Old coins and stamps

I recently was given bagful of old coins and stamp by a dear old friend who wanted to bless me. It could be a good deed I have sow before. What am I to do with it without knowing their value, am I inheriting a good fortune?
Some of you may be wondering why Dan has gone into hiding, was it bad things I have done, you are not far from it. Here I am seeking redemption.
Coming to the point I am looking for member to come together to share thought on old valuable coins and stamps. Do indicate your interest here. If there is sufficient pax I will arrange to meet up.

Dan Huang.

One thought on “Old coins and stamps”

  1. Seems like not many are into old coins and stamps. I have put up on Carousel and manage to sell some. This is like an ‘unplaned pregnancy’ and I here to nurture it and realised my windfalls.
    If you check Google, some of the coins are worth hundred or even thousands of dollars. Some of us are hoping to struck 4d or Toto and this may be my pot of gold at the end of the ???? rainbows.
    Time flies and in 2 months times I will be 68. Once fine day just after lunch I was lying on the hawker centre floor. I heard a lot of people coming to help me and the ambulance came and I was taken to the hospital. It turn out I had a blackout. Now even coming out of the bathroom I would fall down. Life is short, we got to make the most of it!
    Thinks I need to change the title of this post to ‘Old man woes’

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