Silverhairs Club Charity Lunch – February 18, 2012 (Sat)

It’s time we do our part for charity. With Terence’s encouragement, we have fixed this date for the event. Trying to find a charity home to help is no mean task as there are too many to look at. I have identified the Queenstown Community Club as they have a special department looking out to the underprivileged in the vicinity.

It’s always more blessed to give so let us take this opportunity to play a small part. The Queenstown area comprises the lower income group from Tanglin Halt to Mei Ling St to Stirling Rd. Most are rented flats. Those who live here are the older folks. Our target are those 60 years old and above.

Venue: Queenstown Community Club, Commonwealth Avenue (Air-conditioned hall, can accomodate up to 300pax and has a big stage)

Time: 11.00am-2.00pm,103.801590

Cost: $5.00 per pax (Each member who signs up must sponsor one or more elderly residents)

Menu: Food catered by Sin Kee Famous chicken rice includes white and roasted chicken, an egg dish, a toufu dish and a vegetable dish. We need a sponsor for soft drinks.

A medical point will be set up from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm for those coming to check their glucose level, foot scan and blood pressure.

Programme : 11.00am – 12.30pm Karaoke Singing (Judy assisted by Jeffrey)

                     12.30pm-1.30pm     Stage singing by our singers led by Jeffrey and Irene and opera singing by  the CC Opera Troupe.

We need ushers and helpers to make the event a success!

Joy Ah Long will be on standby. Please pay to Joy’s POSB Savings Account: 159-131645.

Please register early.


Generous donors :

  1. Tian Soo ($500)/received 10 Jan
  2. Rosalind Lee ($50)/received 9 Jan
  3. Pauline Ho ($100)/received 10 Jan
  4. Irene Poh ($50)/received 8 Jan

  5. Judy Lim ($50)/received 8 Jan (manning the karaoke selection)

  6. Kenneth Tan ($50)/received 9 Jan

  7. Peggy Tan ($100)/received 8 Jan

  8. Lam Hoy Tzee ($88)/received 13 Jan

  9. Bee Gek ($50)/received 13 Jan

  10. Wong Wai Kheng ($50)/received 11 Jan

  11. Gabriella Chua ($50)/received 9 Jan

  12. Caroline Gee ($50)/received 10 Jan

  13. Janie Leong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  14. Aaron How ($100)/received 10 Jan

  15. Angela Straaten ($300)/received 10 Jan

  16. Bira ($100)/received 10 Jan

  17. Richard Wong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  18. Clara Chay ($50)/received 10 Jan

  19. Daisy Yeo ($50)/received 11 Jan

  20. Jane Tan ($100)/received 12 Jan

  21. Boon Liang ($60)/received 12 Jan

  22. Susan CH Tan ($50)/received 13 Jan

  23. Mega ($50)/received 18 Jan
  24. Patrick Oei ($118)/received 17 Jan
  25. Lisa Ong ($100)/received 17 Jan
  26. Lilian Teo ($50)/received 19 Jan
  27. Josie Yow/Allison ($50)/received 20 Jan
  28. Grace Wong ($50)/received 4 Feb
  29. Jassmine Teo ($50)/received 22 Jan
  30. Lydia Soh ($32)/received 26 Jan
  31. Susan Tan SW ($20)/received 29 Jan
  32. Jane Ong ($20)/received 29 Jan
  33. Dolly Choo ($200)/received 31 Jan
  34. Terence Seah ($200)/received 9 Feb
  35. Felice Lim ($50)/received 10 Feb


 Kind helpers coming on the day itself :

1) Dorine Tan #9 tbc

2) Peggy Tan #12/medical team/drinks

3) Janie Leong #32/thermos flask/tea and coffee bags

4) Caroline Gee #36/cookies

5) Dolly Lim #48/help

6) Gabriella #49/help/sing

7 )Winnie #51/help/cloth bags

8 ) Joan Ang #56/help

9) Daisy Yeo #63/help

10)Boon Liang #70/help/photographer

11)Susan CH Tan #74/help

12)Bee Gek #78/help

13)Judy Lim #14/drinks

14)Dan/event coordinator/help

15 )Joy/usher

16)Kristy Quek #81/help

17)Lily Ho #83/help

18)Wong Wai Kheng #84/help

19)Janet Chan #90/help

20)Audrey Wong #99/help

21)Lilian Teo #103/help

22)Josie Yow #105/help

23)Allison Ong #105/help

24)Lydia Soh #118/help

25)Susan Tan SW #141/help

26)Jane Ong #141/help

27)Jane Tan #79/help

28)Thomas Loh

Kind contributors in kind :

1) Jeffrey Gan, music

2) Irene Gan, music

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202 thoughts on “Silverhairs Club Charity Lunch – February 18, 2012 (Sat)

  1. Hi Dan! When you stated the price as $5 per pax and ‘must sponsor one or more persons’, are you referring to the ‘persons’ as the elderly residents?

    If that is so, can I sponsor 1 table x 10 pax without attending?


  2. Hi Rosalind,

    Yes, the sponsored person must be an elderly resident. Appreciate your kind contribution.

    You may sponsor without attending.


  3. Sorry to bump in here, but I think someones email in Silverhair has been hacked!!!I receive an email from Clara chay’s email address asking for money!!!!

  4. Hi Daniel,
    Yes…Im the victim..My email account had been hacked..Thks to my friends who have alerted me too thru their sms..ive already sms my friends and some shc members on my new email account already. thks for putting up on site..


  5. Hi Dan

    I too would like to contribute $100 to this event… (0^_^0)

    Same like Ros, I am not able to attend on Feb 18 bcos of prior arrangement with contractors to come to my place to fix up something… (>~<)

    Pls let me know when I could transfer the $$ to your Chief Financial Officer (Joy’s) POSB account ya… **(^_~)**

    Thanks – Pauline Ho

  6. Hi Dan
    I don’t think i can manage the karaoke as i am not free to attend the function on Sat Feb 8. I’m thinking of supporting through a cash donation. You mentioned drinks. What is the amount required for the drinks? May be several members can share the cost of sponsoring the drinks?

    This is just my opinion: i think that a skit in dialect (a la wang sa, Ya fong) will amuse the elderly diners. Also singing of dialect songs instead of English or Mandarin. Alternatively, play dialect songs/wang sa- ya fong comedy tapes/cds..)

  7. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for your support, Joy ah Long’s account will be up soon.

    Jassmine, no worries we hope that someone else will put up his or her hand.

    We estimate to sponsor 100 elderly residents. On the drinks part, we need sponsors to buy from the supermarkets preferably if it come with ice containers.

    On the performance part we are hoping for contributions from our own talented members.


  8. Hi Dan, Honestly I think I should be able to make it although there are still some things not firm yet on my schedule. I just want to let you know that I am keen but at the same time do not want to upset your planning. I’ll confirm again when things are more firm. For the sponsorhsip, I can share any shortfall. In the meantime, cheers to you!

  9. Hi Dan #8
    Is it not possible to get the caterers to provide the drinks as well? If have to buy from the supermarket, there is a cheaper option – prepare Chinese tea. Of course more effort needed and helpers too. Are there power points in the CC hall where we can use to boil hot water to make the tea?

    Anyone interested to be in the tea-making group? …lol ;)

    btw, how to get to the Queenstown CC? Any MRT stn nearby?

  10. Hi Dorit,

    We hope you can come to support, we need all the help we can get. Dear fellas member, come and invest 3 hours of your time for a needy cause.

    Jassmine, thanks for the help. We prefer those package drinks as it is less tedious. It is cheaper to buy ourselves, the cost will be double if we want the caterer to supply. I need someone to help me link the map here?

