SilverHairsClub wishes all members a Happy National Day

A National Day video by Project Providence Media Team

On this coming 9 Aug 2020, we celebrate our 55th National Day. We are Singapore. A home and Nation for all, regardless of race, language and religion. United we stand as one.

Let’s take this opportunity to remember our past and to look forward to our future as we enjoy our SilverHairs years.

Please share your greetings to fellow members and to Singapore.

Terence Seah

One thought on “SilverHairsClub wishes all members a Happy National Day

  1. Dear All,
    1 hour more into celebrating of Singapore’s independency from Malaysia since 1965. After having a good meals (McDonalds followed by desserts) together with another 2 members as celebration of this holiday. We would like to take opportunity to wish each and every members a Happy 55th National Day tomorrow and stay hopeful that a vaccine will be invented soon…


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