4 Short F&E trip to Thailand 2020

In 2020, I plan to do 4 F&E trips to Thailand to explore the country.. The broad details are:

1. Each trip will last at least 7D 6N. Start and end dates will be announced at least one 1 month ahead. Every body buys own airtickets.

2. Starting city: A major city eg Phuket, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Udonthani or Hatyai.

3. Ending trip: Another major city or same originating city.

4. Format: Drivers only. We drive where the heart takes us.

5. Accommodation: budget 500 baht a room night (tenting included). Usually no warm water, no breakfast, no room accessories. No prebooking, as we check in when like the place.

6. Itinery: no program, plan on a next day by day basis. No shopping in plan.

7. F&B: very Thai and local. Only strong stomachs can participate. High veg diet. Local markets.

8. Suitable for retirees or would be retirees

Interested, plse register here. We will get in touch with you.

Terence Seah

7 thoughts on “4 Short F&E trip to Thailand 2020

  1. Hi Terence
    Sound nice to.get together.
    Self drive is also very interesting .
    If date is favourable to me ,
    Definetly will.join.
    Hope is after feb 9 .
    Let meet again old thailand trip buddies.
    CHEERS !

  2. Dear Stella,
    Got to give a miss for Thailand trips this time liao… somemore no warm water, lagi beh sai lor.. Drive where heart takes us.. always ended up arguing with all xyz.. lagi sian and no good for friendship lor… But that’s solely my own perception nia.. as for you.. enjoy the great companies of others too.. cheers…

    Prefer to venture out other countries if time permits next year much depend of work assignments lor.. cannot retire now mah.. still need to have bread and butter lor..

    Till then.. Cheers.. Dolly

  3. Dear dolly
    No problem.
    I will still proceed with this trip if there is enough participants.
    Let meet on next trip a little bit attas thailand with hotel n shopping .
    Cheers !


    • From 21-29 Mar 2020, i am going to Southern Thailand, to Surat Thani, Pakpra, and to areas around the Andaman sea. If you are interested to enjoy the beautiful scenery in this part of Thailand, feel free to form a group of 4 on this driving trip. This is the 1st of 4 trips which i have planned for this year.

      Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence and folks, since it is in Thailand, I like to say and add that I can organise monthly trips as we put groups of people together interested for farmstay at Thailand’s biggest organic farm at Chiangrai area. The plan is once there is a basic core group of 4 travelers to go for any month, I will finalise the details for that month.
    1. Travelers flies from Sg to Chiangrai
    2. 3 nights 4 days package stay at the farm; inclusive of airport transfers, accommodation, all organic meals and activities on the farm. Warm water, electricity, wifi etc.,
    3. Activities like natural mud spa, tie dying of cloth, rice planting, animal feedings, snacks making, how to make salted egg, night time stars gazing, hill short trekking, traditions thai massage, etc.,
    4. Extension to other parts of Chiangrai is also available if the group wish
    5. Very free and easy, very relaxing and rejuvenating
    6. I can even arrange if your group wish to learn about any aspect organic farming and lifestyle etc.,
    7. Price is fixed and will be calculated. Not suitable for petty travelers.
    8. Let’s see how it goes from here. I have one in March.

    • Hi Fetzus, very good to see you organise eco-trips to Chiangrai. Please feel free to write a separate post on your March trip and include any info on dates, itinery and costs, once you have them available.

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