Ageing together in JB

We are setting up a group for SHC members who have considered or decided on ageing together in JB. This group is not for those who are not ready to consider retiring or are anti the JB area.

We will start as a Whatsapp group, strictly no URL links, copy and paste, videos and pictures. Club rules apply.

Here, the platform would provide participants the opportunity to find other fellow members with similar interests eg:

1. Pooling of maid or domestic help services eg keeping the place tidy and clean and cooking.

2. Sharing of transport or cars, so as to keep mobile.

3. Sharing cost of place of stay, a house or a condo. Rental or purchase.

4. Sharing of day to day marketing and household costs.

5. Plan outdoor trips, to keep in touch with the outside world.

6. Discussion on hospital, doctors, medical services, clinics, nursing, maids and ambulance availability and costs.

7. Rooming needs eg double, single and facilities.

8. How to keep living costs down in JB while ageing together as a group?

9. What the group can do to keep healthy and active?

10. How to help and support one another, in cases of disabilities, difficulty in movement and need to go for medical treatment?

11. Malaysia – my second home as a retirement visa.

If you like to join and meet fellow members on the above topics, contact us at +65 9489 4360.

** Registration closed. Next session: 1 Dec 2019.

Terence Seah

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  1. We will start the “Ageing together in JB” next week. To-date, we have about 15 participants.

    Some members who have requested to join but failed to meet the basic criteria as mentioned in the post, may join at a later date, probably in Dec 2019.

    Others who are anti living in JB are also rejected.

    For info.

    Terence Seah

  2. The ‘Ageing together in JB” has got off to a great start as members get to introduce themselves to one another. Members who already have a house or apartment in JB have shared where they have bought a place which they have planned to stay when they are in JB.

    Discussions on the different stages of ageing, starting from when one is still healthy when one when is frail to when one needs medical attention and assistance.

    We shall update the discussions from time to time

    This group discussion aims to provide sharing knowledge on ageing together in JB.

    Terence Seah

  3. Yes. Thank you Terence. Now I know my neighbours in JB, near and far. JB is about makan, market, massage, medicine and music – also money (what is the xchange rate today huh?).

    Playing with words is fun. The English Language is a very important tool for us to learn technology, study economics and enjoy the developments brought about by the western world. With more leisure time now, I would like to go back to basics. How about PHD in Chinese – philosophy, humour and doctrines. 5000 years of civilisation is something to crow about. Attached is an image – one of 300 poems from the Tang Dynasty. Simply someone who penned his thoughts at that point of time, but digest it if you can, and you will be mesmerised by his choice of words. It has even become a popular song.

    I am starting a WhatsApp group with like-minded individuals to share the wonders of the Chinese Language. From poems to news to songs and laughter, we shall exchange messages with passion and pride. I have taken the liberty to start with a few members. Anyone who is keen is welcome to join my group. As with all groups, we shall start small – a dozen.


  4. 26 participants in the “Ageing together in JB” group.

    Some members have already their own condos or houses in JB.

    I went to Forest City with Ong yesterday. My first reaction was the huge availablity of residential units. I am thinking of targetting 30 pax from SHC, to rent units at Forest hill. With 30 pax in one area, perhaps we can get better rental rates. Rent wise, I think SGD 300 per mth per room can be a good start. 1 or 2 pax can take a room.

    Obviously other details will have to be worked out.

    Participants in our ‘Ageing together in JB” can stay anywhere in JB to their preference, buy or sell. Unless situation changes, SHC will consider Forest city and rental only. Our objective is to build a community and age together.

    Feel free to comment.

    Terence Seah

  5. For members who are considering “Ageing together in JB”. One of our options is to consider rental of properties at Forest City. The latest Malaysia Budget has just reduced the minimum investment in unsold properties to to RM600K from RM 1M. We hope the rental rates will reduce further as a group.

    There are interests to visit Forest City. Participants, plse feel free to make your own arrangements to visit the city and surroundings which is near 2nd link. Go at your own time

    To go as a club, we have yet to determine the date. Likely, we can go sometime this month. Starting early morning via 2nd link, spend the day there, have lunch and return via 2nd link.

