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Dear SilverHairsClub members,


We started SHC in 2005. Now 15 years old, we should review succession and handover plans. Change is needed to keep up with time and changing membership interests. It is my aim to be a SHC ordinary member by this year end and for a new person/committee to take over.

SHC operates as a free and easy to join Club with no physical premises. Its rules are no politics, religion, race, sex, direct selling and MLM.

We need a new person to head and lead this Club for another 5 – 10 years. We need someone with wide ranging interests so we can fulfil our Club objective of providing a platform for SilverHairsClub members to meet new and old friends, with like minded interests.

We need more activities and ideas. We need creativity, imagination and dreams. We need to expand our membership.

I am holding a brain storm meeting on how to transit to a new SilverHairsClub and who you see as someone who would lead SilverHairsClub for another 5 to 10 years.

Invitation to participate ONLY if you rsvp ‘handover” before closing date 18 Jul.

Venue: SHC Zoom
Date/time: SUN 19 July 1000am 1.5 hrs.

SHC Zoom Diary:

RSVP “handover” for password.

3RD AND LAST UPDATE ON SHC Cllub Handover, in our search for a member to lead and run the new SilverHairsClub. A LIVE recording of the meeting.

Terence Seah

17 thoughts on “Club handover

  1. Our first discussion on the handover process started 19 July 2020. Many members have already contributed ideas on how the handover can be successfully done. We have given ourselves time from now to 15 Sept to identify members who wish to run the SilverHairsClub.

    It is important that members who are interested to run SHC identify themselves and volunteer for this role. The person must clearly be committed to ensure the smooth running of the Club and able to put in time and effort to re-create the new SilverhairsClub.

    The new Normal means that traditional ways of running a social Club must give way to newer ideas, newer members and broader perspectives. We must bear in mind that SHC members have a wide range of interests. And the Club’s objective is to provide a platform for members to meet new and more friends,

    The handover must be completed by end Dec 2020.

    Terence Seah

  2. Terence, this is how I feel, in acknowledging your presence in SHC – sacrosanct, sentimental and symbolic. All for the same reason : you founded and built up the Club. Similar to that of a “founding father” in other establishments, such as businesses, organisations or even politics, people involved tend to measure the incoming chief against the “remarkable things” accomplished by the founder. It will be tough for the new guy to be in your shoes. However, as with all regimes, there must be a handover. It is but a matter of time, and for SHC, it seems overdue. Let us go easy with whoever is willing and able to let the show go on. The other alternative is to close shop. So fellas…. “Kee Chew” please.


  3. To date, 2 persons have volunteered to take over and run the Club. If any member is interested, plse contact me directly via WhatsApp 9489 4360.

    Take the next 1.5 mths to identify yourself and show fellow members your interest to take this role.

    In addition to volunteering to take this role,. I have set aside this Thur 30 Jul and the last Thur of each month to start a new
    SHC committee.

    Members with strong desire to contribute time and effort to the Club can apply to join this committee. It is important that committee members are prepared to observe the current club rules and it’s objective.

    No observer or advisor members required. Only commited members.

    Committee members should be able to work with one another, have accepted social behaviour., not quarrelsome and tactful.

    Closing date to registe to join this committee is this thur 30 Jul 2020 mid day.

    Terence Seah

  4. Today, we had our 2nd discussion session on the Club Handover and the way forward to a renewed SilverHairsClub. Below is a live recording of this morning discussion.

  5. WOW ….. 80 mins of talking. I seldom, if ever, watched a full video of more than an hour (usually I fast-forward it and can finish a 2 hour program in half an hour). BUT this video I watched it full, and twice. It is amusing, hilarious and indeed very entertaining, if not for some “serious” connotations. As I did not join the meeting, allow me to add (or echo) the “must have” attributes that the incoming leader must have – active, brainy, committed, donnish, exemplary, fair …………….and the list goes on. Then I realised all fairy tales must come to an end but to comfort myself, I played a song.


  6. Watch the entire video if you have the time. Otherwise, jump to the following segments which are clearly down-to-earth assertions :

    @ 36:53 – by Caroline
    @ 56:53 – by Howard
    @ 58:15 – by June Peh

    In my opinion, if the 3 of them were to join hands to run SHC, we would not only survive but flourish.


