“Strictly Line Dance Jam” at Paya Lebar Kovan CC – 2 Oct 2011

Hi all

I am doing a strictly line dance jam at Paya Lebar Kovan CC for  my student groups and the public and would like to extend my invitation to all the line dance enthusiasts in SHC to come join us for 4 hours of non-stop dancing. For those who do not dance, you may want to bring your wine/beer/makanan then sit back relax and listen to the songs (about 60 to 70 songs) and watch people dance.

Date & Time : 2nd October, Sunday from 3 to 7pm (Walk through of some dances from 2.30pm)

 Place : Paya Lebar Kovan CC multi-purpose hall (Air conditioned)

Cost : S$3 per pax (with a botlle of mineral water)

Dance list :

1 Out & Jump
2 Radio Dancing
3 Lady Cha/Sex Bomb
4 Dancing Party
5 Kiss On My List
6 Electric Slide/Tush Push
7 LDC Express/Take The First Step
8 Martini Moments
9 Doing Alright
10 Bootscootin’ Boggie
11 Honey Honey
12 Pepito Del Bo
13 Dreamer Weaver
14 Rhumba & Roses
15 Vertical Expression
16 No Scandal
17 Red Hot Salsa
18 Little Rhumba/New Romance
19 Alabama Slammin’
20 Who Did You Call Darling
21 JB Waltz
22 Waltz of the Wind/Waltz Across Texas
23 Catch This Moment
24 My Little Runaway
25 Ghost Train
26 Getcha Good
27 Cowgirls’ Twist
28 Breakaway
29 Whenever You Come Back to Me
30 Lamtarra Rhumba
31 Back in My Arms
32 La Luna
33 Cowboy Cha Cha
34 Island in the Stream
35 Sway Me Now
36 Bossa Nova
37 Sweet Sweet Smile
38 Chilli Cha Cha/Magic Cha Cha
39 Silver Threads
40 Wild Wild West
41 Quanto Amore
42 Rock The House
43 Simply Mine
44 Step Back/Walk Right Back
45 Chill Factor
46 Repose Waltz
47 One Step Forward
48 Stroll Along Cha Cha
49 What You Mean to Me
50 Romantasy
51 Country Walking
52 Body In Motion
53 Honky Tonk Stomp
54 Kiss Me Quick
55 Cowboy Charleston
56 Dancing In Line
57 Country Girl
58 Back In My Word
59 Come Dance with Me
60 Sweet Joanna
61 Love Me A Little Bit Longer
62 Wherever You May Wander
63 Kiss In The Dark
64 Holding On to Yesterday
65 Burlesque

How to pay – you confirm your attendance, I keep the ticket, you show up and pay at the door emoticon(Note : All proceeds will be paid over to the CC)

Event Co-ordinator & MC – Sockie

Members coming to the jamboree

1) Lai Fong- I believe you can do more than slide and drink kopi-c emoticon

2) Tian Soo – offering his bare hands to help hold/support anything that is falling/droopingemoticon

3) Geraldine – may fly in from Hong Kong to offer her bare hands to hold…. different things from TSemoticon

4) Karen Thio – wanna slide with Lai Fongemoticon – mai lai liao, unless Ah Kou can kncok her with the racket and drag her hereemoticon

5) Gingko – another slideremoticon

6) Andrew Yeung – offer to buy kopi-c but not for me ………emoticon PAID

7) Elieen Thean – Wild Wild West is her cup of teaemoticon

8) Cat Ho – my beloved ‘Ah Ko’ skipping her bed(minton) to come support me emoticon

9) Ann Giri – one more slider coming to the party emoticon

10) Susan Tan – already marked her calender liaoemoticon

11) Caroline – coming to listen to music and watch us gelekemoticon PAID

12) Lina Ng – so excited over La Luna and Back in My World…forgot to po mia…kenna humtum  emoticon

13) Lily Ho – bring jacket hor, cuz I am giving you the Chill FactoremoticonPAID

14) Dolly Lim – Give some Magic and you will cha cha cha like there is no tomorrowemoticonPAID

15) Janie Leong – Bringing her keropokemoticon PAID

16) Audrey Wong – The elusive one…you know what I mean ya emoticon PAID

17) Hou Chong – coming with a bottle in 1 hand and the other (bare hand) to hold the nuts emoticon

