Kovan Jam…….TGIF, 22 Jul 2011

Dear all………

See you at Kovan Nite!    emoticon

***Tickets for the event are available on the very evening. No need to transfer $$$ to my account, just pay on that day.    emoticon

Date: Friday, 22 Jul 2011

Time: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Fee: $3.00 (Curry Puff + Mineral water)

Venue: Paya Lebar Kovan CC (Multi-purpose air-cond Hall)            

             Blk. 207, Hougang Street 21

Ah Nee, Event Co-ordinator   emoticon

Those coming are:

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Lilly
  3. Dolly
  4. Janie
  5. Carly
  6. Yat Sing
  7. Gabriella
  8. John Howe
  9. Richard Wong
  10. Thomas Loh
  11. Sam Huat
  12. Bobby Bok
  13. Agnes Low
  14. Francis
  15. Catherine Koh
  16. Andrew Yueng
  17. Judy Tay & her SHC buddies
  18. Daniel Ong
  19. Lai Fong
  20. Debbie Oh
  21. Lydia Chin
  22. Eunice Tay

26 thoughts on “Kovan Jam…….TGIF, 22 Jul 2011

  1. Hi Lily

    Yes, yes. First lesson tomorrow for a two-hour session :)

    But have to learn one dance at a time lah. What dance should I start neh? Have to ask for your expert advice. The most played type of music.



  2. Hi Carly

    Since you already know Disco Rock, Social Cha Cha and Square Rumba, I recommend you to take up Latin Rumba. It is a slow sensual dance with controlled body movement. I’m sure you will like it. Good luck on you first lesson. :)

  3. Thank you Dearie

    I always thought the latin rumba as a very sensual dance too and I like it.

    OK. Will tell you how it turn out :)

    Cheers Carly

  4. Dear all….thank you for your continuous support!

    Carly, happy to see you in our regular Jam :) wow…very soon you will be dancing like pro…I better catch up with you! hehehe…..

    Dear Agnes…thank you for joining in the FUN. From Kovan MRT station, you look for the signage “Exit Heartland Mall”. Walk straight through the shopping mall or outside the mall, you will see Kovan food centre, MacDonald….Paya Lebar Kovan CC is just opposite MacDonald. Hope my direction is clear, don’t worry, you won’t lost your way, alternatively you may want to to meet up with Yatsing at the Kovan MRT. She can walk with you.

    Daniel….are you coming with all your students to practise the Rhythm… ;)

    Ah Nee

  5. Dear Ah Nee
    Thanks! Aiyo must dan gu gu (wait long long) before I can dance well, let alone like pro. It was a good start. Cannot tahan already cos always sit around like wall flower watching you all enjoy your dance. Die die must learn.

    Dear Lily
    Thanks for your recommendations. It was great. Enjoyed my first lesson very much.

    Dear Agnes
    Glad you are coming too.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  6. hi ah nee

    yes i will be there so reserve a ticket for me; will send out an email to all the members of the braddell dance group to ask them to support you…

  7. Ah Nee
    Tks much for your clear direction to venue.

    Thks for offering to walk me there but I think I can find my own way there and also in case I am held up at work and late , I don’t wish to hold you up too.
    Thks anyway.

    Hi Caroline
    Really great to receive your warm welcome . THanks.

  8. Ah Nee

    I notice Ah Huat sign up for this. Did you explain to him this Jam is not for eating, only dancing?

    He also went for cycling last Saturday.

    Cycling can ‘Pua Toh’. Dancing also can ‘Pua Toh’.

    He is a real romantic guy, risking his life for love.

  9. hehehe…Tian Soo,

    You have yet to discover Ah Huat’s secret??? He is very supportive of SHC events! Whenever he is avalable, he will participate wan…. Ah huat hor?

    Usually you will see Ah Huat carried a few plastic bags….inside got a bottle of 1 litre of plain water from home & some snacks, then he will KLKK at the events venue. When I asked Dolly where is Ah Huat? he is either at the hawker centre eating or at his car taking his 40 winks. Hahaha….when the Jam ended…he joined the rest for supper and fetched pretty gals home! Nevermind lah, he don’t dance, but he is a crown, always make us happy…laughing non-stop, everybody like his presence lor, see you Ah Huat this Friday hor, :)

    Ah Nee

  10. weiwei Lau Ta TS, Ah Huat told me dat he 1 2 try cycling n dancing lor but den, everytime, sumhow, he got reasons not 2 lor.. any solutions bo? Cheers.. Dolly :)

  11. # 18 ah lua tua tian soo ah ,

    hahahahaha hehehehehe ..si mi bo ho chiak..jam can go with roti lei… tar kar lar chia hor..got so many makan like macdonald , kopi beans…& many ang mo outlets hor…

    i ..bo pua tor …only push dolly bike wen ending part lah…

    #19 ah nee blur blur sotong ,but 1 of de tok kong tai kar jie in MAS hor..dun play play har ?
    wah wah pian wei…u really bo bei chow ( no horse run )
    know all abt my style ya…silor..must carry plastic bag arboh dolly chiu ta liao lei ( thristy )

    no , lah me no clone 1 hor..my mama i ask hor..si 100% confirmed born out ..not pick @ puan soo tan.( rubbish )
    ai yo ai 0100am liao..kam kei YAWN YAWN kar siow liao….

    good nite lua tua..gd nite ah nei gd fairy god mother gd nite dolly ..gd nite lily ..gd nite long chong aa shc memebers new & seniors memebers hor………
    sam huat huat huat zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Oh yeah! Eunice is coming to my JAM this friday… :)

    Welcome back! Debbie oh, like to see your style of boogee boogee….see you ;)

    Ah Nee

  13. Ah Nee. I enjoyed reading your writeup on AH HUAT… really funny guy. He came to our drama practice with a loud GONG.. GONG.. It’ll be a good show! Watch out for us.. on 10th Sep.

    But hor.. I just can’t read his hokkien style of reply! Tried very hard.. but still can’t understand, leh! Whatever it is, it must be really funny?

    Looking fwd to this Friday’s jam.

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