    I have no connections with Forest City, but anyone who has connections, please raise your hands. We need a presentation of the Forest city area, rental oppportunities for the 1st batch of 30 pax, and other questions we may have.

    I would think a coach or a few mini vans would work. Plse share some ideas. Those who have their own transport, can also join the day trip. I am leaving Singapore 27 Oct, so this Club trip will be before this date. We will decide the date this week.

    Terence Seah

  6. We have organized a minibus for 16 pax to go Forest city.

    Objective: To review rental opportunities at Forest city, with the aim of “ageing together in JB”.

    1. Date: Thur 24 Oct 2019
    2. Time: 7.30am – 5pm
    3. Pickup: Newton circus
    4. Return: Newton circus.
    5. Max pax: 16
    6. Program: Visit Forest City, and Lunch (near seaside, individual)

    Some members will travel on their own, using personal transport.

    ** Please reserve a minibus seat, if you are interested. First serve basis.
    ** You may withdrawn before Mon 21 Oct 2019.

    Terence Seah

  7. Members wishing to join the “ageing together in JB” Trip to evaluate rental opportunities at Forest City, plse register here for a seat. Each seat is SGD 23 per pax. Forest City has just informed us that lunch is provided. Plse reserve a seat here.

    Members who drives on their own and joining this group, also need to register for the lunch. Again, just register here. No payment required.

    10 seats left in minibus..

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi Terence,
    The updated list to JB Forest City will be as follows:-
    We have a total of 8pax to Forest City. 6 pax in my MPV driving on our own and 2 pax in another car driven by Daniel Chan directly from his JB house, on 24 Oct Forest City day trip.

    The 8 SHC members going to Forest City are :
    Car 1.
    1. David Ong,
    2. Lilian Ong,
    3. Richard Wong,
    4. Catherine Soon,
    5. Lee Ah Nee,
    6. Catherine Yeo

    Car 2.
    7. Daniel Chan
    8. Anna Ong

  9. Hi Terence

    I am joining David’s mpv… pls include me.

    The updated list to JB Forest City will be as follows:- (copying from David’s text) :

    We have a total of 9 pax to Forest City. 7 pax in my MPV driving on our own and 2 pax in another car driven by Daniel Chan directly from his JB house, on 24 Oct Forest City day trip.

    The 9 SHC members going to Forest City are :
    Car 1.
    1. David Ong,
    2. Lilian Ong,
    3. Richard Wong,
    4. Catherine Soon,
    5. Lee Ah Nee,
    6. Catherine Yeo
    7. Sue Chang

    Car 2.
    8. Daniel Chan
    9. Anna Ong


  10. Hi Terence,
    The updated list to JB Forest City will be as follows:-
    We have a total of 9pax to Forest City. 7 pax in my MPV driving on our own from Singapore and 2 pax in another car driven by Daniel Chan directly from his JB house, on 24 Oct Forest City day trip.

    The 9 SHC members going to Forest City are :
    Car 1. Vehicle No.SBC218A
    1. David Ong,
    2. Lilian Ong,
    3. Richard Wong,
    4. Catherine Soon,
    5. Lee Ah Nee,
    6. Catherine Yeo
    7. Susan Chang

    Car 2. Vehicle No. RIMAU6980
    8. Daniel Chan
    9. Anna Ong

      • Hi Terence,
        Problem now is, Suzhang was already added and approved by Stanley Chew of Forest City before u set the limit for group 1 .She had already planned and applied for her leave. If we delete her, it is going to upset her n cause the whole restructuring in our plan, after all , the JB Forest City side procedures already included her which they had confirmed. Hope u can reconsider this tight scenarios which is just due to the coincidence of timing.

  11. Hi Terence,
    My apology… I might have misinterpreted you. If u mean Suzhang can only join your “Ageing together in JB” chat group in Dec, it make good sense because her request is only after your official announcement.
    As for her trip to this JB Forest City, I presume should be ok as it was a different issue and also it was arrange before your official announcement.
    So sorry Terence, for my earlier wrong interpretation.