    Irene Poh, we acknowledge your sponsorship of $50.00, thanks!


  11. Hi Dan

    I can sponsor the drinks.
    Do u mean the tetra-pack type like Yeo’s?
    How many & wat do u mean by ice-containers in #8?

    I can also help in the medical team.
    Let me know.


  12. Hi Peggy,

    Yes, the tetra-pack is good, it is easily disaposable. We estimated up to one hundred elderly residents. 100 packs should be okay. The ice-container is meant to keep the drinks cold but not necessary if we provide tetra-packs. I will notify you further on the medical team.

    Judy, from our phone conversation I understand that you are also getting your sister to provide drinks and sponsor $50,00, thanks!

    Some may have the impression that providing a $5.00 lunch in the name of charity may be too cheap but I want to clarify that each elderly residents who attend may possibly get a similar value ang pow. Therefore, whatever amount you have in mind to contribute will go a long way for the needy.

    Those who intends to contribute in kind without having to donate are most welcome. They only need to pay for the lunch.


  13. Hi Dan,

    Yes, will be provide package drinks & mineral water with large form box to keep chill the softdrinks.

    Thanks for your effort to arrange this meaniful gathering & let all of us work together to share the joy with those who needed care.



  14. Hi Dan

    Fyi, I’ve just transferred the $100 to Joy’s account via my Standard Chartered Bank today; which I believe it may take 2 to 3 working days to clear…

    However, compared to the efforts dat you and the “volunteers” from SHC are taking up to organize this event, I’m just glad that I could play a small part in helping to make a few “old dears” happy… (^0^)

    Cheers – Pauline Ho

  15. Hi Dan

    In line with what Tian Soo has said in his post on being kind, I would like to donate a small sum of $50 to this charity event.

    I will remit the amount to Joy’s account.


  16. #9 Sorry Dorine, got your name wrong there.

    Hi Pauline and Judy, Joy will acknowledge receiving your donation.

    Thank you Kenneth and Peggy for your kind contribution


  17. Hi Dan

    Thank you for organising such a meaningful event.
    I am donating $88 and Bee Gek is donating $50
    So the hot number is “8850”

    da jie fatt chye!!!!


  18. Hi

    I am touched by the number of kind and generous souls in our midst. I acknowledge receipt of the following donations :-

    1) Irene Poh/8 Jan/ATR/$50.01 (SMS)
    2) Peggy Tan/8 Jan/ITR/$100 (#17)
    3) Judy Lim/8 Jan/ATR/$50 (#19)

    I will give a report to Terence and Dan to account for every cent after the event.


  19. Thank you Lam and Bee Gek for your donation.

    Rosalind, no worries!

    The Queenstown CC have their own group of Cantonese opera singers. I will revert on the number of songs they were be presenting at a later date.

    Jassmine, look like the drinks will be taken care by Peggy and Judy. Judy will also be assisting in the karoeke singing. All contributions will go towards the ‘ang pows’.

    The CC is located between two MRT, namely the Queenstown and Commonwealth are both about 5 minutes walk. Who can help me to put up the link?


  20. Thanks Peggy, strange that the Commonwealth MRT are not shown, now let’s see how I am able to copy and paste to the post?

    We confirmed 70 elderly residents will be invited. Volunteers are sorely needed here to take care of them.

    I would like to invite those who are helping us and those who have contributed one way or other to meet up at the premises and adjourn for lunch. The date is tentatively fixed on January 21 on a Saturday at 11.00am. Please indicate your availability?


  21. Hi Dan #23

    Someone said “Charity the most important investment” (Sunday Times 1/1/2012 – invest pg 32). I remember feeling surprised that someone actually said that and i thought there was hope for a better society…

    In SHC many members do believe in giving to charity :) tho i’m disappointed i didn’t have the opportunity to be a tea lady…lol! just joking.

    I have many (80++)old, unused ‘ang pow’ envelopes of different designs and sizes. If you need them for the $, will be more than happy to give them away.

  22. Hi Dan i would like to donate $50 dollars and how can i help on that day.Will transfer the money when i go to the bank one of these days.

  23. Thanks again Peggy, I try a few trying to copy and paste to the post and when I finally did, it is not working, how?

    Dear Jassmine, no worries if you are able to turn up, there plenty to do. Yes, please bring the unused ang pow packags, Joy will need your help in allocating the red packages.

    Hi Wong Wai Kheng, appreciate the donation. There will be much help needed on that day like ushering the elderly folks around, serving foods and drinks and talking to them.

    Hi Gabriella, noted your contribution, thanks!


  24. Hi Dan,

    I have just transferred $100 to Joy’s account (Ref 4500) and will bring a thermo flask and tea/coffee bags for hot beverages. Would need a power plug for the flask for continuous boiling and keep warm. Thanks


  25. Hi Dan,

    Thank you and the other volunteers for your effort in organising this Charity Lunch.

    My sisters, sister-in-law and I would like to contribute $300/- towards the cost. I will update you after I make the transfer to Joy Ah Long’s account.


  26. Hi Dan

    Just transferred $50 into Joy’s account.

    If the lunch is confirmed as 18 February, I am very happy to help out.

    Also, if it is allowed, I would love bake some cookies and pack them in little gift packs for each attendee. Do let me know how many residents will be attending.

    Good luck in your event.

    Many thanks.


  27. Hi Dan,
    Abit of kaypoh here,

    How come you only cater for 70paxs whereby u stated that the hall can take up 300paxs. Contribution collected so far, should be able to cater for more elderly rite?

    Besides, food are given to them, what other items in the form of goodies bag are going to be given to them also instead of just angpow – angpow should be just a token sum only.

    What kinds of stalls r u referring to? Selling goodies, titbits or ice cream – if so, I don’t think that it is appropriate. Of cos, you can tell me dat all proceeds from these stalls might/might not be given to charity but if like this, it will be very disorganized – it would be just another flea market event only.

    It would be all best that it is solely a SHC charity event and not to be incorporated with other activities.

    What about those less mobile eldery persons, are you going to send these food over to them also? If not, what will happened to the remaining food?

    Curry chicken – is this a good choice for them, I would definitely prefer boneless chicken meal if I am one of d elderly receipent.

    If this event going to be a joint effort with SHC and Queenstown CC, if so, r they providing the hall for free?

    BTW, program starts from 11am to 2.00pm, will there be a proper sitting area (what I meant is tables and chairs) for these elderly as I dun think it is a good idea for them to sit holding food with 1 hand n eat while watching the performance. Age 70, some of these folks’ hands might not be so steady already, give some thought on this.

    Just my 7cents worth…. Dolly

  28. Hi Janie, Aaron and Angela and Richard,

    Thanks you all for your kind gesture, we look forward to your attendance on that day, cheers!.

    Dear Caroline, yes the date is fixed and now we are targeting !00 pax. It would be greatly appreciated if you can bake the cookies for them.


    Are you still high up in the mountains in Chengmai?
    Sponsoring up to !00 pax or even 150 pax would be great. What we lack is manpower, I am approaching the CC to provide some helpers for which we may have to take care of their meal.

    A token Ang pow will be given to each elderly residents. Joy and I hope with Jassmine can work it out. Any remaining sum will be donated to the homes.

    The idea of setting up stalls came from Caroline and I thought there may be others who want to play a part. Dun worry it will not be like a flea mart as we have only 3 hours to play with.

    Yes, this is sorely an SHC event, Queenstown CC will invite all elderly residents, the function hall is free of charge to us. I am hiring 10 or more round tables and chairs, foods will be serve on the tables. We hope to see fella member sitting with the elderlys.

