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Happy New Year to all fellow members of SHC.

Since I won the crown for Elite Mrs Singapore 2011, I have been actively involved in some of the activities with the organiser of the pageant events.  As a result, EZ4U Music & Dance and Glamour Danzfit have been invited to be one of the official sponsors of this year’s event.

Very briefly, the pageant for Mrs Singapore & Elite Mrs Singapore Quest 2012 consists of :

*  talent round

*  fashionwear round

*  bridal gown round

*  evening wear round

*  lingerie round (contestants can opt out if they do not wish to participate in this segment)

The sequence starts from Feb 2012 to Aug/Sep 2012, ie right upto the finals.  This gives more time in between for the contestants to prepare.

There are sponsored fashionwear, bridal gown, evening wear, accessories, hair styling, makeup, talent training.  The first photoshoot starts in February 2012 and comes with sponsored makeup and hairstyling.

We are now in a recruitment process to find nominees for the 2012 quest.  On behalf of EZ4U Music & Dance and Glamour Danzfit, I am extending an invitation to the ladies in SHC to participate. 


The challenge in Mrs Singapore is not the same as that of Miss Singapore.  In Mrs Singapore,  looking as beautiful as Venus or standing at a model’s height are not the most important criteria.  Contestants are judged on their level of confidence, personality, ability to interact, the way a lady carries herself, just to name a few……

There will be a briefing by the organiser on Sunday (5th Feb 2012) at 3 pm.  At this briefing, you will be informed of all the details and you can ask as many questions as you may have in your mind.  The purpose is to let participants know exactly what they are in for before signing up for the challenge.

Briefing venue : TKS & Sons building, No 46A, Chuan Hoe Avenue

Taking part in the pageant last year was a very good experience for me.  I have never done this before in my life.  It is not because of the fact that I won but the involvement and the experience in the whole process was really something I treasure in my heart and in my mind. 

Do not underestimate yourself.  You do not know your full potentials until you give yourself a chance to release all the hidden qualities in you.

If you wish to respond to me, you may write to my e-mail:

E-mail address : irenelklee@gmail.com

I sincerely hope that there will be some ladies from SHC willing to take the challenge.


Message from Corporate Member,

Irene Lee



Author: Irene LEE

Updated : 20 April 2023 Biographical info : * Professional Certified Coach (freelance work) * Executive Search Consultant (full time job) * Passionate about music, singing, dancing * Enjoys organising events and hosting shows/events

2 thoughts on “Unleash The Inner “YOU””

  1. Hi Irene,

    This is indeed a very well conceived event. You have my support. I wish you every success. And I look forward to seeing more SHC ladies participate in this event.

    Yes, this is an excellent chance for our ladies to take the challenge. Well done Irene.

    I am also glad you set the stage for the type of Corporate membership we like to see in the SilverHairsClub.

    Terence Seah

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