18) Laura Wee – Welcome, welcomeemoticon

19) Susan Chang –  This Golden Girl will add some sparkle to the jamboree…no need gold bar but gold dust will do emoticon

20) Agnes Seow – Your Vertical Expression just made it to the listemoticon

21) Roland Lam – One more guy to ‘balance’ the yin emoticon

22) Marg Tian – Long Time so see, glad you could comeemoticon

23) Lina Tan – Ditto emoticon

24) Eliza Chua – Double ditto emoticonemoticon

25) Judy Lim – You ‘ponteng’ work to come dancing ?emoticon

26) Lilian Teo – From Full-moon party in Thailand to Line Dance Party in KovanemoticonPAID

27) Anne Lim – Was wondering where you’ve been, welcome, welcomeemoticon

28) Jacqueline Han – No worry I will slide next to youemoticon

29) Bobby Bok – Glad you can come join usemoticon

30) Yatsing – Not only you can slide, nor you can also do the Charleston liao nehemoticon

31) Boon Liang – Am sure our John Terbotak can groove to the music lah…but where is Sandy huh?emoticon

32) Janet Chan – Still over the moon after ‘One Night in Chinatown" ……now you can relax liao no more rehersal emoticon

33) Thomas Loh – Make sure you cancel all your other appointment on that day hor emoticon

34) Cat Yeo – Can help jaga Thomas and make sure he does not do his ‘ disappearing’ act hahahahaemoticon

35) Eyvonne Chew – You did say yes tiok bo huhemoticon

36) Judy Tay – still in tme to slide in emoticon


Anymore ‘sliders’ coming….and  of course ‘non-sliders’ (with bare hands) are welcome too :0)


BTW I will be teaching and revising some of the dances during my various classes from now till the event, so for those who need to refresh your memories or learn a few more dances, do feel free to drop by when you are free.  If you need info on my class schedule, do drop me a line

85 thoughts on ““Strictly Line Dance Jam” at Paya Lebar Kovan CC – 2 Oct 2011

  1. I cannot dance and have no interest in it. But I will go and support you because you are Sockie.

    I will go with my bare hands. Anything drooping or dropping let me know.

  2. Girlfren Socks

    Wishing you all the best in this virgin event of yours.

    Am mulling over whether or not to go back just to support you even though I don’t line dance but find it absolutely elegant to watch.

    In the event that I do, I will join bare hands man; no, no darling, not to support the way he plans to. Kekekekee. You’ll find me very laid back and smiling away whilst drinking the mineral water, kakakaka and enjoying the jam.

    Will keep you posted.

  3. Sockie, my tutor
    How can line dance event without me, its my blood and my soul, also my teh-C. So count me, must! Thanks.

    Lai Fong,
    Buy me a Teh-C cum kaya toast, I remind you all the dance you have learnt from Sockie, Ok, If not Ok, I buy you also can, Just want to see you again. haha.

  4. Sockie,I know you are virgin,

    me comming to support you,can I request ‘Wild Wild West’ it’s an old country song,love this dance..


  5. Lai Fong #1, Karen #3, Gingko #4, Ani Giri #9 – I have put in Electric Slide for all of you and Wild Wild West for Eileen #8

    TS #2 – Your coming to support ‘because I am Sockie’ maketh my day and GT #3 if you fly here for this event then that will double maketh my day…and I have my ‘Ah Ko’ Cat Ho coming with her bare hands too….what can I say ….muach muach muach

    Andrew #6 – Of course I will not allow you to miss this event….need you to hold some of the members hands (or should I say legs) to lead some of the dances

    I am in the process of doing the dance list and had put in quite a few easy dances and will put this up hopefully by the end of the week once it’s finalised…so meanwhile line is still open for requests


  6. Hello Sockie (may I call you this?) I will tag along with Annie and look forward to meeting Yatsing (hope she remembers me – have been hibernating since last time I met her). I love LD – inked this in my calendar oreidi.

  7. Hi Lina #14
    Never learn ‘La Luna’ and ‘Back in my world’. Check from the youTube, both dance seems not easy and quite nice

    – La Luna (64 counts)
    – Back in my world (32 counts, with 2 restart and one tag)

    Will try to learn, hope can do them in the jam. Happy line dancing

    Hi Sockie
    Will you teach these two dances in your class?

  8. Hi Sockie
    Please register me. Had stopped L-Dancing since 4 years ago. Hope I still remember some of the dances. Can I request for ‘Chill Factor’ if there are other line dancers doing it? If not, don’t worry about it.