    If curry chicken is an issue, I will try to substitute with another dish and we will try specify them to be boneless in case some left their tooth at home.

    Anyway, appreciate all the points you brought out. thanks!

    The program for the one hour slot will be under Jeff and Irene. I hope there will be more opera singing as I do enjoy them and I am sure most of you,

    All member are welcome to bring along their elderly folks to enjoy this meaningful and fun event.

    Peggy, I think the link is working, thanks.

    Janie, thanks for saving the day bysupplying hot drinks, I will check out the power supply.


  29. Dear all

    On behalf of the old and underprivileged who will be coming, I thank the following members for their generous donations :-

    4) Rosalind Lee/9 Jan/ATR/$50 (#28)
    5) Gabriella Chua/9 Jan/ATR/$50 (#30)
    6) Tian Soo/10 Jan/ATR/$500 (#34)
    7) Janie Leong/10 Jan/ATR/$100 (#32)
    8 )Aaron How/ITR/$100 (#33)
    9) Caroline Gee/ATR/$50 (#36)
    10)Richard Wong/ATR/$100 (#39)
    11)Bira/ATR/$100 (SMS forwarded by Dan)

    I have one donation that has not been accounted for.


  30. Hi Dan #31

    I don’t think i am able to attend the Charity lunch. Now i’m wondering how to pass u the ‘ang pow’ envelopes. Hmm…

  31. Jassmine, do let me know which part of town you are at and we can fix a date to collect the ang pow packages.

    An Update:
    We have confirm with the caterer for 150 pax counting 100 elderly folks and the rest from our members. There is still a shortfall of helpers.


  32. Hi Dan,
    Just a small contribution from me for the charity event..
    Have done a ITR of $50 (transaction ref . 7359417704).

    Happy New Year To All !


  33. Hi Dan

    Since I am baking the cookies as gifts, I do not need to sell my wares to give the money to the event. So I think we can do away with the stalls thingy.

    OK, I will pack the cookies as requested.

    I can help Janie in making the hot drinks.


  34. Thanks Clara for the kind gesture.

    Caroline, I would think you just need to give to the elderly folks. As Dolly suggested we will make it simple and do away with stalls. Thanks also for helping out with Janie for the hot drinks.

    Doiiy, so good to know that you are coming to help us, thanks!

    Gabriella, see you there. Din know you can sing, I will remind Jefffrey to showcase you.


  35. Hi Dan,
    I didn’t submit my name earlier, as the week falls during the period of the Singapore Airshow. However, as charity events are close to my heart, I will excuse myself to attend SHC Charity Lunch for the elderly in Queenstown. I will be there to help out and hopefully might bring along a friend. Will SHC be giving out goodie bags? If so, would you like a donation of 150-200 blue recycle cloth bags which my company can provide? I would need someone to pick them up from Loyang. Please advise.

  36. Hi Winnie,

    We appreciate your thought and help. As Caroline is giving out cookies I am not sure if it is suitable for her to use. Wat is the size. perhaps Caroline may enlighten us here.


  37. Hi Dan @#50

    Noted your comments.


    As cookies are brittle and they are packed in a cellophane bag, they may break if kept in cloth bags. If we want to use the cloth bag, then we have to remind the recipients to handle with care :)


  38. Hi Dan,

    If SHC is giving out only cookies besides the red packet, then there would be no need for a bag. Unless we have other sponsored items, like tissues, powdered milk, etc. The size of the stiff cloth bag is H=13″ x W=11″ x D=3.5″.

    Hi Dolly, I am hoping a SHC registered member friend could come along. Joan Ang is not tech savry and does not know how to log into the website. She is trying to get a baby-sitter for her nephew for that day. However, if we are very short of helpers and if we want a successful event for all, could our friends not come in to help for charity sake?

  39. Hi Winnie

    If your cloth bags are available, we could always let the attendees have them as I believe they will appreciate it have a use for it.

    Just my thoughts. However, its your call.

    May I have your email address please as I would like to chat with you off line.

    Many thanks


  40. Hi Caroline,

    We will make do without the cloth bags.

    Hi Winnie,

    We have not consider the goodies bags as there were no sponsorships thus far. As for your friend if she is a member it okay to come.

    Dolly, though I did emphasize that this is an SHC event, we are inviting residents from the vicinity. The opera singers are not our member neither the medical team and some helpers from the CC. I hope we may have some leeway here.

    I did open invitation to our member to invite their elderly folks, I hope Terence is okay with that.


  41. Hi Dan #45

    My place is near the Serangoon MRT (NEL and Circle Line). Please email me to arrange a suitable pick up spot! lol! :)

  42. Hi dan do you still need some more red packet envelopes i have many and still can get from the place is in orchard if convenient can pass to you

  43. Hi Dan & Joy

    Have just transferred with pleasure at 10pm tonight, $50/- by IB ref. 7361885167, to Joy’s account.

    I shall be there to help too. Serving coffee or tea or to hold the hands of ah phek but not ah mm. he!

  44. Dear all

    Received with grateful thanks generous donations from the following members :-

    12) Angela Straaten/10 Jan/ATR/$300 (#55)
    13) Clara Chay/10 Jan/ITR/$50 (#46)
    14) Pauline Ho/10 Jan/IBG/$100 (#15)
    15) Wong Wai Kheng/11 Jan/ATR/$50 (#62)
    16) Daisy Yeo/11 Jan/ITR/$50 (#63)


  45. Hi Jassmine,

    I will get in touch with you.

    Hi, Wong Wai Kheng, Joy will acknowledge your contribution. Welcome to the Club and we look forward to working together at the Charity event. As for the red packages, we shall inform you at a later date whether it is needed.

    Winnie, according to Caroline the cloth bags may be useful. Can we use it at Tote Bag, we can do some drawing or printing before giving it away. We may even get someone good at drawing to do it on the spot on whatever they fancy and charge a fee for charity, or print on it ‘Silverhairs Club Charity Lunch’. how dat?

    Since your friend is not tech savvy, try to help her to sign up. We have to do our due diligence and not put Dolly in a precarious position.

  46. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for your comment #65. Appreciate your kind understanding. As much as I want to agree what you had said in Comment# 59 but as CM, there are certain Rs & Rs that I will need to abide by. Of cos, we are aware that for this kind of event, it is not possible not to have outsiders to participate, however, I do not wish to put this in here since this is an EO event. I will not have any concerns if it is a EC event.

    BTW, I had about 100pcs of same design angpow packets, if you need more.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  47. Hi Dolly,

    Yes, it quite difficult to draw a line and we seek you kind understanding. As for the red packages, will let you know.

    It seems at this juncture we may cater up to 200 pax counting 150 elderly residents and 50 of our members. Let me check with the accountant and revert soon!


  48. Hahaha, Daisy!!

    Hold hand of Ah Peks!! Make sure Ah Peks not Ah Hiows!

    By the way, I forgot to tell Ah Long Joy I alreddy transfer $50 to her account on 9/1/12 Ref: 1904. So solly, ah…

  49. Hi Dan, I am in communication with Caroline Gee on the recycle bags. The company bags carry its logo on both sides so no painting can be done on them. It will be handy for the senior folks if they want them.

    My other friend is below 45. I have now assigned her to help me at the forthcoming Assisi Hospice Charity Funfair on Sunday 17th June. We would need all the help we can get at the Fair which is a whole day event at St Joseph International School grounds. Good nite.

  50. Hi Daisy,
    appreciate your kind donation, dun forget to hold their hands!

    Hi Winnie,no worries!

