SHC Jan 2020 monthly gathering Thur 9 Jan 2020

Hi everybody

To start our new year 2020, we shall have our Jan monthly gathering, details as follows:

Date: Thur 9 Jan 2020

Place: City Square Mall, Food Republic, #04-31, 180 Kitchener Road, Spore 208539

Time: 5pm to 8pm

MRT: Farrer Park, Exit I to city square mall

Come join us if u have some time to kick start the new year.

Plse register here.

Terence Seah

1. Terence Seah ( EO )

2. Dolly Lim

3. Caroline Gee

4. Stella Sheng

5. Lilian

6. David ONG

7. Gingko Tay

8. Lee Ah Nee

9. Pauline Khoo

10. Pony Teng

11. Sally Ang

12. Howard Yong

13. Ann Giri

14. Winnie Tan

15 Malyne Suen

16. Kamala Roberts

17. Richard Wong

18. Julie

19. Bob Mong

20. Michelle SIM

21. Judy Chia

22. Karen THIO

23. Alan Ang

24. Doreen Ong

25. Patricia SIN

26. Kim Eng

27. Ong Chew Teck

28.  Yap Sew King

29. Jimmy Tsin

30. Daisy Phua

31. Peter Goh

32 Irene Yap

33. Bobby Bok

34. Susan Chang

35. Kwai Keng

36. Henry See

37. Yoon Chin

38. Daisy Wee

39. John Lim

40. Steven Chan

41. Andrew Koh

42. Catherine Yeo

43. Cat Yeo

44. ChristinA

73 thoughts on “SHC Jan 2020 monthly gathering Thur 9 Jan 2020

  1. Dear Members,
    I will be there and for those new members which are still not so familiar with the functionality and use of SHC website, please feel free to approach me on the day itself. Topics like requesting for new password, new membership registration and how to create a new post for interesting topics and/or events which you may considering sharing with all members here.

    Cheers.. DollyL

  2. Hi Terence ,
    Please add us in for the January monthly gathering at City Square Food Court .
    1. Kamala Roberts
    2. Richard Wong
    3. Malyne Suen

    Thank you in advance .

      • Irene Yap lives in West Singapore. As part of our plans to bring members living in West Singapore together, Irene Yap will be coming to our monthly gathering to introduce herself. Those living in Jurong, are invited to join SHC West. Regular gatherings will be held in Jurong. Irene Yap will also co-admin the Whatsapp group “SHC West “. Our objective is to enable members to meet closer by zones

        Welcome Irene Yap.

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