Talk by Sam Goh on “Living in JB during retirement” via SHC Zoom, Sat 14 Mar 2020 1900 – 2100hrs.

Sam Goh, also know as Ah Huat or the laughter yoga teacher, joined SHC in Jan 2006. Well known as our contact guy in JB, Sam just crossed 60, and has always been involved in recycling and charity activities in JB. In the club, Sam had participated in different roles, one as a bouncer in SHC Dinner & Dance “One night in Taipei” and as a young school boy in SHC Prom night.

Sam is street smart. He speaks Bahasa Malay and Mandarin fluently. Having lived in JB for more than 20 years, he knows many nooks and corners, including good food, karaoke and special buys. He also knows many naughty places.

We have invited Sam Goh to give a talk on “Living in JB during retirement”. He is ideally suited to offer his views and recommendations on JB.

The talk will be presented over SHC Zoom. Date and time not fixed yet. This will last about 30 mins, followed by Q&A and discussion. You are welcome to participate.

We will have more SHC Zoom talks and discussions. To prepare your self, please click to join in at the designated time. No password required.

Terence Seah

5 thoughts on “Talk by Sam Goh on “Living in JB during retirement” via SHC Zoom, Sat 14 Mar 2020 1900 – 2100hrs.

  1. Hi Terence,

    I am interested to know more about life after retirement in JB! Add me in as one of the participants for the SHC Zoom video meeting .
    Catherine /Malyne

  2. We will have a number of talks and discussions via SHC Zoom. The Silverhairsclub has many members, all with vsried knowledgr, skills and experience. I hope members can benefit from these discussions and sharing. It is also a great way for you to know more friends. There is never a better time than now. We are either Merdeka or Pioneer.

    Enjoy and benefit from the knowledge acquired.

    Terence Seah.

  3. Topic: “Living in JB during retirement”

    Sam Goh lives in JB. He will host a talk and discussion live on video conference, SHC Zoom.

    Date/time:. Sat 14 Mar 2020 at 1900 hrs – 2100hrs.

    If you join early, plse wait for talk to start.

    To participate, click on link below from your mobile. Do wear appropriately as you are on video.

    Meeting ID: 417 852 5736

    if you like the link via Whatsapp, plse let me know. See you.

    Terence Seah

  4. Thank you Mr Sam for sharing about your JB lifestyle, for those who miss the zoom meeting, i just share what Sam touch on synopsis. Hope more will join us for the next discussion soon.

    1. Brief intro about Sam – involvment in recycling and charity for many years in JB.
    2. Car – avoid driving singapore car plate due to local and police officer special treatment of $$$$. Advise by him to drive malaysia car plate to camflourage as local people.
    3.Housing – mention a few location during the early time whereby singaporean 70% buy land to build house. His view about condo and forest city is too quiet,troublesome to walk to multi carpark, integrity of security guard (best is nepalse instead of other races).
    4.Pasar malam – KSL is singaporean favourite while Tun aminah 777 bus stop is the biggest and longest during saturday. Johre jaya is every tuesday.
    5.Food – local food still best than singapore in term of ingredient freshness and price. Seafood for his choice is kong kong area and Taman Gulang (check with him for exact address due to my typo error).
    6. Hospital – JB do accept our CPF medic save deduction also dental too.
    7.Medical pharmacy – Sentosa medication drug price higher due to singaporean favourite while he recommend Masai mostly for local and cheaper price.
    8. Advice : try to learn melaya due to lingo able to click well and be more welcome with good gesture.

    Conclusion : A enjoyable discussion but hope to see more SHC members. Take a plunge to learn new social media instead of whatapk only. Learn to talk,pose and view in more personal way then typing,attach other post and whatapk can only do.

    Looking forward for more zoom meeting in future.

    I will be contribute next topic on HDB 2room bto for senior – sharing discussion only.
    I will share about my personal “adventure from $10 bid to sign up for lease agreement” More about the beginning stages why i choose to monetize for retirement fund.
    my motto “live for yourself – you only live once !”

  5. Thank you, Howard, for sharing what has transpired at ZOOM. Indeed, nice to get some tips from brother Sam, a Johor veteran. Some of his comments are noteworthy and practical, albeit briefly mentioned. Will try to join the next meeting.


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