    An update:
    Thanks to one and all for your generous donation, we have decided to cater up to 250 pax counting 200 elderly residents and 50 from our member and helpers. Each elderly folk will be given an ‘ang pow’ too.

    Thanks Boon Liang for coming as a helper and be our photographer.
    Helpers sorely needed here!


  51. 25 tables? Wow, Dan! This calls for a dragon dance!

    Hi there Baba Kenneth,
    If they become miang, I will have opportunity to use my judo skills again lah! ha ha ha


  52. Dan! Dan!

    Aiyoyo, the numbers keep going up and I am scratching my head, apa macam. Mine is a domestic over not the commercial type so cannot cook too many cookies at one time.

    If the numbers go up some more, I must go to the “kek ai” – provision shop to buy the huge tin of biscuits and pack hahaha! Just kidding. Will still make the cookies as promised.

    Can feel the buzz…….and its great!


  53. Hi Caroline,

    Dun blame me, blame it on the generosity of our members lah! Do you need help to bake the cookies, we can come over to help, how dat?

    Thanks Susan and Mega for the kind donations, let’s reach out to these poor and lonely elderly folks.


  54. Hi Dan

    No worries lah! I am delighted at the generous support from members and am very happy to play my part.

    Aiya better don’t lah! Sekali one for the bag, one into my mouth, one for the bag, another one into my mouth! Heeee! Then my cookie bags will never be filled LOL!


  55. Hi Dan

    We have made payment of $138, breakdown as follows
    Lam Hoy Tzee $88
    Hwa Bee Gek $50

    Ref: 7529 telepark br 2

    to Joy Ah Long account today.

    By the way, Dan could you register Bee Gek as a helper.
    tks alot.


  56. Hi

    I wish to acknowledge receipt of the generous donations from :-

    17) Kenneth Tan/9 Jan/ATR/$50 (#68) Ok, the unaccounted for donation has been accounted for.
    18 )Jane Tan/12 Jan/ATR/$100 (#79)
    19) Boon Liang/12 Jan/ATR/$60 (SMS)
    20) Susan CH Tan/13 Jan/ITR/$50 (#74)
    21) Lam Hoy Tzee/Hwa Bee Gek/13 Jan/ATR/$138 (#78)


  57. hi dan count me in on that day to help out.It would be quite an experience for me and also my first time to help out in a charity event.pls inform me of the meeting place .thnks

  58. Hi Caroline,

    Dun worry, cookies I stay far away from because I worry my sugar level and my cholesterol and blood pressure will play trick with me.

    Thanks Bee Gek, Christy, Wong Wai Kheng and Lily for coming to lend a hand.

    Mega, Jane, appreciate the kind gesture.

    It confirmed that we are inviting 200 seniors. About 30 helpers will be coming from the CC to take care of the logistics pertaining to the medical teams.

    The seniors is required to come at 9:30 am for the medical screening. Our helpers job is to bring the elderly reidents to the respective tables and help to maintain order.

    Queenstown CC will bear the costs of arranging transport to ferry all seniors to the CC.


  59. Hi Dan, I’ve got 20+ desk calendars and was wondering whether it’ll be useful for some of the seniors to take home. Do you think these will come handy – if not, I’ll gladly give away to anybody.

  60. Hi Susan,

    #86 Please bring it along, we can give it away on that day.

    Terence, we need a big banner to display on stage. Is the banner kept by Sam big enough?

    If not, we need a sponsor for the banner.


  61. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for initiating this event and I’d like to make a contribution $100. I’ll be getting my colleague to do the funds transfer shortly to the given POSB’s a/c by today and will inform you of the ref. later.

    Sorry I won’t be able to help out that day as I would most likely be away. Here’s wishing everyone, “CONG XI FA CAI”. Take care and happy holidays. Best regards, Lisa O

  62. Hi Lisa,

    Appreciate your kind gesture. Joy Ah Long will acknowledge your payment.

    Thanks Janet for coming forward to help.

    Queenstown CC has got a Karoake System but need someone to operate, anyone can help?

    All who have contributed, please indicate whether you are coming too. We need to ensure there is food abundant for all!


  63. Hi Dan,
    I can help out in the KOK system.

    Hi WK,
    It all depends on what type of food we are supply – A packet by its own or like buffet type. And if it is the later, it may not be a good idea as some of these elderly are very thrifty and they might keep these for a couple of days b4 consuming to save some $$$ and in some cases, some mite not even had a fridge to store these food. I am quite sure that some will consume these food even they turned bad due to no proper storage which could lead to food poisoning.

    My 7cts worth.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  64. Dan.
    Is reli ok if the food is not sufficient for the volunteers cos we can go out and hv a meal outside among ourselves rite?

    Cheers… Dolly

  65. Hi Dan #88,

    Re the banner, Sam woukd have it. Let’s hear from him when he is awake.

    And well done for the excellent progress you and Joy have made. It’s challenging to initiate an idea and carrying it forward to implementation.

    Terence Seah

  66. Hi Wai Kheng,

    #93 This ta bau can be a touchy issue, dun think we should encourage it. Like what Dolly said, we have no control over it once it is brought home by them.

    Dolly, no worries there will be more than sufficient food for all. Appreciate that you can help to man the KOK with Judy. Today, I will be going down to the CC with Jeffrey Gan to check out the system.

    Terence, I do remember that Sam have a big red banner. Dun know whether it is too gaudy for the occasion.

    We have booked 26 round tables and all the chairs needed for the event. Everybody get to sit down and enjoy the show.


  67. Walau Dan, jialat leh.. not sure if Sam had threw away dat red big banner cos so many of us said dat it was so obiang lor.. hehehehe, will check wif him tonite. But I am sure dat he had dat white background banner lor.. at most, we just staple some of the red packets on the banner to make it more cina looking lor.. tio bo? Cheers.. Dolly

  68. Hi

    Thanks to the following members for their generous donations :-

    22) Patrick Oei/17 Jan/ITR/$118 (SMS)
    23) Lisa Ong/17 Jan/ITR/$100 (#91)

    I have one unaccounted for donation. If you have made a transfer, do let me know. Thank you.


  69. terence @ #96 ,

    huat ah huat ah huat ah , is oredli awake @ 0430hr liao..but but hor still want 2 watch cable vision show 1st b4 i start 2 dig out 2 big pile of barangs 2 of mine to secure de SHC RED BANNER…

    AH DAN KOR ,

    no worry 1 banner 100% surely got 1 lah….like CM kong lor…de usual want aslo can lor…..

    sam huat huat huat

  70. Hi Dan/Joy,

    I have transferred $50 today to POSB Savings Account: 159-131645, ref # 8361.

    Pls also sign up me as helper for this event.

    Thanks n regards,
    C U all CHEERS,

  71. Dan,
    Is it possible for you to find out any car park within the CC itself or other car park areas that we can park our cars. Thanks… Cheers.. Dolly

  72. Hi Dan/Joy Could you sign me and Allison Ong in. Will transfer $50/- into your a/c tomorrow. My a/c no. POSB 060-06251-0. Josie Yow
    Check your a/c in the afternoon

  73. Hi Audrey, Lilian, Josie and Allison, so glad that all of you are coming forward to lend a hand and giving us your generous support.

    Sam, look like we will have to make do with the big red banner, please bring it along.

    Mega, Joy Ah Long will acknowledge your contribution soon.

    Dolly, no parking inside the CC, there is ample coupon parking outside.

    The meeting that I call for to be on January 21, is cancelled!


