Calling all social & ballroom dancing enthusiasts…

as some of you may know, presently there is a small group of amateur dancing enthusiasts who come to together and share the love for dancing with one another; we hope to conduct more dancing sessions to reach out to those of you who are keen to take up dancing or who wish to continue to learn new variations; we will probably be sharing the cha cha, disco rock, waltz, square rumba, latin rumba, viennesse waltz, jive rhythm and others in the near future;

if you are keen or have an interest in social and ballroom dancing please indicate your interest here so we can keep you in the loop as and when we are able to provide lessons or have a social dance function for members;

eo: daniel ong

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About daniel ong

a retired human resource professional, 60 years of age, single, living on my own; presently active in cycling, walking and tennis; do enjoy social dancing and karoake but have not been active in these two areas now; learning to play poker and mahjong from books - yet to find any kaki to help me get started in practice; used to be quite interested in IT and had learned to programme in coldfusion language as well as web page design in html and css but alas, has since forgotten and lost these interests about 3 years back; had actually even design a recruitment program on-line and created a website for e-resumes; currently lack intellectual stimulations and hence am trying to socialize and grow a network of new friends;

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Do include me in your dance functions. Though I can’t commit to your regular class on Saturday nights, if your class is rescheduled to weekdays, ie Mondays to Thursdays, I will join in.

    Patrick Oei has a dance event this Saturday in Potong Pasir CC, and he still has tickets. Would you or any of your dance enthusiasts be keen to go?

  2. Daniel-O, “enthusiasts” are at one pole end, “novices” are at another. I am a novice, lost and only know how to walk and play football. So will your call reach me too?

  3. Dear Daniel,

    Thanks for organising the social and ballroom dancing among members of SHC .

    Pls inclde me for both Social and Ballroom dancing.

    Cheers !!!

  4. hello all

    in the past the system will automatically generate an email to the person who posted the event each time someone makes a comment in his post; apparently the current system don’t do so; hence i will not be able to contact those who responded to my post; so kindly indicate your email address here or write to me in private at my email address: if you are keen or interested in being kept in the loop with regard to dancing;

    angela straaten kindly note that i do no have your email address; as for the rest i do have your email addresses and will keep you in the loop as and when required;

    thank you;

  5. hi everyone

    thank you for responding; i will write to you in due course; please be patient as i am a slow person and need time to organise my thoughts;

  6. Dear Daniel,

    Joy and I are keen to join the fun.

    Btw, is there a limit to the number attending, should there be a quota of male or female, are all who show interest excepted whether they are new or season dancers?, is there a committee to vex those who want to join and do you need approval from the rest for any new-comers? and wat the cost to defray the rental of the premises?


  7. Hi Daniel.Pls include me at I just realise recently that everyone around me can dance one way or another.Me completely zero in dancing. How? Me teachable or not?

  8. Hi Daniel and all SHCians

    My email address has been compromised and there is a message supposed sent saying I’m in Spain and need $ etc.


    Thank you.


  9. hi all

    its been 2 weeks plus since i last sent out my email on infor gathering about your dancing skills level, etc… we now have a total list of 72 persons interested or keen to be included; for those who have not bothered to response so far please note that your contact details will automatically be delisted as i do not want to forward emails to anyone who just want to be kept informed but does not do their part to respond;

    i am glad to say we have 5 levels of participants so far from novices to intermediate/advance dancers; i will be looking at organising lessons as the next step;

  10. wow.. 72 persons! that’s an impressive number! And 5 levels too! wow .. !

    Hopefully, i will get to meet more social and ballroom dance enthusiasts, in future SHC dance events. This Saturday at Kovan, perhaps?

  11. kindly note that i will not be monitoring comments on this post with effect from today; please email me if you want to contact me; see #7 above for my email address; thank you;

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