SHC two new Zoom entertainment – the Xiao Xiao and the gossip channels during Covid-19

For a long time, SHC has been looking out for members who stand out to make other members happy and entertainment. These members usually can talk, non-stop.

Frisna Tan does customer surveys with passengers at the Singapore airports. Some of you may have bumped into her at the airport which waiting to enter the gates. Frisna is also a keen gardener. She is a member of SHC Gardening group. Join her if you have green fingers. Frisna will be hosting our Xiao Xiao channel.

Howard Yong is a Baba. Once he starts on a topic, he can carry on non-stop. His speciality is gossip. Talk about foreign wives, dealing with govt agencies, squeezing his duck rice seller and buying a BTO flat. Any topic to gossip, he is game. But you must be prepared to sit down and listen. Toss him a question, and he will be able to get you engaged for the next one hour. Howard had an unusual sleep pattern. He sleeps at 9pm, so no program latter than 9pm.

We shall be scheduling these two channels. Stay tune.

Terence Seah

One thought on “SHC two new Zoom entertainment – the Xiao Xiao and the gossip channels during Covid-19

  1. Thank you Terence, for keeping us occupied and relevant at a time like this. I am sure most of us enjoy talking with people whom are talkative but not too sensitive. A sense of humour is always a welcome relief and must be mutual. At our age now, let us take it easy. Do not read too much into what is said. I cannot reproduce Chinese characters here, otherwise I will chant a few lines of my thought in Chinese. Certain four-letter phrases in Chinese can portray a feeling or situation much better. Looking forward to chat with Frisna and Howard, two members whom are really fun-people to chat with.


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