Discussion on how to learn and share the use of smartphones for seniors

Many Singaporeans know how to use WhatsApp. We use it to send messages and pictures to friends and family.

But, not all of us know how to use it to chat with a group of 5-8 friends. Few know we can comfortably see one another on the phone screen.

Singaporeans can easily make and change polyclinic appointments from the mobile phone. Travellers use Google maps to get from one place to another anywhere in the world. We can also check when the next bus arrives at our bus stop. it is also easy to book and pay for a Scoot flight from Singapore to Beijing. We can order our favourite pizza online.

We fumble and cannot find where to press. So, we rather go to the postoffice and queue. The phone can help us. Phone is not cheap.

As we age, the time will come when we are quarantined or we cannot move. Have to lie on the bed the whole day. The phone will be our friend.

Many members are equally familiar with these phone uses. We can share and learn. Lets learn from the guys and gals. Lets discuss how to go about “how to learn and share the use of smartphones for seniors”.

Terence Seah

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