind me of my teaching days in Beatty Secondary School. Those little rascals used to sing that song whenever I was spotted walking up the staircase to class.
    I will write to you, regarding the fashion show.
    I’m sorry but I have something on this Sunday, but I can meet up with you on a week day ok?

  12. Hehe Mary,
    When i saw your name…’chan mali chan’ starts to sound and i cant help posting here to tease you a bit., glad you took it well.

    Yes, those little rascals are good at teasing teachers..also their female classmates cos my buddy Margaret got teased as ‘Ma Gelek’!
    Well, thinking back school days..its indeed enjoyable minus exams lah, hee.

    Mmm, Dolly is right..SHC do not have much 57 and above huh!
    Wondering how my fren is so successful with older women models,
    even elsewhere requested for their fashion shows.

    Mary, thks for your mail and yes we shall meet next week to chat on this ya.
    I already have a nice Chinese Tea-House in Chinatown for my first ‘afternoon tea’ fashion show. It will happen after my 10 Sept drama play for Terence’s ‘100% Mandarin Event’ cos I’m busy preparing rehearsals for the play now.

    Meanwhile, others not 57 and above, are shy but love to put up a show for SHC, can write privately to me –
    Promise you its gonna be fun to be all dolled up!


  13. Greetings Pearl

    I would like to come if i am available.

    Just wondering (if its the wrong concept pardon me) how about bringing our own pieces for the models to parade? I noticed some Shcians are well dressed and if they like shopping they may have bought one too many pieces. Do they have nice classic pieces that was worn once, overgrown or no longer hv occasion for it? would they be interested to swap give it away whatever? I do not have any pieces to parade, I am a cheap Charlie, I recycle my favorite pieces by altering it when I am in desperate mode for something to wear at the last minute. Bdw, why only elegant dressing ha? Is it true when one ages, one can only go elegantly in style and not kinky, hippy, ah go go style?


  14. Hi Freda,
    What a great idea to ‘swop’ pieces of clothing. I’m one of those guilty of impulse purchases. I have a wardrobe of clothes, half of which I hardly ever wear and some completely forgotten, hee.
    Perhaps I should have a sale of ‘second hand’ clothes, but who would want to buy I wonder?
    Any one interested?? Cheap sale! Cheap sale! Ha ha.

  15. Hi Freda & Mary,

    Thanks for all the ideas on what to do with ‘seldom use still new clothes’.
    I can always help as I have many ideas on creativity. Those who feel the same can meet to discuss further about your clothes, shoes, bags, etc
    for my models to parade them. Also, I would help you recreate your things to be something new, fashionable & of cos useful again.

    I am glad that there are those below 57 wanting to be part of my fashion show and I should now say welcome!!

    Haha Freda, you must be that kinky, hippy, a-go-go Mama ya.
    Sure, such fashion can be paraded but not many can take to that look.

    Well, we can always have all sorts of fashion paraded just for entertainment and it can be simple to whatever your imagination flares are.


  16. Hi Freda and all who are keen to participate in Pearl’s fashion show,

    Pearl and I will be meeting for lunch at Downtown East tomorrow, that is Tuesday the 26th of July, 2011, for a discussion.
    You are welcome to join us for lunch, which will be on a ‘go dutch’ basis, to add your ideas to the discussion.
    Hope to see you.

  17. Mmm, if my August Monthly Gathering proposal for the Fashion Show cum
    lunch meets with interested diners, I would have to appeal for lots of clothes & accessaries from SHC ladies. These accessaries can be from head to toes pieces. Bags, shoes, hats, scarves, shawls are needed too.

    All these are for entertainment purposes only.

    Those interested to be part of the show this way and prefer to be anonymous can write to me at:


  18. Hi Pearl, I think this fashion show thing seems quite interesting. I am over 57 and would like to join you all. For catwalk, is there training for those who know nothing about it? Is this fashion show only for SHCains to participate and see? When you and committee have finalised everything kindly update us. Looking forward. Thank you!

  19. Hello Josie,

    Nice to hear from you!
    Yes, there will be training for the catwalk.
    Would love to know more from you if you intend to get your frens involve.
    Write to me at: and we can meet to discuss further.


  20. Hi Mary #16

    I heard of many whom until they spring clean have no idea those pieces belongs to them. How about a “show off” of our classic collection during a pot luck get together or during a session of mahjong game……some day.

    Hi Pearl #17

    Me kinky, hippy, a-go-go style? no…………I take it as “being polite” when they actually hor wanted to said messy and sloppy hahahaha. Bdw, I think I have seen Shcian ladies in plaited pony tail, so pretty. I am picturing myself dress like “Ah mei“ in sum foo during the mandarin event but hor my lau kong said I have no long hair to plait, better dress like Ah Ma. ok shall look forward to meet some day to get ideas how to dress decently first ……….

    Have a great week ahead


  21. Hello Freda,

    I wouldnt dare say I am here to teach people how to dress as I know many SHC ladies are very well dressed. Its for my fashion show that I might want it in a certain way.

    With Mary & your help, we certainly can make our fashion show very happening especially that I found this Cafe de Art, the lady owner is all out to support any form of art related events.

    Will certainly love to meet you & Mary to see how we can organise whatever’s in our mind – as it is now..I believe we have lots of ideas flowing..the fashion show & our fleamart will be our utmost event thats ‘on the way’.

    Got to rush for drama rehearsal now..keep in touch!


  22. Hello Wendy,

    Welcome & thanks for your interest!
    Would you like to email me your hp no…see thread #22 so that I can inform you about my next skit’s rehearsals somewhere mid Sept?

    Will hear from you soon.


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