DAY FOURTEEN OF CB – What have you been up to?

Hi Dear All.

It is tough trying to work from home for such a long period of time. But we have to do what we have to do to keep safe. From Mondays to Fridays, I have my laptop turned on from 8.30am to 5.30pm. In between checking on my work, I watch the news from around the world and home. Everyday we read and hear about what COVID-19 is doing to the world, it sometimes gets quite scary and worrisome. But getting respite from the situation, you get people doing things that make you laugh – instead of the avalanche of sad news on COVID-19 on every TV and radio channel.

On my part, I only go out, with mask on, for grocery shopping only when its absolutely necessary. If I need items that I do not have, I use something that I already have as a substitute. I write down my shopping list. Go into the market/supermarket and buy what I need and leave the place asap.

I google for recipes that I have never tried before and experiment on them. Mostly turn out good because I choose those with many reviews and with a five star ratings. So far, from Day One to Day Thirteen, I have not repeated any meal for lunch and dinner. I have baked different types of cakes and breads. My youngest daughter and I embarked on a Sourdough Project and we have baked several lovely loaves of sourdough breads which we enjoy for our breakfasts.

I have started to learn how to play the ukelele (my second daughter gave me a beautiful one and I never got around to learn how to play it until now) and I am enjoying it.

I practise dancing on my own and doing dance exercises to keep fit cos there have been loads of input.

Group chatting with family and friends, sharing jokes and latest updates on almost anything under the sun keeps me sane and watching the Youtube channels.

After COVID-19 is defeated, I would love to travel (had to cancel my trip in April and June), catch up with family and friends and go jalan jalan at the malls and browse the supermarket shelves, slowly.

If you like, you can share with us what you have been doing and what you would love to do when the COVID-19 virus is defeated?

In the meantime, follow the rules, take care and keep safe.

Caroline Gee aka Carly

P.S. Terence, will try to get to doing the recipe requested. Hopefully soon.

9 thoughts on “DAY FOURTEEN OF CB – What have you been up to?

  1. Dear Carly,
    Nice to share with us what you have been doing over the last 14 days of the Circuit Breaker Period. I believe most of us are doing about the same house chores during this stay home period apart from WFH. We all try and do something to pass the day, be it office work, read some news to catch up with what’s happening, taking eye breaks from the laptop to the kitchen to cook something to eat, have a cuppa, do some housework and laundry, do grocery when needed, taking short naps, go for evening brisk walks. It has become routine for some, if not most of us. We are together on this self volunteer temporary curfew. One common wish we all look forward to is to know covid-19 will be over soon and life will be back to normal for us. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay home and stay healthy. Take care all. Cheers! Bruce Lee

  2. Dear Bruce

    It is my pleasure to share what most of us are most likely to be doing during this period. Yes, we should stay united in doing our part so that we can “free” again.
    In the meantime, you take care and stay safe too.

    Caroline aka Carly

  3. Dear Buddy,
    As of today, is 41days of CB… lots of ups, lots of down, lots of frustrations, lots of stresses.. But life still have to get going. Counting and still counting the days for CB to be lifted, ie 56days…

    Ample times on hand to roam freely around Spore which I never seem to have the time to do so before. Collected lots of recipes from FB and waiting to try out but often not done after seeing the queue to buy ingredients – just in no mood to queue. So far, only muah chee had been successful after 3rd tries with both Sister and househelp as guinea pig testers – hahahaha

    Past caring to worry about work projects since no solutions and I dont have the magic wand till the next MCO lifted on June 6.. Maybe then.. good news.. akan datang.. I really dont know.

    These days, zoom only for family members since mum missed those that are unable to visit her weekly due to CB’s restrictions for family visitations.

    So I am marking X every each CB day ended on my table calendar to countdown – This seems to be the chore that I am looking forward to do it daily…

    Making sure that I still able to look down and able to see my feet from now till CB over, i spent about 45mins daily to do stretching and walking exercises. So far so good.. Results had been promising.. :)

    So Buddy, keep our fingers X that we are able meet to lim kopi and/or lunch/dinner after Day 56. How about that? Of cos, with other good friends too…

    PS: As for some SHC members, FB friends and others, a big thank you for all morning watapps/messengers’ greetings, sweet messages and funny emticons to make sure I am still alive and kicking upon receiving mine back… No worry, dear friends, rest assured that I wont landed IMH as all of here to make sure that I wont… Not going to list these names but you know who you are.. A big muacks muacks from me and friends forever.

    Cheers… Dolly

    • Hi Buddy

      Thank you for sharing. Because of this CB, I have the opportunity to have bonding time with my girl. She is always busy and travelling for work, I hardly get to have meals with her. Now I get to experiment sourdough breadmaking with her. This requires lots of patience and waiting time. We have our experiments with recipes we try out together, for breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner together, and they were very good.
      So lucky for us, we have zoom and your mum can have her “visitors”.
      I am sure your sister and helper look forward to your food experiments too. And exercising! Haha! I can’t imagine you not being able to see your feet after CB is over.
      Yes! So looking forward to our kopi and makan time….. as soon as we get the green light!
      Take care and stay safe and see you soon.
      Much hugs!

      • Buddy dear,
        CB said to be exit on June 1 but still unable to meet… sigh.. Hopefully, see you soon for kopi and makan time (i enjoyed all these before CB leh) .. Meanwhile, stay safe and take care…

        Much hugs!!! Dolly

  4. Thanks for sharing with us Dolly. Yes indeed, stay home is no joke, more frustration and stress. The fact that we join long queues to just buy a handful of grocery or take away meals, made me think otherwise to go out. Sometimes also skip meals and don’t feel like eating any take away food. Scan IC at malls and supermarkets and temperature screening is part and parcel for these trips. I felt like we are kids sometimes. Hope this CB will be over soon, importantly infections have been controlled in the dorms and local and no new cases. Meanwhile, hang in there and stay healthy.

    • Thanks.. Bruce.. You are right about staying home during this CB period.. and let’s all hope that all these will be over soon. Definitely not on June 1 now as it seem. Hopefully still able to hang on tight and not to run amok. hahaha… Stay healthy and be safe..

      Cheers.. Dolly

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