  74. halo 2 all SCHIAN & dan ah kor ,

    wah lua wah pian , i dig & dig &dig piles of barangs shift left 2 rite & rite 2 left den at de damn last minute b4 it tired me down..i talk 2 myself dun give up hope search slow slow slow & steady lah..den hor..finally it thru gut ,grit, endurance ,stamina & will power it was inside a red plastic market type of bag from date stated 24 july 2010..dat it pop out de BIG RED SHC BANNER hor…

    it still in damn good condition..only ve collect some spider man dust & cobweb..but dun worry lah ..i hor oredli clean up…

    i , cant make it 2 de event so i will pass de banner 2 our CM dolly lah….sorry 2 follow handsome bro daniel style..

    i want 2 ,kong kong hee huat chye ,seng tay kian kong hua hee hua hee tio ho lah to all buddies ..

    sam huat huat huat

  75. Hi

    I would like to thank the following members for their generous donations :-

    24) Mega Abdullah/18 Jan/ATR/$50 (#102) (Unaccounted for donation has been accounted for.)
    25) Lilian Teo/19 Jan/ATR/$50 (#103)
    26) Josie Yow/20 Jan/ATR/$50 (#105)
    27) Grace Wong/20 Jan/Cash to be received/$50 (Call)


  76. Dan,
    I got the red color SHC banner from Sam Huat liao… Will need to do some magic to improvise so that it can be used. BTW, did u check wif the CC, if we are allowed to hang the SHC banner anot?

    I dun think dat any more graphic works needed for this red color banner liao cos oredi ‘ang ang’ so beta 2b plain lor..

    Cheers.. Dolly

  77. Audrey,

    Din understand wat you mean to set up the banner, you mean to physically put it up or have another banner made?

    Dolly, big red banner, I think it should complement the occasion. No worries, the idea to put up a banner was suggested by the CC.


  78. Hi Dan Huang

    First & foremost, you deserve a Happy Lunar New Year, for your efforts in spearheading this meaningful project.

    I like to help by being an assistant to Peggy Tan who will be in medical services (I have spoken with her).

    Will transfer $32 towards this project.


  79. Hi Jassmine

    Gong Xi Fa Cai. I have received your donation. Thank you for your kindness.

    28) Jassmine Teo/22 Jan/ATR/$50 (#117)

    We hope that donations will continue to come in so that we can improve on the lunch.


  80. Hi Lydia Soh,

    Thank you for the good wishes and your offer to help with Peggy with the medical team. At this point of time, I get to understand that the medical team is sufficiently staffed. Please put your effort with the urshering and care of the old folks present.

    A blessed and hilarious New Year to all member.


  81. Hi Dan, I’ve got lots of new cups for holding hot drinks, tupperware items kept for years in my store room – these might find a place in the residents’ kitchen, you think so? Now come to think of it, most CC residents’ parties end with lucky draws which make the occasion more interesting and appealing, especially if you win prizes and you walk away happily, glad that you attended the function. You think you buy this idea, but no worries if you think it’s not workable. I can take charge of lucky draws if you need volunteers. Cheers!

  82. Hi Lydia Soh,

    Thanks for the helping hands.

    Susan CH,

    I think we will have use for the new cups for hot drinks, please bring it along.

    Janie, do you think you can check with Susan on the hot water cups? I have also check on the power points in the hall, there are more than sufficient!

    Having a lucky draw will certainly make the ocassion more appealing and bring cheers to the elderly folks. Thanks for taking charge and let me know if you need transportation.

    Please draw out a plan and let me know how you intend to hold it. We may need more sponsors to donate any items that are lying at their home like white elephants to contribute toward this charity lunch.

    Thanks again to all our generous sponsors we are able to increase the foods from $5.00 to $6.50 per head for the 200 elderly residents.


  83. Hi Dan,

    Will check with Susan on the cups. Btw, I am now bringing coffee and tea in the containers normally used during buffet to cater for the increased number. My thermal flask has becomes too small now. Thanks!


  84. Hello Dan,
    Are we providing a coloured sticker tag for each of the invitees? This would help us identify the recipients for the “angpows”, etc. and to avoid any confusion on that day. Perhaps the CC is organising this?

  85. Erm, these are actually big mugs and a lid with a small “window”. They are sponsored corporate gifts – but could be better used as door gifts rather than prizes. It’s also simpler to do door gifts than prizes – perhaps we can revive the goodie bag idea (Winnie K-Tan #51 & #56)now that new items are to be included.

  86. Can I request for more sponsors to come forward to contribute something – unopened, unused items such as pens, food boxes, key chains, tupperware containers, chopsticks, kitchen utensils (forks, spoons) – cos we need to fill 200+ bags. Think I’ll comb my storeroom upside down and see what I can pull out after that. I dont know but who knows until you try, maybe more “valuable” gifts such as NTUC vouchers, watches, kitchen pots and pans, bags will be donated, so we can do a small-scale lucky draw that will not take much time. But we really need 200+ goodie items (I know the target is 200 but always good to have contingency so that no one is left disappointed).

  87. Thanks Janie for upgrading the hot water containers.

    Winnie, the CC will give to each invitee a ticket on that day. To better co-ordinate the giving of ang pows, Joy will allot each helper to a table to distribute them including the goodies bags if we manage to get enough sponsored gifts. Winnie, we will need all the bags that you intends to donate for the goodies bags.

    Susan, I think we will do away with the lucky draw and try to come up with enough goodies bags to give away, including the cookies baked by Caroline, wat do you think?


  88. Hello everyone, I have set aside 250 bags and I should be able to provide 200 ballpens. I will have some leather-backed desk calendars to spare for those who want – maybe about 40 – 50 pieces. I support the idea of a goodie-bag. This way, the folks will leave with a smile and with something in their hands. I had written to a well-known Bakery for donation of fresh bread but they turned me down politely, explaining that they are already involved in similar projects. I am still looking for more stuff – let’s look around. Doesn’t matter if we cannot get 200 of the same items. We could do bags of mixed items. What do you think?

    Dan, is there anyway you could help me with collection of the bags / pens / calendars from my office? Caroline Gee has my number. Thanks and goodnite.

  89. Susan, okay let’s focus on the goodies bags. Calling for sponsors for any giveaway items or door gifts to fill up the goodies bags.

    Winnie, thanks for the 250 bags and 200 ballpens and leather-backed desk calendars. We do appreciate your effort to source around for freebies. I will be in contact with you for the collection.


  90. Dan,
    Is good that u do away the lucky draw thingy. Hope that this event is solely concentrated on bringing a smile to these elderly n not create so much fractions among them – I had seen this kind of situation occurred at other charity projects, we definitely need to be mindful about these elderly’s feeling.

    Understand this event is incorporate with Queenstown CC of which I am sure that they can find more sponsors than us if they want to rite? Maybe u can approach the CC itself on this goodies bag – The CC dat I volunteered for provide these goodies bag for them – no harm asking lo?

    Nevertheless, is your event, you have d final say. Mine is just an opinion of me and few others which they just don’t want to pen down here.

    Cheers… Dolly

  91. Thanks Lydia for your kind gesture, Joy Ah Long will acknowlege.

    Dolly, appreciate your concern. Yes, having a lucky draw can be messy for such a scale of seniors attending.

    No doubt the CC have more and generous well wishes and they are doing their own charity drive. Dun think it good to ask them as they can do the charity event themselves.

    So far our member have come forward generously with their kind support and contributions. Now we just want to add a little more spices with the goodies bags and hope that more donors with step forward to bring cheers to the seniors attending.

    This is our event, many members have played a part!


  92. Just a suggestion.

    Years back when I was working with an event company, they alway approach corporate sponsors for packet drinks, goodies bags whenever they organize roadshows.

