Invitations to investment, property and MLM seminars are not allowed in SHC activities

Dear members,

Sometimes, chat-group members are invited to special seminars. However, some seminars put pressure on the guests to buy investment products. Other invitations serve as phone number collections.

WhatsApp group chats are set up for sharing important issues among SHC members.

For members in the investing business, pls seek admin approval. If the intention is to sell investment products, I require this intention to be made clear and upfront to members.

MLM and property seminars and related advertising are not allowed to be mentioned or conducted in all club activities.

Face to face seminars can also be conducted over SHC Zoom, at no charge.

Kindly observe this announcement. Thank you.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


One thought on “Invitations to investment, property and MLM seminars are not allowed in SHC activities”

  1. Dear fellow members,

    This is a reminder that the SilverhairsClub is not to be used as a platform for selling MLM, insurance and properties.

    SilverhairsClub is free to join, and cannot be misused to collect telephone or email data, for the purpose of selling mlm, insurance, investment and properties.

    Members who are contacted to buy multi-level products, insurance and property products can WhatsApp privately to 9489-4360.

    Terence Seah

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