  12. Thanks David for being so kind and accommodating to include me for Forest City. And thank you Terence for your understanding. I am fine to join in chat for Group 2. I was lost and confused in conversation as I was not in Group 1 whatsapp chat group, hence the confusion arise. My bad.

    Looking forward to explore Forest City with my team this Thurs. Yayyy….

  13. We are on a mission. So near and yet so far. We have a good team and I have availed myself to be the general secretary in this assembly. Besides taking minutes of conversations, I will ask questions. I appeal to members at large to pose relevant questions here, so that we may clarify with the business representatives. I shall present a report after our fact-finding daycation.


  14. Hi all,
    Our mission for Ageing together in JB with comprehensive report should be out soon, after our Secretary General, Daniel Chan and our Cameraman Richard Wong compiled them.
    In short, the resort-like Forest City is indeed looks ideal for stage 1&2 ageing as a community on a rental basis.

  15. EIGHT of us were on a fact-finding mission at Forest City (FC), 24 October 2019. We arrived at around 11 am and was greeted by Mr Stanley Chew and Mr Daniel Wong, FC sales representatives. They gave us a quick briefing of the completed as well as future infrastructures. We were also presented with a video preview of the entire FC project. We were then led to view the various show flats, from 500 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft. One important point to note is FC comprises 4 islands. Only one island is almost complete. They are reclaiming land for the other 3. Developers are targeting to house 750,000 people in this beautiful city.

    I summarise my reports in 4 main areas, namely the 4 essentials in our daily life, with our opinions in brackets.

    Medical care – There is currently a polyclinic. They have tied up with MJ, a medical group in Taiwan, to set up clinics and hospitals in the near future. There will also be other hospitals within and beyond Forest City in the further future. Stanley is unable to provide more info as all are projects in the pipeline. But some of these medical institutions will allow CPF-medisave to be used.
    (Not fully developed. For minor ailments can visit the polyclinic. For emergency, nearest hospital is Gleneagles Hospital, 10 mins drive from FC)

    Food – There are many Chinese restaurants, fast food outlets as well as small eateries. Eating places are open to the public, which means visitors to FC.
    (No lack of food but prices certainly not as cheap as in typical JB makan places we often go to. Not sure about taste. Yet to try)

    Accommodation – There are/will be rows of bungalows, semi-detached houses, cluster houses etc. Prices can go as high as 15 million ringgit. Anybody interested? Our concerns are the high rise condominiums. There are many towers, some completed and some under construction. We were each given a brochure depicting the floor plans of the units available. Sale prices for a 517 sq ft, 750 sq ft and 900 sq ft unit are RM600K, RM900K and RM1200K respectively. They are sold bare, meaning no fixtures and air-cond. Owners will have to find ways to fit and furnish their new apartments. Rental prices are as follows — 517 sf – RM1500, 625 sf – RM1600, 750 sf – RM1900, 900 sf – RM2200 and 1100 sf – RM2700 (source : Stanley). Rental units are fully furnished. On top of rental, tenants will pay for the utilities bill. Tenancy is for a period of one year and developer will arrange to clean your house once a month at no charge. Security is tight. They have their own security officers as well as auxiliary police. Card access to home and other restricted places.
    (Rental rate seems reasonable. Still negotiable. Super high tech security features to ensure you sleep safe and sound)

    Transport – The island transport is now covered by shuttle buses. There are fixed time and place to wait for the right bus. Shuttle bus ends at 8 pm and each resident is entitled to 2 free rides a day. There are also buses to go out of the island to places like nearby Bukit Indah, Aeon etc. A light rail system is planned. Tracks are above ground. After clearing both checkpoints at the 2nd link, drive about 15 mins to reach FC. When the population reaches 200,000, they will talk with the Govt to build a Custom and Immigration Checkpoint (CIQ) in FC. In 20 years time perhaps.
    (The city is very much self-sufficient. No reason to go out of FC if you stay there. Shuttle buses will bring you around the city)

    For and on behalf of FC -Visit group 1.

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