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  1. Hi Michelle

    Welcome to join us at RSVP.

    To join the karaoke session on Talent-Time Day, you can post a comment in the Post dated “Fri 22 Sep 2006 SilverHairsClub Talent-Time Participants Posted by Vishal under Forum (General) , Talent-Time”.

    Pls also come along and join our monthly cycling and nature walking activities. You can always check up the information at SHS’s webpage.

    yew kwong

  2. Ann

    I m not but rather a participant. My main focus or top priority is still with the cycling group.

    Being involved (through participation in kind) in the many activities lead by the various groups give me rare opportunities to meet and get to know the other members better.

    The activities are created for all the SHC members and I believe that we should make time to participate in them and enjoy ourselves.

  3. Hi Michelle/ Yew Kwong

    Where can I practice the Karaoke seession ?

    Should we hold a small group of ay abt 10 SHCians and book a room at CC or Ok club?

    We can split the bill.

    Date,Time,Place ?

    I had NOT been singing for donkey ears.Would like to “polish” up voice otherwise on that Talentime night very “Lau Kui”

    Steven Chan

  4. Hi Steven

    There are many places where U can book room 2 karaoke. One of the places is your “home” studio. Guess where. If U dont know, it’s a 8 letter-word which starts the letter wif “B”. Another ideal one is practice at the reservoir which many do. Go to MacRitchie early this Sat n do a practice session b4 joining the walking activity.

  5. Hi

    I found this Activity – am I too late to join as a supporter and not a participants. I will pay into the account if I am able to join the fun.

    Await your response.
    Thanks dorothy

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