A Visit to Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Date : March 5 2020
Time : From 12noon till 4.00pm – You can leave anytime you like..

Planning to go for Sembawang Hot Spring Park since it last re-opened for public but always no time to do so. But for now, it seems to be a fairly good idea to pay a visit to enjoy natural hot spring.

Those members with the same mindset as I, are welcome to join me to have a dip in the hot spring water for 10 – 20mins, boil eggs? and etc…

What to bring?
Towels, swimsuit, extra clothings, footwear and umbrella and not to forget drinking water. You may also need to bring plastic carriers to keep those wet towels, swimsuit and clothings.

Then after soak/dip followed shower, we can proceed to have tea with cakes.

See you when I see you there.. Cheers… Dolly

Author: Dolly Lim

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9 thoughts on “A Visit to Sembawang Hot Spring Park”

    1. Karen dear,
      As discussed, please meet me at Bukit Panjang MRT @ 11.30am and we will proceed from there as it is the first time that I am going there too. Kindly let me know if there is any changes closer to date. See you.. Cheers.. Dolly

  1. Couples of hiccups yesterday while going to Sembawang Hot Park which Karen, Alice and I landed there much later than the planned meeting time. Nevertheless, it was still a trip well spent and an eye openers for Alice, Karen, Stella and I. Stella told me that she bumped into other SHC members there too, but alas, we missed the opportunity to catch with some – Next time maybe, another time or another place? We soaked our feet and thanks to Alice, whom had bring some bath salts to further enhance our soaking process. Stella was there much earlier, so she had finished soaking and was busying taking photos of the surrounding. So far, I had yet to receive more photos (candid shots – as she had put it) from her.

    After finishing soaking our feet, we planned to have light refreshments at the cafe but later ended going to nearby Chong Pang Market for meals instead so none of us been there. No regret going though.

    Though weather dont seem to be in our favour as it was rain and stopped intermittently but I would like to express my utmost thanks to my comrades bravely these obstacles with me. A great thanks to Stella, Alice and Karen… Cheers.. Dolly

      1. Terence,
        Temperature from 40 to 70 degree C located separately in the fountain itself. I supposed that 70 can boil eggs right.. we did not tried as none of us brought along any eggs lor..You wanna to try?? Cheers.. Dolly

  2. thanks dolly for eo this event ,

    give me a chance to force myself to go out m breath some fresh air n nice meeting alice too

    hope more member can eo more event for shc soon

    thanks dolly for yr lift n lucky s fine good weather blessed to us

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