New Picture Manager Role wef 01 Jan 2012

We have Sock Cheng (Sockie) as our Picture manager for some time already.  She has done a good job during this time, and has ensured that all EO events pictures are properly uploaded and documented.

She has also been active taken pictures at most events, and a sure prominent person to either be in front of or away from. 

Well time for a change.  Wef 1 Jan 2012, we will have a new Picture Manager to take over this role. This person is none other than Lee King Seng, whom many of you would have known during bowling activities and group events.  King Seng has taken some time to consider, and I am glad he has finally accepted this role.

Thank you King Seng.  And thank you to Sock Cheng, whom I will likely ask to take another role.

Terence Seah

7 thoughts on “New Picture Manager Role wef 01 Jan 2012

  1. Hi All

    Photos for the follwoing functions are now up in the website.

    1) All Hokkien Karaoke – Photos are not complete pending some more from Terence

    2) Monthly Meeting Dec 2011 – Also partial upload as I am still waiting for May & Audrey to send me more photos

    3) 2nd Photography Outing at National Orchid Gardens – complete

    You can go to the Photos and Venue page to search for the repsective functions or go the resptive thread and scroll down to photos link at the bottom of the post.


    I am still having problem with the photos from the Tang-Yuan Reunion, tried more than 5 time but am still getting some error message, can you or June re-send me the photos.


    Am waiting for you to re-send the Sep cycling at Changi also…cannot d/l from your photobucket lei

    Would like to finish up all 2011 photos upload before I hand the responsibility to King Seng next year, so for thos who had taken and photos of any recent SHC functions, can you e-mail them to me asap so that I can complete the 2011 upload.

    King Seng,

    I understand from Terence that we will be using an entirely new software for next year, but I guess the linkage to SHC website should be the same. Can we arrange for a day so that I can go through with you the procedure.

    As for the new album software, I am afraid Terence will have to go through with you as I do not know what new SW he is planning on using for next year


  2. Hi Sockie, I am very sorry for that late response. As soon as Terence send me the link to the new software, I will download it and install to my omputer which is an Imac.
    Not sure the software is written for Mac or not.
    I am free on Saturdays. I have also given you my contact number via an earlier email. You can sms me or email me.
    Thanks King Seng

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