“How to buy & Sell online via e-commerce websites”, a discussion led by Dolly Lim, Tue 31 Apr 2020 7pm

Zoom Video discussion on 31 March 2020 @ 7pm...

Buying goods online has become very popular, from local or overseas stores. Selling online has also been equally easy, especially with easy payment systems. Of course there are pitfalls, but selling online enables us to reach the outside world, reach directly the buyer and benefit from the e-commerce website marketing.

Dolly Lim has offered to moderate this topic LIVE on SHC Zoom. We get to share our selling and buying experience. Learn about potential risks but also how to go about using sites like Taobao, Wish and other sites to sell.

If you have a selling website, come discuss with the group.

The session will be one hour, and we will determine if we will do this activity on a regular basis, after the first one. Session will be conducted over SHC Zoom. Simply click here 5 mins before the date and time. No password.


Interested? Plse register here or contact Dolly Lim.

Terence Seah

3 thoughts on ““How to buy & Sell online via e-commerce websites”, a discussion led by Dolly Lim, Tue 31 Apr 2020 7pm

    • Hi Daisy,
      Thank you for the keen interest. Currently, I have not fixed a date/time to connect for this discussion. Once I had settled my current commitments pertaining to work, rest assured that I will arrange for this.

      FYI, please be informed that I am a novice with regards to the online buy/sell platforms and would definitely appreciate some experienced members for the subject, will come forward to give us some pointers so that we can understand better.

      Cheers… Dolly

  1. Hi All,
    Let’s have a zoom video on 31/3/2020 at 7pm and this session will last for 45mins. For those that are keen to join for general discussion, please download Zoom from app store to start the ball rolling.

    Kindly note that I am also just novice into this area but would try my best in sharing, in terms of buying, payment, e-wallet, shipping, refunds and pros and cons. Not really in selling yet as all samples are currently unable to deliver as planned due to this virus situation. Nevertheless, those already have prior experience dealing in selling online, I would like to invite you to share your experiences with me too.

    For a start, I will prefer to begin with small group size of 6-8 members so that everyone can share their views comfortably.

    So far, only 1 member had shown her interest. Any others keen, please state here..

    Hope to see you on 31/3/2020 at Zoom 7pm.

    Cheers… Dolly

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