    Ya Lina
    You made requests but bo po mia leh? Apa macam? Hope to see you at the jam hor.

  9. Hi Sockie,

    Kindly register me.
    Carly, got too excited when I saw your attendance hence forgot to po mia.
    Andrew, the dances are fairly new and fun to dance to. Happy learning.

  10. Sorry ya Ann, spelt your name wrongly paiseh paiseh

    Susan – Annie ans Yatsing bo po mia lei…….

    Lina & Lily – all your requests are in the list liao…the list is about 7788 now…waiting for a few more request before I finalsie this

    Caroline, if you dont dance then you can hold Tian Soo’s hand and sing along :0)

    Dolly – I put Magic Cha Cha for you ^0^

    Andrew – The 2 dances were taught in class liao. Just did Back in my world tonite so if you want you can drop by at Toa Payoh Central CC next Wed as I will be revising the dance next week and also going through some of he dances for the jam. Or you can cometo Yio Chu Kang CC on Monday where I will be teaching the same dance too


  11. A big warm hello to Susan CH Tan,

    So glad u are out of hibernation! And u are off like a rocket! I’ve to hurry up and catch with u at cycling, walking, and linedance activities. :-)

    If u hv a minute to pause for a breath, do drop me a line : yst27@hotmail.com

    Cya soon!

  12. Hi Sockie @11!

    Y u said that I’ll be coming wif my bare hands??

    Ok! I’ll bring my bedminton rackets & slide wif U!


    Beauty Gerladine & Karen girl, girl, please chope place 4 me in case I’m late…. ok?

  13. Hi Sockie
    I am coming. I liked nuts – all kinds.
    Will come with a bottle in one hand and look see what kinds I can get hold of, in the other.

  14. Sockie, can you let me know where I can join you for the practice. Been out of touch for 6 years oreidi but I think I still got the basics right. See you soon.

  15. Hi Sockie#20

    Will work hard these few days to complete the work in hand so as to spare time to attend your classes

    Can I come on Mon and Wed, miss the line dance a lot.

  16. Haha Hou Chong

    So, you’re into NUTS. Great!

    If your bottle is grape juice, better check if it’s allowed.

    Ahh……your other hand is also bare. More ‘supportive’ hands.

  17. Hi all,

    Just received a call from the CC that there is another event on the same day so will ahve to push back the Jam by an hour…so we will start from 3 to 7pm instead. For those who need some walk through before the jam we can meet at say 2.30pm and I will try to find a place to run through some easy dances while the sound system is being set up.

    Janie, Audrey, Susan and Hou Chong – Thanks for your support :0)

    For those who wants to come to my classes for revision, my classes are on :-

    Yio Chu Kang CC from 7.30 to 9.30pm – intermediate dances

    Toa Payoh Central CC – some easy dances and a few more challenging ones

    Kovan CC – 9.00 to 10.30am – easy dances…slow and steady
    Cheng San CC – 7.00 to 8.30 – easy dances
    – 8.30 to 10pm – fast, furious and crazy

    If there are more ppl who wants to do some revision other than the days above, you find the ppl and place, I will be there if my time allows.

    Audrey #20 – Since you are new to LD, I would suggest you come to Cheng San CC on Thursday to start off first.

    Susan #32 and Andrew #33 – you pick whatever days that suits your timing, the doors will always be open :0)

    Eileen, I will see you on Wednesday :0)

    Caroline, I will put in My Little Runaway and you can sing along when we dance :0)

    GT, Caroline, Janie and Hou Chong – I think it’s ok to bring whatever liquid to the hall so long as it is does not explode in our faces hahahaha

    Ah Kou Cat #27 – You better bring your bedmnton racket to chope your seat cuz GT still not confirm if she is coming and Karen girl, girl back out liao unless you can whack her with your racket and drag her there :0(


  18. Yay! Sockie Wan Shui! I love that song. OK remember to give me a mic (jus kidding – about the mic thingy).

    Hou Chong

    I will bring my NUTS and Baileys. Someone bring the ice can? And glasses. Dont like the plastic cups. You can open the NUTS with your free hand or your teeth also can.

    Dear Tender Cow

    When you come, you bring your NUTS too?

    Janie Dear

    What are you bringing?