  7. I listened to the whole recording. Bravo to the 2 volunteers. I salute your courage to fill the big shoes. All the best in the new challenge of your life. Thanks Terence for serving us 15 years. Am sure you will be like LKY and not Dr M

  8. My two cents worth.
    Stella, I would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth rather than to go by hearsay. If you gossip, you get trash and fingers pointed at a person without concrete evidence. I don’t buy this. And people who follow blindly and agree! Tsk! Tsk!
    Its a thankless job and we have to appreciate the offer to run the club. I am quite sure Terence will not let the club “die” in the hands of incapable person/persons.
    Terence must have done his due diligence and record checking before accepting the offer. He did mention that there were some other offers of taking over the running of the club but because there were personal agendas, he has chosen to reject them.
    I am confident that Terence will guide the prospective leader until he is ready and find the right time to let go of his hands.
    If every member play their part well, help out when needed. Show support at events organised. Try to participate in events so that we can make them successful.
    Cath Soon, may I know how long you have been with the club to make that sweeping comment that everyone in the club is autocratic and dominant or did you want to say domineering? Gosh! We do have very friendly, helpful and obliging members. Do not pass judgement if you do not know everyone in the club.
    Howard, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.
    Best of luck Terence!

    P.S. Daniel Chan, I take it as a compliment and I thank you. But to be someone to run the club, thanks but no thanks. Its hard work, time consuming and it’s not easy to please everyone. I have organised many events for members and I get “bashed” by some people but not all. But I am definitely not autocratic or “dominant” LOL!

  9. Hi Carly…..yes that was a compliment, without a tinge of doubt. It further bolstered my opinion after reading your above piece. I can also understand your reservation, or reluctance, to run the club. Without a better word, “thankless” is the most appropriate description. Any stranger who watched the video would have thought that there are several dozen “applicants” waiting to be shortlisted, and Terence together with a bunch of “HR experts”, are having a hard time choosing the right one. But we do have two volunteers. After watching the video, I hope they are still bold enough to take up the most challenging task of their life. Sue Chan’s plea at the end of the show may provide some reassurance.


    • Hi Daniel

      Thank you again.
      I could not help but LOL about your “HR experts” comment.

      The expectations and demands were very high. And I agree that outsiders who do not know the set up and management of the club might think that its some high flyer’s position.

      And I always think that you don’t need to raise your voice to make a point heard. I cannot understand why people do that to me when I do not agree with their comments.

      Have a nice day!

      Kind Regards

  10. In mid Jul 2020, I started the process of finding a member to take over the running of SilverHairsClub. Over two LIVE zoom conferences in Jul and Aug 2020, members came together to discuss the handover process. Many members discussed and offered various options.

    Many felt there should be a nomination process, so that a vote can be taken. Some names have neen raised, but so far, none of the nominees have accepted the nominations because they are still committed at personal work, busy or unable to accept the realities of a thankless job.

    Two persons have written to me to volunteer to take up the challenge, and I have asked them to show and reveal themselves to our Club membership. But so far, both of chosen to remain silient. One is a guy and the other is a gal.

    Small group discussions are going around the club, and so far, no new names have surfaced.

    15 Sep 2020 has been set as the date for a willing member to show up and be noticed. Many members feel there are various reasons for this scenario. From the last 2 club meetings, the concerns are:

    1. The role is a thankless job, and many previous EOs are often criticised or commented on for being negligent or failure with event planning. Serious gossips include event price manupulation, cheating and failure to consider other options.

    2. A significant number of members see the role as a volunteer job, with huge responsibilities. On this point, this group tends to favour a committee, so that work can be distributed and shared.

    3. A few ideas came up and this include taking the club to a fee based membership with a constitution. While this is an idea, there has been no one willing to take this forward. Many members prefer the current “Free to Join” concept with no constitution to restrict event organising and formal regulations to remove members.

    4. The line between pioneer members and new members has become clearer in recent months, with the New Normal affecting the way SHC operates. I guess we have to balance this scenario to take the Club forward.

    To set the next step, we will have one last meeting to determine the status of this search. and, what we shall do after. as a member, you are invited to participate. This meeting will be recorded and available to members in our club website, Plse inform your group members.

    Date/time: Wed 16 Sep 2020 at 9 pm sharp. 1.5 hrs allocated,
    Venue: SHC Zoom, a LIVE video conference, on mobile, PC and laptops.

    click here to enter meeting room.

    Zoom id: 4178525736
    Password: shc

  11. Since the start of the circuit breaker, I must have done more than 10,000 student-hours of online teaching, via ZOOM as well as other platforms. Online lessons are still on-going, but reducing as classroom lessons cautiously resumed.

    As I conduct my lesson, my assistant (or co-host) plays a very important role in enforcing the rules and standing instructions. Students not showing their real name will not be admitted. They can wait at the waiting room until they remember their name. After entering the “classroom”, a student is given 2 minutes to display his/her (moving) face, to prove that it belongs to the name given. Hide your face leave the room. Excuses such as no camera, defective camera, don’t know how, inside the train etc are not accepted.

    Other unethical behaviour that may lead to expulsion include :
    Bickering/quarreling with parent, sibling, friend, partner or pet?
    Talking loudly on the mobile phone?
    Chewing or munching food with irritating noise?
    Interfering audio from a TV, radio or whatever gadget.

    Students are marked “absent” if they are expelled and this will eventually affect their grade.

