any kind soul have extra 2012 calendra to give away ?

halo bro & sister ( hiah ti ji mui ) ..i am collecting 2012 calendra for charity homes both in spore & msia.

any buddies have extra to give away. i will come to you for collection @ nite. any size ,colour , nice or not  no problem lah. pls send me  a email @

but must not dat playboy type 1 hor… kam siah jway jway ..xie xie termaih kasieh 10q 10q 10q


sam huat huat huat

6 thoughts on “any kind soul have extra 2012 calendra to give away ?”

  1. hohoho ah audrey wong mei mei …

    wa chim kam tong liao…( so touched )

    seng kong kam sia kam sia hor….

    sam huat huat huat

  2. Aiyoh Sam Huat,
    Ma Kek Ke la..You have my full support for charity work.. Need help please get me involve…

    I will try to get more calendras for you. Any other stuffs u need.. soft toys, clothes, mattress ai mai..let me know as i m asking around for my friends who is also doing chairty work at Cambodia.U can get get me

  3. our hokkien peng & kar lar chia mei mei ( biscycle sister)

    your ma kek ke so special 1 hor…i , use mai ..u which clan of hokkein peng ( solider ) har ? hahahaha

    yeap , i am right now sending & oredli still collecting from schian budddies those barangs to de charity homes..
    will put up a post @ a much later date lor..cos hor my 10th storey chia hong choo full to clear 1st b4 i start 2 collect again.. ( bungalow house ) hahahaha

    wow wow .. chang ti last sunday perform in spore got kan tao on 4d hor… on last saturday strait times paper 2 day pai 3 liao…cheong liao 2 ai huat huat huat

  4. ah eileen thean ,

    wow wow okay good will see how we meet up hor….

    will aso call yr tai kor tai ( h/p )………

    i ,aso like to say thks to few others whm send me pte emails

    & phone calls ya……..

    sam huat huat huat

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