  19. Ehhh Yatsing #23…..

    Susan called and you answered but never say if you are coming or not lei and I don’t want to make and “ASS” out of “U” and “ME” …..ahh please don’t get me wrong and just in case anyone should make a wrong assumption……. I am not calling you or me an ass hor hahahahaha


  20. Girlfren K

    Backed out? Here I am, happily thinking I’ll be able to kill a hundred things with one tit as many of my ‘other halves’ have registered and to meet others at one event.

    What gives? Something more sexciting than us?


  21. Baby Goat

    Will certainly bring NUTS (me) kekekekee and the real nuts for all our pleasure. Will also bring my grape juice subject to my trip confirmation.

    As to your glasses, think the CC will provide? Kinda difficult for anyone to lug fragiles to the event.

    Lots to catch up and would like for a group of us to have dinner after the event.


  22. Hi Sockie
    Please register me for the Line Dance. I hope to join you at Kovan CC this coming Thursday morning, can??? Thanks.

    Girlfren Audrey Wong…I am joining you…

  23. Dear Janie Sweetie @ #38 and Baby Tender Cow @ #40

    K we are ready for the night.

    Will try to bring some glasses for your grape juice.

    Dear HC @ #44

    You are welcome and I am sure you will enjoy them very much.


  24. Hi Sockie

    Please put me in for this event. Only know the very old line dances but would definitely enjoy the country and new line dancing songs. Will be there at 2.30 to brush up some steps.

    Tolong, play my favourite Vertical Expression, beautiful song and dance.

    Kam Siah.


  25. Dear Sokie,
    Kindly include the following name in your event please.
    1). Ronald Lam
    2). Marg Tian
    3). Lina Tan
    4). Eliza Chua
    5). Judy Lim

    Thank you

  26. Andrew, there is still time for you to catch up and learn more dacnes before 2 Oct…so what are you waiting for huh?

    Eileen & Susan, hope you were able to pick up a few more dances too

    Lily, sorry ou had to run off so soon on Monday, do feel free to come back anytime for more practices.

    For thoe who wants to pcik up a few more dances for the jam, the doors are alway open for you :0)

    Judy & the ‘gang’ welcome welcome and look forwardto seeing all of us soon


  27. Thanks Sockie. Will keep that in mind. I have lesson at the same CC from 8.30 – 9.45 pm every Mon. So will certainly try to come in earlier to learn some line dances from you. Too bad I have lesson on Wed from 7.30 – 8.30 pm. Otherwise, I will join you at TPYC CC.

  28. Very busy downloading the 22or so that I learned before. But dun mind the new ones – the more the merrier! Actually it’s really good for body tone – dont need those stressful types at the gym LOL.

  29. Lily #56

    Feel free to drop by before your classes, we typically starts around 7.45pm unless I am tied down by my work. Anyway some of the students will come in around 7.30pm and Roy will usually do some revision with them before my arrival :0)

    Hi Susan #57

    Hope you can learn a few more dances before the jam so that you can ‘workout’ more……good for the body and soul…one get to do some excercise with nice(depending on one’s taste) music……. and best thing is we do not have to sit and wait for any guy to lead us to the dance floor and for the giys who are shy, there is no need to sweat over how to ask a girl for a dance hahahahahaha

    BTW thank you all for the payment for the revision classes and this is good for all revision from now till the day of the jamboree …… there are no freebies from the CC so this is the least I can offer to all the supporters ie only one payment for as many revision session as you can attend :0)


  30. Hi Sockie
    Want to confirm whether the dance ‘Vertical Expression’ is the one choreographed by Robbie McGowan Hickie, 32 count, 4 wall. Thanks


    It was good to see you again at the “one night in Chinatown”.

    So glad that you sounded me out regarding this event. Upon checking it out – it looks like a fun and exciting activity.

    Please po mia for me. Kam siah.

  32. #61 Lai Fong, sama sama only can remember “Electric Slide” but was since we have sounded out by Sockie on Sat at One Nite in Chinatown, guess we shall be back to Kovan this 2 Oct to slide again. Please include Janet as well – Sockie! Thanks

  33. Lai Fong #61, Jacqueline #63, Yatsing #65 Boon Liang and Janet #64

    No worry lah, I have out in a few very easy dances and I am sure you all can follow and I wil try to stay near to hold your hands…….or should I day legs to dance :0)

    Some of the music are actually quite nice for listening pleaaure and I believe you can do electirc slide quite a few songs too.

