SHC Monthly gathering 21 Feb 2020

For the attention for members attending this gathering : Kindly look into the list of food/fruits that some members already committed to bring as we will prefer not to have too much of the same kind. There is no restriction of how much you wanted to bring but you can based on your own judgement on the list of foods below. Thank you

Date : Friday 21 Feb 2020
Time : 6.00pm to 10.00pm
Venue : Maplewoods Condo, Function Room, 985 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 589627
MRT : King Albert Park MRT
Buses : To Be Updated Later
For those driving, you can park at condo’s car park

We will make this gathering to be a pot luck event, thus, each member will need bring 1 dish for 5paxs. However, we do not encourage repetition of same kind. Hence, kind understanding much appreciated.

As Condo’s management has a rule to maintain the maximum pax’s allowable at the function room is 50 only. So, we would appreciate that your keen participation to be registered early so as to secure a seat for this gathering. Coupled the request from Condo Management, we will also need to maintain the cleanliness of the Function Room after use. See you soon..

PS: Those wanted to swim before the gathering, you are welcome to do so too. And for those keen to have a game of squash and/or tennis, please indicate here too so that Stella can help to book these facilities.

And those music lovers, regret to say that there will be no karaoke facilities inside Function Room, however, feel free to bring your mini equipments with either CDs/VCDs or USB so that you still can enjoy music and dancing too.

Keen members, please start your registrations here now…

Cheers… Dolly Lim

Dear Members,
Happy Lunar New Year 2020 and to start with this prosperous Lunar year and with the kind offer/help from Stella, whom will be booking the condo’s function room to make this event possible, we shall have our February monthly gathering. Details stated below:

  1. Dolly Lim – Curry chicken
  2. Stella Sheng
  3. Caroline Gee –  home stewed pork fried bihun
  4. Karen Thio & maid – Mini cupcakes
  5. Nellie Teo
  6. Catherine Chng
  7. Michelle Sim
  8. Graham
  9. Doris Graham – Fried Rice
  10. Richard Wong – Roast Duck
  11. Yoon Chin
  12. Oliver Chiang
  13. Anne Marie Low
  14. Lina Ng – Fried mee siam
  15. Bobby Bok
  16. Gerry Ong – Roasted chicken
  17. Elaine Kong – Some home-cooked food to be advised later
  18. Nelly Soh – Kueh binka 7″
  19. Lim Kim Eng – Fruits
  20. Doris Tan Bee Yen – Pizza
  21. Rosalyn Khoo
  22. Helen Chiew
  23. Juliet Say – Thai Mango Salad
  24. Diana Ng
  25. Christina Pan – Need to change the item for pot luck
  26. Doreen Chan
  27. Harry Lim
  28. Pauline Khoo
  29. More to come?

43 thoughts on “SHC Monthly gathering 21 Feb 2020

  1. Hi All,
    My apologies for the typo error and thanks Stella for informing me.- it should be 1pax brings around food enough for 5paxs instead of 15pax.

  2. Hi Stella,

    Very nice of you to host the SHC Feb monthly gathering at your condo function room. It does take some organising, but i believe you and Dolly will create a fun social potluck occasion.

    I will be travelling the period and i look forward to seeing pictures of food and faces. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  3. Terence, thank you for the supporting words.

    Stella, I appreciated your effort to go the extra mile to connect with other members to join this monthly gathering. Let’s dont be too stressed with the expected turn-ups for the day. The meeting will be still on regardless whatever headcount can turned up. Be there is 5, 10 or 50paxs, the meeting is still on. So hang loose ya…

    I heard other members’ requests through you, however, date, venue and time – sorry but it is not possible for me adjust right now as I have my own work schedule to follow also. Karaoke is really not on my list for this meet-up but I am not stopping any members keen to have this on but please bring your stereo player with discs and mics to sing.

    Cheers… Dolly

  4. Hi there Dolly – and a very Happy New Year!

    Just back from extended New Zealand trip – and into reliable wi-fi again!!!

    Yes, both myself (Doris) and my husband (Graham) will be attending the meetup on 21st Feb!

    Thanks & regards


    • Hi Doris,
      Thank you for the great support rendered and registered almost instantly upon return from your holidays with Graham. Also noted that you will prepare fried rice for this gathering.

      Happy Lunar New Year in advance and looking forward to see both of you soon… Cheers…Dolly

  5. Hi! Dolly,
    I will attending the gathering on 21 Feb.
    Unfortunately Malyne Suen is unable to join me, she has Church Bible
    study meeting to attend on that day.
    I will bring a roasted duck for potluck

    • Hi RichardW,
      Thank you for the support and noted that Malyne is unable to come due to other commit. Wow, roasted duck… Thanks for the contribution too….

      Cheers.. Dolly

    • Hi Christina,
      Thank you for the participation. However, would appreciate that you could change your fruits to others as 1 member already stated that she will bring fruits for this gathering. Kind understanding much needed.

      Cheers.. Dolly

  6. Dear Members,
    Regardless of how many headcount registered so far, this monthly gathering is definitely on as per schedule stated.

    As this is pot luck gathering, would appreciate those members registered but yet to list out their preferred food to bring – You may do so now so as to avoid repetition of food. As for the food consumption, I had received too many feedback on the qty required, as such, I am going to leave this option for your own judgement – you bring as you seem deem fit.

    Hope to see all of you soon… Cheers… Dolly

  7. Dear Registered Members,

    We have decided and with much regret to inform you, after considering all options, to cancel this monthly meeting on 21 Feb 2020. With the current situation worsening and now with the Government flagging a Code Orange, it is with prudence, we feel we should take some precautions and not to go ahead without ascertaining the risks involved.

    We thanked each and everyone of you for your keen participation and hope to see your participation in next monthly gatherings once the current situation is back to normal safe mode.

    Till then, see you again.. Cheers… Dolly & Stella.

    • Hi Dolly, Stella, you make a wise decision to postpone the monthly gathering to another date. The current situation is indeed frightening, and we should all take steps to protect ourselves from the virus.

  8. hi cola n dolly – thanks for org this feb gathering – is good to ccancel n play safe for all concern – hope the virus will clear soon n we can hv the gathering at the nice place again

    c u 2 soon

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your never ending support for almost all SHC events organised so far and also this kind understanding for this cancelation too.

      Yeap, once the current situation showed sign of reverting back to the normal condition, rest assured that there will be many more monthly gathering coming… Cheers.. Dolly & Stella

  9. Hi All Attendees,
    I was just being pre-alerted by Stella that there are some registered members of this event were not aware of this event had been canceled. While we are trying to inform as many as we could via watapps, there will be some that we would be likely to have missed in our pipeline. Should anyone turned up at the designated place today, they will be turned away… For this instance, we are deeply sorry…

    Till then… From both Stella and Dolly

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