What I had learnt from e-Commerce lately

Dear Members,
Due to Covid-19 pandemic and its uncertainty routes of recovery, many are plagued with lots of issues : lesser job opportunities, reduced workday/salaries and/or retrenchment as employers are facing the same fate as we do.

Thus, so much uncertainties and lots of times on hand, I had been scouting around for other sources of incomes and e-Commerce is 1 platform that I had been actively looking into but regret to say that it had not been very fruitful to me. Let’s share my personal insights with regards of the e-Commerce platform.

There are numerous ways to go around e-Commerce which I tried

1) Attending free and/or paid webinar talks by those experienced pioneer players whom had been successful in their days and now just get income thru seminars/courses to earn their dues.

2) Tap on those current well establishment sites (Lazada, Q00, Taobao, and many times) but each individual sites have their own R&R to follow. Except for Taobao that I am more keen to join but to a standstill right now as I was unable to reach some general consensus with the suppliers, eg, prices, deliveries, stock management inventories and last but most important, payment. As travel is currently out of reach, I will need to kiv this project till time permits me to do so again.

3) In my opinion, these days, some e-Commerce sites also practised almost similar business strategies like MLM but those so-called up-lines these days do not enjoyed as much earnings as those MLM in earlier days which make it more challenging for us to partake. I had also in mind 1 or 2 products/ sites which I am still considering. But most important is that, we must learnt not to be so gullible as to believe that this will be a easy route to success – As this platform still need a small capital to start up with. Also, should I decided to join these, must be prepare to work very hard so as to achieve my goal.

After a breakfast meeting with a close girlfriend this morning which she was layoff recently and driving grab right now. She shared her experiences on e-Commerce. All she said is that I must be prepared for time/monies wasted should these e-Commerce turned out to be fruitless. Hence, in conclusion, I had decided to hold on till I am ready to do so.

That’s all l want to share. Kindly note that these are my own personal views only.

Thank you… Dolly

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