    I attend other ZOOM events too, such as conferences, webinars, casual chats and singing sessions. Of course social events need not be as serious as formal lessons, but the basic social etiquette ought to be demonstrated by all participants, and due respect be accorded to the presenter (speaker or singer), as well as to the audience at large. It applies when you attend a seminar, a LIVE concert, or even in the cinema. Why not in ZOOM?


  12. Here is a recording of the 3rd and last update on our search for a member to lead and run Silverhairsclub in SHC Handover. As we have no volunteers to take up this role, plse review the recording and share your suggestions on taking our Club forward.

    Terence Seah

  13. Thank you Terence, for your painstaking efforts in ensuring the club runs well, today and beyond. A week has almost passed since the video was released. As there is no response to your call for “suggestions on taking our Club forward”, let me key something.

    This piece is written to see how we can help Terence step down without “demolishing” the Club. Hence, please give comments and suggestions, if any, for the betterment of the Club as a whole. Personal matters can wait.

    Let’s start with something tangible. Correct me if I am wrong, Terence — there is an annual hosting fee to run this SHC website. If Terence is not paying, who shall? How to charge members? Who to collect money? Who is to keep the account? Member A has not posted a single word since being a SHC member more than a decade ago. Member B (e.g. yours sincerely) pours texts here unabated and unabashedly. If the charge was on a per word basis, I would have gone bankrupt. Shall we charge A and B the same fee? Should we charge members for reading my “stupid comments”?

    The Zoom platform incurs a cost too, sponsored by Terence now (thank you). What next? Member C does not know what zoom is all about – or simply not interested, while member D logs in zoom several times a day. Between the extremes of C and D, there are users of various durations. Do we charge them by the hours? Who to keep track? Who to collect money? If there is anyone who thinks that it is feasible to collect money from all or selected members, please volunteer to be the treasurer.

    If Terence continues to foot all expenses for our cyber activities (which I think he should not), then there is no issue. Otherwise, my proposed solution is :

    CLOSE both the SHC website and the ZOOM platform.

    SHC website — Terence has had started many WhatsApp groups, catering to various interests. There are also groups created by many members, each having found his/her own clique and niche. Free of charge, these WA groups shall replace the single SHC website, which hardly sees any contribution from members. If the Admins of the various WA groups have any sense of belonging (and gratitude) to SHC, they can exchange information, conduct activities or hold meetings to bring SHC members together occasionally.

    ZOOM platform — Anybody can host an event on zoom. It is free of charge for up to a certain duration. We don’t need a rocket scientist to teach us how to circumvent this restriction. As with the WhatsApp groups, zoom hosts look for their own “kakis” to do their own zooming collectively. Nothing like having people together that crack the same joke and sing the same tune. Again, if there is any recognition and reminiscence of SHC, zoom hosts can once a while organise a BIG event to bring all zoomers together.

    Last but not least, we have the SHC Facebook, where we can post pictures and videos to share (free of charge for now). The era of one man cracking his head to entertain many minds is over. Let us wake up to the new normal. Without any payment involved, nobody is obliged to appease the mass, let alone comfort any disgruntled individual. Similarly, nobody is compelled to participate in any event. TRUE camaraderie, companionship and concord are what we are yearning for. FREE membership, like friendship, is quality and not quantity that matters.


  14. Hi everybody,

    We have taken the last 3 months to look at a fellow member to take over the running of the SilverHairsClub. Two members have volunteered 3 months ago, but they have decided not to show themselves to club members.

    The 3rd and last session on the Handover held on 16 Sep 2020 did not reveal any new interest from members. As such, I have decided to drop the idea of finding a successor. There will be changes in our Club’s organisation, and this will be revealed this year.

    Thank you for your participation,

    Terence Seah

  15. Dear fellow SHC members,

    Here is an update on how we are taking SilverHairsClub forward. Last year, I took a step to inform members that I am looking for a member to take over the SilverhairsClub. Two members responded but they did not follow through. The idea was subsequently dropped.

    Since late 2020, a numbers of members have volunteered to lead different activities. They are currently EOs and hosting Zoom programs while COVID restrictions are in place.

    Todate, SHC Activities committee has 18 members. This group gathers once a month to share their activities. As a last call, I am inviting more members to come volunteer and lead activities for the benefit of other members. Pls whatsapp me if you are interested to take up this EO roles. This activities committee is running well and I am happy with its progress.

    The next step is to form an Administrative committee. The role of this committee is to look at the overall operation of SHC. Very likely, we will have a Club secretary, a treasurer, membership manager, and public relations manager. We will have the Activities cordinator in the Admin committee. Other roles will be added but we will keep the group small. Together, the admin committee will decide how we take SilverhairsClub forward. It is still my aim to select someone to lead the Club, operationally, administratively and financially. The structure to be completed this 2021. Handover will be completed when a new team leader is in place.

    Terence Seah

    Comments and suggestions.

    Terence Seah

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