A survey for PMET age 45 above

With consent from Mr. Terence Seah, I like to conduct a survey.
I plan to create a social mobile platform for PMET 40 years above. PMET may be displaced or retired.
What is it for them?
By signing up the platform, PMET can share their experience and get to know each other better to exchange ideas. Hopefully they may form a team to create a startup. The platform will guide them and accelerate their dream from startup to IPO. PMET may have not discover their full potential. Also it is about time to invest in yourself and at least take control of your investment.
The roadmap from startup to IPO requires a strong management team. This a prerequisite when investors consider to invest in startup. From the platform PMET may assemble a A+ management team among themselves.
Thus appreciate members may share your view if such platform is feasible.
If yes Why?
If no why?
Kindly email me at dtan168@yahoo.com to share your view.
Thank you very much members and especially to Mr. Terence Seah.

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