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Since there is no taker here, I will be giving them away thru FB now.  I will be deleting this post by April 23 2020 by 5pm.  Thank you

Dear Members,
I have numerous ‘white elephants’ which is my trash now but someone’s treasures to be shared here. But I would like to share these giveaways during the Zoom session. Pictures will be added in later

However, I would prefer these to be given away to those members that I can see them via Zoom even though I might not have meet you in person before. If any members see anything you like here, you may want to consider to meet me in Zoom. I have yet to plan a date for this. But my preferred timing will be after 7pm weekdays. I will definitely choose a day whereby most members can meet me lor.. These giveaways will be mailed out once you are selected, however, you will need to pay for postage and other expenses incurred. Rest assured there will be no overcharged as I gave away very often thru my FB page. But for this time, I decided to give a try at SHC instead

Till then… Cheers… Dolly

One thought on “Sharing/Giving @ Zoom

  1. Good morning, All,
    I had finally included a URL link so that you are able to view the blessings that I am going to give out. Would appreciate that you let me know your keen interests by 23 April 2020 so that I can arrange a zoom video for this.

    It is my first try out here in SHC website and hopefully that there will be keen takers, so that I can continue to post others. But if there is a lack of takers, I will be re-direct these blessings to my regular FB page for others.

    Cheers.. .Dolly

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