    Since SHC is already an incorporated entity, I don’t think the boss would mind if you use SHC name to approach corporate sponsors which have excess CNY-related merchandises which they will be happy to get rid of especially for charity.

  93. Hi Dan,

    I thought this is a good opportunity to thank you for the effort you have put in so far. Within the limits of the club, well done for making this event successful. There will be many suggestions and ideas, but in the end, you make the decision as the EO for this event.

    As to Steven’s point, SHC is not an incorporated entity. We have discussed this topic many times, and members have prefered SHC to remain as a casual, social and virtual entity. This charity event comes under the SilverHairsClub. As such, no request for sponsorships, under the name of SHC.

    But, this said, I will give it some thought for future events. A good time to review.

    Terence Seah

  94. Hi Terence,

    I formed the impression that the ‘club’ has been corporatized as the footer is imprinted with “SilverHairsClub – A SilverHairs Enterprise website “.

    My apology. I do not regularly visit the ‘club’ therefore do not follow the thread on the corporatization of the site.

  95. Hi Terence and Steven

    Sorry,I cannot understand the implication of SHC being incorporated or not, with the act of asking for donated items to give away to the poor. If I am a corporate chief and you approach me as a company, I would like to know if you are doing it for profit using my resource. But if you represent a bunch of oldies trying to help other poor oldies then I will be less suspicious and more accommodating.

  96. Hi Tian Soo,

    You have put up a post which has an interesting title. But, I see no text inside. Please redo. You might want to see if you have justified the text. Try left justification. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  97. Hi Dan/Joy,

    I have transferred $40 today to POSB Savings Account: 159-131645, ref # 0863 i.e from Jane Ong – $20 and me $20

    Pls also sign up Jane & I as helper for this event.

    Susan TanSW

  98. #142, My apologies for getting your names spell wrongly Tan Seok Wah and Jane Ong.

    Must be my poor eyesight, I stubbornly neglect to put on my prescribe eyedrops!

    Thank you Thomas Loh for coming as a helper.


  99. Hi Dan

    I have just transferred $200 to Joy’s account from DBS ATM at Suntec City ref 1604. Dolly Choo, one of our SHC members has asked me to do the transfer for her.


  100. Caroline,

    Noted the transfer, Joy Ah Long will acknowledge soon.

    Dolly Choo, appreciate the generous gesture! You seems to be mia, wat happen?


  101. Hi

    Sincere thanks to the following members for their generous donations :-

    30) Susan Tan SW & Jane Ong/29 Jan/ATR/$40 (#141)
    31) Dolly Choo/31 Jan/ATR/$200 (#144)


  102. Dear folks,

    With the increase contribution we have decided to add two more dishes. At $7.50 per head, we now have sweet and sour fish and curry chicken, yummy yummy!!

    Total seniors invited is 200 pax, helpers from CC and medical team 30, SHC sponsors and helper 30 pax.

    The program start at 9.30am for those elderlys coming for the medical screening till 12.30pm.
    Opera singing and our singing performances by Jeffrey and Irene from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

    SHC sponsors and helpers can come at 11.00am or earlier.


  103. Hi Dan

    I’m happy to do my bit for charity. I have also managed to get some gifts for your goody bags.

    200 sets (new moon premium rice 500 gm and yamakawa Japanese biscuits)
    200 pieces floral cloth bag and tea cups.

    Hope you will find them useful.

    Will give you collection details in due course


    Dolly Choo

  104. Hi Dolly Choo,

    Thanks for the generous contribution of rice, biscuits and floral bag and tea bags. Now we got more items for the goody bags.

    Winnie, thanks too for the 250 bags and 100 pens and leather calendars and 200 face towels.

    Now the goody bags will be fill to the brim.



  105. That’s wonderful ladies! Adoi, I have since been collecting one big ton of mixed souvenir items – what to do with them Dan? But it’s a happy problem – see how we can “solve” this.

  106. Hi Dan
    Sorry for the late response. I am putting my hands up to help out in any area.

    a) I would like to help out in preparing the goody bags
    b) I can also help prepare briefing notes to helpers, eg which table they are in-charge of or which table to sit at, etc. What time to report at, who to report to, etc etc.

    I salute you for taking this tall order as it is not an easy feat to plan, negotiate, organise, enlisting help, etc etc to have the event running.

    Do you have a briefing/gathering prior to 18Feb?
    It would be useful so that we know the area of responsibility we are assigned to.

    With 200 guests, there will be at least 20 tables x 10 guests per table.

    1) I guess you have 1 SHC member in charge of 1 table or to sit with them throughout the lunch. The assigned SHC member would socialise, attend to the needs of the guests.

    2) I like to volunteer in preparing the list for you. From the list, we can ask for volunteers to be a ‘section leader’ to look after the overall general needs of say, 4 or 5 tables.

    I have worked as a waitress for some years (outdoor catering and indoors). Please let me know which area I could help out it. My email:


  107. Hi May,

    Really appreciate your coming forward to assist. You have presented a lot of ideas to us as far as co-ordinating the whole event and all the old folks.

    Right now Joy is planning the logistics and I leave it to her to appoint the helpers in charge of the various tables. There are lot pf other works to consider and we hope to meet up on the day itself to delegate the tasks

    We will be meeting next Sunday Feb 12 at Susan’s place at 6:00pm to sort out all the items for the goody bags, let’s us know whether you can come by.


  108. Hi Dan

    Preparing the logistics for any event is not easy. As I have been a volunteer for many years, I guess the best I could help is to give inputs and help out in which ever area.

    I can only report at about 11.30am or 11am on 18Feb as I have committed to run some errands in the morning.

    Are we in charge of the rental for tables and chairs?
    Are we, the CC volunteers or the restaurant staff going to set up the tables and chairs?
    Is the caterer or furniture rental company providing table cloths for the tables or are we using disposable table cloths?

    We need to set up a ‘station point’ for each section to put the tea, teapots, packet drinks (if any) etc

    Will discuss more when we meet. Please email me Susan’s address. I have blocked my calendar for 12 Feb, 6pm.

    See ya!

  109. Hi May,

    Thanks for sharing with us your concern, we have a team to take care of all these matters.

    I have email Susan’s email to you, see you on Feb 12.


  110. Donation closes after today!

    Thanks Terence for sponsoring $200.

    We will be having a sit down lunch and thank to all your generous contribution we have improve the lunch to $7.50 per pax.

    Here is the programme:

    Silverhairs Charity Lunch cum Health Screening
    Queenstown CC
    10am to 2pm

    Jointly organised by
    Silverhairs Club of Singapore
    and Queenstown Family Life, SCEC, WEC


    Time Programme
    10am Arrival of helpers
    10am Set-up/Briefing

    12pm Commencement of health screening

    Eye Screening
    Foot Scan
    Beading-vision test
    Blood Pressure test
    12pm Commencement of Lunch SHC
    Welcome Address by Mr Dan Huang, Member of Silverhairs Club
    Opera song Queenstown SCEC
    SHC live band SHC
    Opera song Queenstown SCEC
    SHC live band SHC
    Opera song Queenstown SCEC
    SHC live band SHC
    2pm Distribution of Ang Pow SHC
    Distribution of Goodie Bags QCC

    200 senior citizens from Tanglin Halt, Queensway, Hock San, Meiling.
    30 helpers from Queenstown
    30 helpers from Silverhair Club
    Total 260 people


  111. #158 Aiyoh, so sad!

