5 thoughts on “Foodpreneurs – Conversational Cooking, EO Sally Foo on Kitchen knives 27 Aug 2020

  1. Once again, thank you Mr T for uploading this video, it is a learning process for me on how to present myself LIVE… looks like i need to do much more to polish my skills.

    I would also like to thank each and every participants who support this session on INTRO to Culinary Knives. A personal thank you all 19 of them, namely

    1. Jean – co host
    2. Judy Lim
    3. Louis Seah
    4. Shirley
    5. Anne Choi
    6. Ng HOW
    7. Erlich Phua
    8. Marg Tian
    9. June Peh
    10. Sally Tan
    11. Jessica BBL Ong
    12. John Chua
    13. Sue Chan
    14. Freda Lim
    15. Vivian Lai
    16. Sock Keng
    17. Catherine Soon
    18. Marie Chong [CKE]
    19. Dora aka Doreen

    Sally Foo

  2. Dear SallyF,

    Thank you for sharing with us an interesting & informative Presentation on the wide range of Kitchen Knives used in our daily lives.

    Most of us were intrigued by the different type of Knives used for different purposes, and do appreciate your sharing in this aspect.


  3. Thanks Sally. I enjoyed the session today (24.9.2020). Nice meeting all the chefs here, indeed very hands on chefs!!

    I missed Sue Chan’s msg. Yes good to see you here too.

    Yoon Chin

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