Swimming, anyone?

The doctor give me six weeks to improve my diet and bring down my glucose level from 13 to 7 otherwise I will go on the needle. This is a challenge to myself whether I can avoid it.

Last night I dream of the dread needle and break out in cold sweat and this morning I pull myself out of bed and headed for Safra Mount Faber for 10 laps of freestyle and breast stroke. I reckon I will need to do it every morning from 8:00am to 8:30am. No more late nights as I normally sleep at about 2:00am, have to hit the sack before midnight. 

I need moral support here, anyone with similar concern would like to join me? We will have it here at Safra and if there is any other venue convenience do let me know. We may consider any other day of the week or other timing.

Swimmingly yours,


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  1. Hi Dan

    Swimming is a good first step. Keep at it!

    As for your diet, I do not know what you’re not supposed to eat or should eat, so just follow your doc’s instructions.

    You can do it; the thought of the dreadful needle will motivate you.

    Get well soon.

  2. Hi Geraldine,

    Thanks for the concern.

    James, I see your comment under moderation. Please share with me how you are able to bring your sugar level down.

    Just the other day I was able to swim ten laps at the pool. Yesterday, we had cycling for three hours from East Coast to Bedok Reservoir and back. It was more like hiking as we have to carry our bicycle over overhead bridges a few times. It was fun but halfway I almost call it quit and wanted to take a taxi home. In the end with much encouragement and support I made it.

    Today it again with two hours of badminton, I hope my legs cramps dun come back.

    Now for the diet. Avoid rice as it convert to sugar. That it includes noodles and and white bread. I was told to cut back on carbohydrake. At lunch I walk around the hawker centre trying to have something for lunch. Nothing seems healthy, maybe porridge will do, but it still a form of rice. Fish soup was an option which mean no rice or noodle just soup. I continue to walk and settle on ‘kway chap’, hope it will do, and have almond beancurd but it was sweeten!

    Next time I think I will go only for a vegetatarian meal and fruits alone. It a tough journey and I only got a month to bring my sugar down, how?

    Desperate Dan

  3. Hi Dan

    Drinking lots of water throughout the day is a good way to flush out toxins and I suppose it helps with flushing out glucose, too?

    As I drink wine, I will sip water from time to time while enjoying my wine to dilute the alcohol in the blood stream. Water does help in this case.

    Also, you may want to switch your cooking oil to olive oil. Do consult your doc about this as this oil may interact with your medications.

  4. Hi Dan,

    Swimming/walking or any regular exercise is good to burn up the calories hence the sugar.

    Up intake of fruits (moderation) and vegetables raw,or steamed
    Lessen intake of carbo/fats
    Eat more smaller meals.
    Use less oil in cooking preferably use olive oil
    Eat more steamed foods like fish or have lean meat soups.
    Add to the above, Exercise. You’ll get there.

    Please check topic on Glyceamic Index on the internet and you’ll have a better idea how your sugar level can be better controlled.

    Crash diet doesn’t work cos you’ll go into hypoglyceamia which is as dangerous as hyperglyceamia.

    Most of all, remember to take your medication as prescribed by your doctor.

    Work at it Dan, and I am confident that you’ll soon see some encouraging result.

    Geok Suan.

  5. Hi Dan

    Remember to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday, and a bit more if you can.

    Try not to drink too much coffee as it dehydrates your body. If you have to, then drink more water to “neutralise” the effect.

    Water helps in the healing process of any ailment.

    No lah! I am not bluffing! This is told to me by my chiropractor :)

    Brisk walking is good too but do wear proper walking shoes.

    All the best on your road to better health.


  6. Dan,

    You can try drinking ‘glucoscare’ a few times a day especially before meals. It is a herb based drink that is good for reducing blood sugar and available at most pharmacies/chinese medical shops. Google for some testimonials, hope it will help you,


  7. Thanks Geraldine, Geok Suan, for all the healthy tips. Every morning I would drink one litre of water. I dun cook but depend very much on wat the hawker centres offer. And yes I will google on the gyceamic index.

    James, you are no more under moderation. Hope to hear from you.

    Caroline, thanks and I read somewhere too that drinking about 2 litres of water first thing in the morning will heal all kind of ailments.

    Jonathan, I will certainly go out to buy the ‘glucoscare’and read on the testimonials, thanks.

    Desperate Dan

  8. Hi Dan,

    Perhaps on your next visit to your doctor, you can request for an appointment with the Diabetic Dietician. During this session, you will learn what is your calorie intake each day. The Dietician can then help you plan your meals, what a portion/serving is or looks like and how to go about substituting your food so that your blood sugar level can be properly controlled and maintained.

    Cheers & Stay Healthy!

  9. hi dan

    like you i am a diabetic; my numbers were in the 13.9 plus range; i haven’t had any medication for the last umpteen years now; my numbers are now in the 4.5 to 5.0 range; my diet is just fish and vegetable and rice daily; go for a brisk walk of about half an hour say 1.5 to 2 hours after every meal; your sugar level peaked after 1.5 to 2 hours of having your meal; the walking brings it down immediately; test your blood level before and after the walk and you will see the result instantaneously; good luck…

  10. Hi Dan

    No point starving yourself, you need to eat to live! But eat sensibly.

    Go for brown/unpolished rice, wholemeal/6-grain/12-grain/low glycaemic bread, bitter gourd tea/juice (yuks!). Instead of red apples, go for green. Oranges (eat grapefruit instead) and bananas are no-no’s. Not more than 6 grapes per session.

    You do need some sugar, but check what you eat.

    Take your condition seriously as diabetes can cause many other problems in the long run.


  11. Dan

    Diabetic patient can still have normal diet but in smaller portion .

    You need frequent but small meal – for example , instead of taking a big piece of water melon – divide this piece of water-melon into 3 for 3 small meals and that apply to all food u take.

    Try this way of eating – it help .

    I have send u a email – pls check it out. Take Care.

    Actually , I don mind swimming but worry abt my pigmention (hahaha)


  12. Hi Jane,

    Yes, I have done that and have a good idea of the correct portion of foods to cosume each day.

    Wow Daniel, wat an achievement, I wish I can do that!

    Seok Cheng, no banana, cannot lah I will go nutty without banana and I luv grapes but now will be content with seven pieces.

    Karen, okay small portion it will be for me. Perhaps I should settle for oats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks for the email. The benefits of swimming may be better than worrying about pigmentation.


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