    Good news, the CC will at their own cost pay a technician to man the karaoke system. Member can bring their own cd to sing but you have to queue with the old folks attending, how dat? Karoeke singing only from 11:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

    Just a note, our planned meeting at Susan’s place on Feb 12 to sort the goody bags is cancelled. We have decided to change to Feb 16 at 6:00pm and the venue is Queenstown CC Chess Room. The reason being we have 4 car load full of items to go into the goody bags. We need more helpers, please let us know if you can help. Those in the mailing list, please also indicate here.


  112. Hi Wong Wai Kheng

    Hope all is well with you.

    At #84 you had volunteered as a helper at the event this coming Sat. Do confirm that you are still able to come.

    I wrote to you a couple of times, but I have not got a response from you. May I have your email address again please.

    Thank you.


  113. Hi Dan/Joy,

    You have asked that we alert you if we cannot make it to the event. I shall be away during the Charity Event. Wont be able to join you and everyone. Have a good and fun weekend.

    Terence Seah

  114. Thanks Richard and Jane for stepping forward as helpers as we do have a few withdrawals due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Terence, noted you will not be around and appreciate for informing us. Those who have generously contributed but have not hinted that you are coming, we will assume that you are not coming!

    Helpers still needed to sort out 200 goody bags on Feb 16 at 6.00pm at Queenstown CC. We have over 30 boxes of teacups and rice and Milo Tetra Pak and face towels and pens and porky sticks and calendars to put in each goody bags.


  115. Hi Felice

    Thank you for your generous donation. Unaccounted for donation has been accounted for.

    33) Felice Lim/ATR/$50 (#167)

    I will send you an email on your duties. Thank you for helping.


  116. Gabriella, thanks and see you soon.

    All helpers, please be at the CC by 9:30am on Feb 18 for the briefing.

    Sorting of Goody bags confirmed at 6:00pm on Feb 16 at 6:00pm at Queenstown CC.
    Thomas and Audrey, see you at my place at 5:00pm to bring all items to the CC.

    Those of you sponsoring drinks, please avoid sweetened drinks.

    Lunch served will be halal!

    The revised program as follows:

    Silverhairs Charity Lunch cum Health Screening
    Queenstown CC
    10am to 2pm

    Jointly organised by
    Silverhairs Club of Singapore
    and Queenstown Family Life, SCEC, WEC


    Time Programme In Charge
    Arrival of helpers
    Set up
    Briefing Lin-Lee
    12pm Commencement of health screening
    Eye Screening
    Foot Scan
    Beading-vision test
    Blood Pressure test

    12pm Commencement of Lunch SHC
    Welcome Address by Representative of Silverhair Club and QCC
    Opera song x 2 Queenstown SCEC
    SHC live band SHC
    Opera song x 2 Queenstown SCEC
    Karaoke singing SHC
    Karaoke singing Queenstown SCEC
    SHC live band SHC
    2pm Distribution of Ang Pow SHC
    Distribution of Goodie Bags QCC

    200 senior citizens from Tanglin Halt, Queensway, Hock San, Meiling.
    30 helpers from Queenstown
    30 helpers from Silverhair Club
    Total 260 people


  117. Dear helpers, tomolo is our day. Be at the CC by 9.30am. All of us should come early to go through the medical screening.

    The helpers from the CC are wearing purple t-shirt, our own helpers should all come in red t-shirt. Please pass the message around.

    Last night we manage to finish 200 goody bags at the CC. Thank you all who make the time to come by.

    This is our first attempt for a Charity Lunch on such a scale. Let’s play our part to bring cheer to the elderly residents.

    There will be karoeke singing, do bring your cd along if you want to share this happy ocassion with them. Jeffrey and Irene with perform with their live band and not forgetting the opera singing by member of the CC. We going to have such great fun together!

    And to all the sponsors, thank you for your contribution that make this event possible.

    See you folks!


  118. Hi Joy i will be there for sure.I asked my husband to forgo his golf just to fetch me there.My email is may i know what time to meet at the c.c. so sorry for the late reply just saw you message it could be i have forgotten my password for the other email add so i am using the other one.See you tomorrow.

  119. Hey Dan & Joy,

    That was a great event and thank you for the opportunity to be part of this worthy cause. Not only were the guests happy, looked like all the volunteers were too, judging from their unstinting efforts and smiling faces.

    Everyone was so spontaneous just pitching in everywhere help is needed. Some initiated, others took cues, some got distracted and missed instructions, others just lead to remind, some got excited when there were special requests and others just got their minds creative solving the situation.

    Once the music started, silverhair Jane, Dolly, Audrey, Judy and Bee Gek started dancing almost on the second beat already. How’s that for spontaneity?

    We had Caroline taking to the stage singing with her powerful voice and later a duet with Jeffrey in reversed roles, much to the awe of the guests.

    Several people came into the hall and they said “Oh, we would like to look at the pretty lady in red”. Well, all of us were in red but it’s Irene they were enchanted with of course! So dainty and graceful in her pretty red dress, hair well coiffured and attractively made up. Everyone was spell bound when she sang.

    I actually heard the Ah Mahs’ oooo…s and ahhh….s when Thomas took to the mike. kekekeke…

    Missed who it was who started the rounds to each table for photo taking. It reminded me of a wedding dinner. Think it’s mighty great initiative here.

    Boon Liang our photographer was everywhere. Lots of candid shots. Right, Boon Liang? But sorry, you’ll miss them cause they’ll be censored.

    I’ve made at least one new friend at this event. What struck me was when Wai said she had never had the opportunity to rub shoulders and serve so many common folks before and that she’s very very happy to be part of this event. See, Dan. The opportunities and happiness you’ve created. Take your bow mate!

    Must say the nine dishes we had for $7.50 each was pretty good and of great value. They were served hot and cold dessert was cold too. Noticed every plate on every table was empty. Nothing left for the birds.

    The guests were well fed and left grinning from ear-to-ear with a goodie bag each (mighty good items from the sponsors! 3 cheers for them!) and a hong pow to boot.

    Someone is very touched and sentimental over all the enthusiasm and camaraderie during the occasion. Hope we hear from her.

    Indeed we even helped the caterers lay the table, serve the food, clear the tables and in a jiffy, cleared the hall by dismantling all the tables and stacking all the chairs. Didn’t think we had to do these but hey, this is the “force” of the Silverhairs!

    Very Happy Daisy

  120. Hi daisy,

    I share everything you have written so beautifully..
    Thank you.

    Hi Joy & dan,

    thanks for the opportunity to participate this great event !
    We have enjoy a meaningful day !!


  121. Dear all

    Daisy has written an excellent piece that encapsulated the events of a perfect day. So I will just share my experience.

    I was blessed to be part of such a wonderful team working together to bring some happiness to the elderly poor living in the vicinity.

    It was a very successful event because of the enthusiastic, cheerful and efficient team. The helpers were spontaneous and found a role for themselves. I did what I do best – keep out of everyone’s way!

    I was touched by how the helpers went the extra mile, how caring they were and how everyone worked together so well.

    This charity event would not have been possible without the generous donations of cash and goody bag items from some of our members.

    Thank you all and the memories of this event will be with me for a long time.


  122. Dear Dan & Joy,

    Congrats on your initiative to orchestrate this Event of the Year.

    I must say it gives many of us an opportunity to Pay It Forward, either in Cash or in Kind or both.

    It is always good to do something good and we know that it lands in the right hands..

    It also provides a great opportunity for the members to work together not just for enjoyment but also do something good and worthwhile for the community.

    Though I wasn’t sure if I could come, I told myself to make it a point to come if I can, and Im glad I went at the last min, and one can witness the warmth & camaraderie of the members, the joy of the old folks ( I always enjoy seeing this ) and we know that it is landing on the people who are needing it…not some syndicated handicapped people Malaysians or from other neighbouring countries pushing you to buy tissues etc.

