Ageing together in JB

For members who have considered spending time in JB, we are forming a group to get to know one another and prepare to live and age together as a community in JB.

Conditions for joining the discussion.

1.  Stay on Rented properties, house or condo. on a 1-year rental commitment.

2. Rental cost of one room – SGD 4000 per year. Exclude rental deposit, food and transport.

3. Members decide share or single, how many rooms per property and who are their housemates.

4. We aim to enjoy and benefit from living together as a community –  security, safety, food, fellow assistance, friendship economy of scale. 

5. Due to Covid travel restrictions, we may be able to start this ‘Ageing together in JB” community in mid 2021.  Meantime, let’s discuss, get to know our community better, very important, and prepare to kickstart our plans .

6. To join the regular Zoom discussion, RSVP “Ageing together in JB” via WhatsApp 9489-4360.  Club will then send you a zoom link.

Terence Seah


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  1. Session 4 Ageing together in JB, Sun 22 Nov 2020
    Hi…the objective of this video is to let you have an idea of what is in and around Taman Gaya, the residential estate where I own a house. Note the 6 Ms to enjoy in JB Malaysia in our golden years. Rent a housing unit. It is affordable to most (senior) Singaporeans.

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