LIVE Practice Zoom sessions, every M-Fri 1.00 – 2.00 pm until end of CB

Some members are very conversant with Zoom. Others have completed a 4 day course on using Zoom to tearning online. Most are able to do basic Zoom. SHC Zoom is a LIVE video conferencem.

We can use it for meetings, chat with friends and colleaques, discuss and make travel plans with pictures, form hobby groups eg tropical fishes, dogs, do demos, play chess, shudoku and mahjong, listen to music, and many “How to?”. You can discuss Stock market, show charts and current affairs, and talk at the same time.

Many people have heard of Zoom, and more than 200m people use Zoom every day. But one difficulty is to get started. Where to find friends to practise with? SilverHairsClub will assist to make practice possible.

How to start a free account?
How to set up Zoom?
Finetune audio and video settings.
How to use a white board. We know school days black board.
Breaking up the class to small groups.
How to secure tour class?

Every Mon to Fri, 1.00 pm to 2.00pmm we have our main forum “Lunch time”.
During this period, if you wish, we can form many small groups to practise the above. If there is a demand, we can have Mandarin speaking sessions.

1.00 pm Doors open. 10 mins grace before doors close.
1.15 pm Breakout rooms are open. Main forum will continue to discuss Lunch time news updates.
1.55 pm Everybody returns to main meeting room.
2.00 pm “Lunch time” ends. Back to work.

These sessions are free to join for SilverHairsClub members.

To participate, Whatsapp 9489 4360 and RSVP “Zoom Practice”. Members may contact Howard Yong, Catherine Soon, Dolly Lim, Daniel Chan, Lydia Chin. Or you can register here.

Terence Seah

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