    Its also great to see friends amongst the purple & red shirts…and to make more new friends from amongst the red shirts…

    Both your quiet disposition & leadership is much appreciated..& .I dare say by a lot of members too.

    Keep up the good work here…and hope to see both of you
    doing a project again and again.


  123. Hello Felice

    Glad we share the same observation and sentiments.

    Being so busy as we were, I had opportunity to introduce myself to only a few with whom I had not been acquainted with.

    Let’s look out for one another at the next meet, i.e. when we are both attending.

    Till then

  124. Hi Dan & Joy

    Tks for organising this BIG event. I’m happy that I’ve made it to the ‘party’ and it’s a good experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this charity event which is actually a maiden one for me.

    A big Thank You to Dan and Joy for the experience!


  125. Dear Dan / Joy,

    Appreciate that both of you efforts to organising the meaniful event on last Sat.

    Your initiative & well planning will not only let us have an opportunities to experience and support in the charities, most importantly that we are able to extend our joy to shared with those old folks having fun.

    I do received some feedback from the senior residents that they feel touched & thankful by our entertainment, laughter & caring with them…

    Once again, thank you to let me have good memories of the event.


  126. Hi Dan/Joy ,
    Tks for organising this great charity event. Enjoy every minute of it.To all our fellow bros and sis, you have done great for the elderlies. Shows SHCians are always warm one way or the other . Keep it up.

  127. Dear all

    This is an account of the donations and expenses :-

    DONATIONS $3,188.01

    1) Lunch with GST $2,086.50
    2) Tables, chairs with GST $ 276.06
    3) Ang pows $ 652.00

    BALANCE $ 173.45

    I proposed to Terence and Dan to return the excess of $173.45 to the person who made the biggest donation. The amount was transferred to Tian Soo last night.


  128. Hi Joy and Dan,

    Although I was not able to attend the charity lunch, I had good feedback on the organisation and the day’s event.

    Organising a charity event is not an easy task. The idea always sounds good but the tasks of organisation with all related organisations, getting sponsors and helpers, keeping the cost to the minimal and even finding the right charity are difficult to balance. Dan and Joy have been very determined to make this event successful, despite numerous criticisms. We should all thank Dan and Joy, the helpers and the contributors who have worked behind this event, at their own costs, time and effort, to bring cheers to the elderly citizens in Singapore. One day, our turn will come or may come.

    And, also this is a good example of keeping good accounts and budgetting.

    SilverHairsClub is very much a social entity. As we embarked on other ideas, I think we can learn from this event. Dan and Joy have experience with this event. I too like to learn from the feedback of members who have participated in this event. What would you do differently if you were the organiser, a helper or a contributor? We all have differing opinions, so let’s respect another member’s view.

    Thank you again Joy and Dan.

    Terence Seah

  129. Chief Dan & Joy,

    Although I was not at the event, but my solid feedback tells me there are all singing full of praise for the real tangible work that both of you have done.

    As a man not easily surprised, I’m truly surprised by Terence assertions that there are criticisms & that it became the highlight of his text @189. This must be the surprise of the week in a surprising week LOL. Are there something amiss here?, or merely pure savy sophistry, pray tell me.

    Good sounding words no matter how numerous, are EMPTY without action, and Chief Dan & Joy, and all the many participants of this event- helpers & donars etc etc have proven beyond doubt that they are as good as their words. In other words, they have INTEGRITY.

    More than keeping good accounts & keeping to the discipline of budgeting, Joy @188 have shown transparency, accountability and most of all INTEGRITY. These are upright characteristics not given to a whim.

    Yes, we can all learn something from all that’s written here or anywhere in this blog, the Integrity or the lack of, we should never stop learning.

    Once again, a big THANK YOU to Chief Dan & Joy,

    ( all copied & pasted )

  130. Big thanks to Dan & Joy!

    A good pad for the rest….

    Yes, we enjoyed totally at the event. It was so happy to see the smiles on the attendees’ faces.

    Feedback on the event will beneficial for organising on the next one. Our people on ground were quick and receptive; eg providing good entertainment while waiting, change in the distribution of goody bags, helping the caterer to expedite on the food serving…etc..

    For any charity event, the documentation on income and expenditure should be maintained for transparency.

    This is definitely a successful event and cheers to all!


  131. Dear Dan & Joy

    Thanks for a job well done.

    This is my first experience helping out at an event like this. I have done other volunteer work in other ways before but nothing beats being there, where the action is.

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was glad to put my vocal chords to good use. The smile on the faces of the guests was priceless. I gave some of them hugs and they were bashful but they really appreciated it.

    All the helpers were on their toes, either helping to serve food, dancing to entertain the guests or making sure they are happy. I really feel happy to be part of it.

    And there are those who have done pre-party preparation. A lot of hardwork went into getting things ready for the big day.

    I have worked with Joy before and you can be assured she is very meticulous in what she does in making sure the accounts balance. Dan was instrumental in picking up the items for the goodie bags from my home and Dolly Choo’s home. He had to pick up three car loads of items to deliver to the packing point so it was Eastwood to Queenstown three times. Its really hard work. And of course there are others who helped to pack the goodie bags.

    And Irene and Jeff who lugged their musical instruments there to perform for the guests.

    Thumbs up to all :)


  132. Thank you to all for your feedbacks and compliments, this is a team event and we want to express our gratitudes to all our helpers.

    Thank you Terence for the encouragement. As far as any criticism is concern I am not going to worry about it as I have enough on hand, like keeping my blood pressure down, working for my next meals and ensuring that I may squeeze through the Pearly Gate.

    Henry, appreciate your concern. We cannot ensure that this Club nor it founders to be perfect but strive on the platform initiated for us.

    Let’s end this event on a sweet and simple note and if there be any discontent let’s amicably embrace it!


  133. Hi Dan & joy,

    I started participating Charity work since 40 yrs ago..
    I have experienced them all from the many shools, churches,
    and Hospics fund raising etc…BUT THIS SHC Charity Event TOP them all.The ONLY thing Dan did wrong, his SHIRT wasn’t
    RED !! Dan, remember, that shirt was mahogany colour !!
    BUT since you are the leader, it is acceptable & forgiven !!
    hahaha..3 Cheers for both of you !!

  134. Dear Dan & Joy

    It was a “Dan” Good Event and It was a “Joy” for many of us.
    pun intended..

    “Dan” there are some criticisms…its ok…cos whenever we do something “Joyful” – there will be hiccups.

    We look at it as OFI : “Opportunities For Improvement” cos if there isn’t any…we will be either Up there in Heaven or Down There…feeding wood into the depths of hell.

    At the end of the day, we salute you for taking the initiative, and the Best end result are the “Smiles of Joy”
    on the old folks’ faces…

    Lets En”joy” the journey and “Dan” we will always have “Joy” in our hearts…and this world will be a better place to live in…

    I agree with Felice….on her last post #195

    I always subscribe to :
    “When I am right, no one remembers,
    When I am Wrong, no one forgets”
    but thats life..

  135. Heehee Patrick

    I was one of the many who mispronounced your last name.

    Pardon me!

    Hmmm, your decision to indicate your name as Pat makes me wonder why? I can pronounce Patrick, kekekekeee.

  136. My dear Club Manager…
    not sure if you are the one who also called me
    Battery or Factory…lah…

    so to keep it short…and since our Founder..wants us to be proud of our Last Names…

    i shall list as Pat Oei loh….

    but knowing you to have good enunciation, all will know its not you who mispronounced it la..

    Have a joyful week..Cheers..
    and pls place us as tentative attendees for 2moro gathering…

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