    Bobby #67, glad you could join us too :0)

    Anymore coming huh……. 3 more weeks to go so kin kin po miah lei :0)


  34. Dear Sockie

    Yes. I did say come and supprot you on 2 Oct 2011 between 3pm to 7pm. If I can’t follow than I will listen to music and see all of you ‘gelek’. Reserve 1 ticket and pay you at the door.



  35. Hi Sockie,

    I m JUDY TAY. Hope not too late to register.

    Kindly register myself and EUNICE TAY.

    We don’t know how to line dance, but want to join in the LD fun.

    Cheers ^_^


  36. Hi Judy

    Sorry for the late response as i was away in KL for a makan and shopping trip for the lasr couple of days. You are more than welcome to join us in the line dance party. There are quite a few easy to follow dances so you might be able to do some of them :0) see you and Sunday then


  37. A gentle reminder to those who wants to do some warm-up or last minute revision of some easy dances, I will be at the CC at 2.30pm to do some walk through.

    For those who have not indicated your interest but are free tommorrow you are all welcome to join us.

    So far 70 tickets had been sold and together with those who have registred but not bought the tickets yet, we should be expecting about 100 pax plus some walk-ins too.

    Reat well and get ready for 4 hours of non-stop music and dances


  38. Aiyo Tian Soo

    Janie had to go out of town for some business, GT could not make it cos she is overseas and I brought this big bottle of Bailey’s, glasses and two packets of groundnuts but you were no where in sight. I had to lug that bottle home cos there was no one to share the drink with. Next time, no more already lah!

  39. Congratulations Sockie on your successful event. I enjoyed dancing to the music even if it wasn’t line dance that I was doing. And the good company of my buddies.


  40. Thank You Caroline and A big thank you to all who turned up at the Line Dance jam today…I had a great time but my feet were sooo tired from the dancing and hope all of you had a good time too.

    We had a big turn out of 150 people and I was very happy to see quite a few old friends who came to support the function.

    A special note of thanks to Dolly and Lily who volunteered to help out at the registration counter…you 2 are great…don’t know what I will do without your help :0)

    Tian Soo, I was so tired and about to drop but you were not there to hold me lei and poor Caroline has to lug back all the stuff because there was no one to drink wih her tsk tsk tsk

    Till the next jam……


  41. Poor Baby Goat

    So sweet of you to lug the huge Baileys and glasses back and forth.

    Glad that you enjoyed yourself. Saw your pretty pic; getting hotter each time. Drool……..

    Have a great and safe trip, darling. Mwah.

  42. Girlfren Socks

    Congratulations on a great turnout.

    What a pity bare hands was not there when you needed him. Go for a foot massage tomorrow and go ahhhh……

  43. Hi Sockie,

    Thkyou so much for organising this event and everyone has enjoyed very much. Glad to meet up with Ann Giri, MIA for a long time.

    Cheers, well done.

  44. Hi Sockie

    You are most welcome. Dolly and I will always help out a friend in need, be it last minute or otherwise.

    Noted that you refrained from posting 2 other names here who had also helped because they prefer not to be mentioned.

    Congratulations on a great turnout for your 1st jam session.

    Dolly & Lily

  45. Sockie

    A thousand apologies to you and others who had expected me.

    I was violated by a Urologist and he told me to stay at home and enjoy his handiwork. Not even to laugh out loud.

  46. Carly #74

    Don’t finish the Bailey’s at home. We can have it together when you come back. Good with your Pepper Crabs. We can get our hands dirty.

  47. Well, TS, don’t look at it as a violation; learn from Terence – he absolutely loves it!

    My days are numbered……..

  48. You are welcome Sockie Dear.

    Oh Tender Cow, wished you were here. Hahaha! trying to get hotter and see if anyone wants to catch this young at heart hottie kekeke! So looking forward to my hols and will think of you when I am dancing with some hot bod spaniards :) Mwah! Mwah to you too Babe.

    TS, OK lah so long as I dont have to lug the bottle around. Black pepper crab with Baileys will start a fire heeee!


  49. Hi Sockie

    Just wanna say, it was a wonderful gathering. I managed to re-learn a few of my favourite dances namely Island in the Stream and meeting of friends and meeting new members.

    I had so much fun that I was on mc for the next 2 days hence the late thank you. am still recovering from the virus infection. Sudah Tua lah.

    Kam siah, looking forward to the next session, but must chiak poh first


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